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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Craigslist Find And . . . Barns

So now that I've got more booth space at
Somerville Center Antiques, even my limited math
skills tell me that I need more stuff to sell.

So today, Anne and I tootled up north into God's country,
New Jersey, to buy a mahogany Queen Anne style desk.  For $20.
It's got great long, curvy legs.  Even the Russian judges would give it a 10.
There it is, in the back of the red minivan.  It's in excellent shape, but
needs a bit of the Elizabeth Arden treatment for tired complexions. 

Merlin, my GPS (oh, c'mon, admit it; you, too, have named your GPS),
got us around the wilds of the green and beautiful N. J. countryside.
Bless his little electronic, snooping heart.
On our way home.  Anne is shutterbug du jour.
Barn the First.

Right across the street, a complex of several old barns
behind a gorgeous stone wall.

Holy moly.  What fell on that little outbuilding?

We tried to get a picture of a barn that played hard-to-get.
Can you see the red peeking through all the green?

We never did get a good picture.
The place is posted . . . No Trespassing.  How rude.

Anne grabbed a shot of an old roadside barn while my snazzy red
minivan was rocketing down Route 517; at least I think
it was Route 517.  Most roads up there seem to be numbered "517."
I'm not sure why this is so, and yes, it is quite confusing.

This barn, below, appears to be hiding . . . .
possibly it is in the Witness Protection Program.

 I love the wood on the old barns.
Red, or barely so from age, and deliciously mellowed.
Look!  That's a street sign, above, in a cunning disguise
fashioned from a simple black plastic trash bag,
something you might find in your very own home.
That sign may also be in the Witness Protection Program.
Our only regret about today's field trip was
leaving Dion as long as we did.  By the time we got home,
he was awake, barking, and rather unhappy about being alone. 

Sadly, Dion has developed some new issues, and we are
now at the part of our journey where we realize we must
give him that last great loving gift -- freedom from his struggles.

I think Wednesday is going to be a tough day.
Thank you for all your support over the past weeks -- Cass 

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  1. My thoughts are with you all today. Lots of love.

  2. now that is a beauty. wow.... such great shape & so different. great character. (:

  3. Barns are great! !! Have a great day

  4. We'll all miss Dion.
    Thanks for sharing him with us...he's been such a blessing to everyone!

  5. Oh, I will be thinking about you. I love how you said, the last great loving gift....

  6. I haven't stopped by your blog in a while so was delightfully pleased to see the summer photo of your house on your header. It's gorgeous!!

  7. Cass,
    I'll be thinking of you and your family Wednesday. I think of Dion and his medical issues every day, hoping he is doing well. (part of being a veterinarian, not a weird stalker) He's a beloved family member and dear friend. He's enjoyed a wonderful life with you and the relationship he has shared with your family has been a true gift.
    Your new header is stunning. Love it.

  8. Love the barns. Sharing a road trip with Anne sounds like it was a good day. I know what you are going through with Dion ... it truly is the best kind of love to put own pain aside to see to the needs of our pets. Dion knows how much you love him, and he will take that love with him when he goes. I'll be thinking of you today. Bless you.

  9. I am so sorry for what is happening today. It's good to release him from his pain, but so sad for you and your family!

  10. I'm crying! A big hug to all of your family from us! It is so hard to let them go. But sometimes we must.

  11. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Cass. I know this will be hard on all of you.
    Love hurts sometimes. But what a fabulous life you gave this most special pooch.

  12. Lovely post, as always from you. I like red barns too, but I don't think it would be a good idea to paint mine at this point (besides, oh my goodness what a job that would be).
    Oh so sorry to hear that Dion is not doing better. Our pets are a big part of our families, they help keep us human.
    I'll be thinking of you today my friend,

  13. I am so sorry, and i will be thinking of you today. We went through this in 1993, and I have never gotten another pet. I keep saying I will, but then I don't. We will all miss Dion -- he is one of a kind.

  14. Thanks for sharing your road trip.

  15. Thinking of you with tears.
    The old barns are so neat, and the grass is SO green! No green grass around this part of the country!
    May God comfort your hearts at this time... Gina

  16. Sending lots of love and strength to you these next few days. xoxo

  17. Great old barn pictures, Cass. Love them all- especially the one that we couldn't see due to No Trespassing sign!;>) I am so very sorry to hear about Dion. I know this is going to be a terrible thing. We have gone through it, too, and it is never easy but it is easier than continuing to watch them suffer. God bless- xo Diana

  18. What a nice day out you had with your daughter!
    I'm sorry to hear about Dion - so hard for you, so merciful for him.

  19. I've been thinking about you a lot in the last couple of days. Today, especially, I will have you all in my thoughts. It truly is "that last great loving gift" that you can give a dear and faithful friend. Peace to Dion and you.

    -Lois in SW PA

  20. My thoughts are with you. Have made that decision more than once and it never gets easy. Have a lump in my throat for the two of us. (((hugs)))Pat

  21. I having been thinking of you all over the past few days. I send my love and care to each to you, especially to darling Dion,

    Michelle and Zebby Cat xxxx

  22. Wonderful old barns you found. I love the last picture!
    I hope today is not too tough for you.

  23. I am so sorry Dion needs to cross the rainbow bridge but I know he will find your loves who have gone ahead of him. Hugs to your family, and especially for making that very hard decision.

  24. It's one of the hardest decisions you ever have to make. I know. I had to make the same one 6 years ago. Our vet tried to put it in perspective saying he'd (our 18 yo cat) had a long and happy life. Small comfort at the time. It's tough. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  25. I thought I was the only one that went down the road taking barn pictures!!! My husband always says "what are you going to do with all those barn pictures?" I say, "look at them." Love your post!

  26. Great pics. Barns are neat.

    Sorry to here about Mr. Dion. :(
    Everyone will be in my prayers.

    Take care.

    M :)

  27. Oh, Cass, my heart breaks for you and your family! I saw the post on FB. Even though I never got to hold the pet little Dion, he melted my heart. I'm thankful his suffering is over. I know how you feel, I've been there. Praying for you.
    Shelia ;)

  28. It looks as if you had a great day of barn hunting. Captured some great ones.
    Best wishes for the increased booth space and enjoy all you can do with it.

    Very sad news about Dion, but he is now without pain and I know he will be waiting and wagging when you meet again. He gave so much to those who only knew him through photos and his life observations. But his heart belongs to his family.

    Hugs to you and prayers for safe passage to his new adventures to dear Dion.

  29. WoW! Awesome find - would love to explore those grounds just to see what I could find

    Thanks for joining =)

  30. You must have been in barn heaven...some fabulous barns here. Sorry about Dion...

  31. Great barn finds! Good deal on the desk, I'd say. And I'm sorry to hear about your buddy.

  32. Sorry to hear about Dion...
    I just have to say you've sure found great barns! Barns for me are perfect subject for photography, they're simply beautiful and attractive. One thing that attracts me about barns is the idea that they are very valuable to the field, especially when they are years and years older.


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