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Monday, July 30, 2012


Benign neglect.
That's pretty much the modus operandus that
governs the gardening done at That Old House.
Would it be a good idea to cut down our big lilac to get
better pictures of our house for my blog?  Probably not.

Despite the slap-dash care in the garden, today daughter Anne
harvested these from our 5 tomato plants: 

She plopped them down on the oak table in the sunroom,
for the paparazza (that would be me) to enjoy. 

And tonight, a pasta with fresh tomato sauce is on the dinner menu.
Prepare to meet your Maker, ugly little
tomato who is secretly delicious.

Okay . . . honestly?
I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

Note to self:  put away the garden hose
before taking pictures of the porch.

I told you I had nothing to blog about.
I'm reduced to rambling about pretty much nothing.

So . . .
here's our front porch, with its
summer ferns a-swaying in the breezes.

 I usually hang asparagus ferns, as they are not the fussy divas
that Boston ferns are.  But this year, I could not find nice asparagus 
ferns, so it's Boston.  With their diva demands for water and haircuts.
Boston ferns are not down with the whole benign neglect thing.

 More porch trivia: Howard likes to take a glass of his favorite
adult beverage, and a nice cigar, out to the porch,
and have some quiet time in one of the old rocking chairs.

There is an old stone crock on the porch. 
Let's take a closer look.

 Oh my stars and garters!
Who or what has been pooping in the old stone crock???

Oops.  My mistake.  It's not poop!
It's Howard's old butts.
I mean, cigar butts, of course.
Howard himself has only one old butt, and he is rather attached to it.
(With apologies to Eeyore's tail.)

Ah, poor house; no shutters except for a few of the first floor windows.
I am still in mourning for the lost shutters.
Ah well.  Someday.

Where did this post begin?  Oh, yes, with benign neglect.
Which is why I love Black Eyed Susans.
Benign neglect is their way of life. 

Speaking of benign neglect, that's what I've been doing to this poor blog,
to my booth at the antiques mall, to my house . . . 
and it's partly because I've been focused on our dog Dion,
who is in failing health.  With adjustments in his medications
every few days, he is hanging in there for at least a little longer,
but he's getting very tired.  We are preparing ourselves.

Dion, a week ago, at the vet's.
Still a cutie-pie.

Thank you, so many of you, for your very kind words and
your understanding, your good thoughts and prayers.
You are amazing, and much appreciated.

And about that booth at the antiques mall?
I'm doubling my space.
 Yup, that's my new space, above.  9 X 12 instead of 6 X 9 feet.
But that's not my "stuff" in it -- that's the stuff from the
person who is vacating and moving to a still larger space.
And that's Howard, and his butt, inspecting.

You can see that I've been neglecting my own booth, above.
Not even very benignly.  Wish me luck in the new space;
Anne and I go tomorrow to start setting it up.
I'm looking forward to having more room for furniture.
Craigslist, don't let me down!

Our heat wave has moderated to perfect summer weather;
I wish the same for you!  -- Cass


  1. I think of that wonderful dog of yours and all the fun he has added to your blog; all his shenanigans. I hope he is comfortable and still has some time to enjoy his family and the love that you have for him. He is a very lucky fella, very lucky. And I'm sure you feel that you have been blessed to have him in your life. Give him a big hug for me. I'm lovin' those black-eyed Susan's. My flowers look like crap right now as we have had quite the drought. I have raised the white flag, as they say. Deb

  2. Oh sweet Cass..
    me too..
    my blog..
    am just to darn busy getting ready to depart Denver ..
    sign the deal selling my home sometime Friday..
    at some point Friday , the movers too will be here..
    then sis and I with three felines..
    will depart the premises to overnite..
    hopefully early Saturday morning, we shall head south and east..
    overnite in dallas with cousin Deb..
    Viola! a mere thirteen hours after that departure..
    we arrive at our destination..
    Pensacola FL..
    where honey will be reunited with HIS felines..
    and MOI!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo! big time
    and then i get to start the reverse process..
    unpacking and turning this new HOUSE into our home..
    everyday i say my prayers for sweetDion..
    and I faithfully check to see if you've posted..
    know my loving prayers are with you and yours..
    for just a little bit longer with him....
    your tomatoes look fabulous!
    love ya ! Loui♥
    congrats on the bigger space..♥

  3. You have so many more important things going on, don't worry about your blog. It will be here when you have more time and/or want to post. I wish you much success with your new booth space. Those tomatoes look yummy. I have some on my counter now that I need to use in the next few days. Sending another gentle hug to Dion.

  4. Loved your post today -- but then I always enjoy each and every post! I was salivating at the furniture in your new booth -- and then I found it wasn't yours!!!! Rats! At least you have some garden. One by one, our plants are giving up! Way too hot and way too little water for some of the pot plants. Begonias, however, are thriving -- memo to self: plant ALL begonias next year!

    Love the black eyed susans and that tomato haul looks lovely!

  5. I had to laugh at what you said in your blog because that's how I feel my blog just rambles along at times too. My plants are all struggling too. I even lost big patches of ground cover! (Sweet woodruff) I love your old house.

  6. Cass, only you could make having nothing to write about into just such a funny post. Good luck with your new, enlarged space. You're sure to have fun with it!

  7. This is a wonderful have a lot going on. Love the Boston ferns, I have several and really love to baby them! Your house looks fabulous, with or without shutters. Good luck with your extra space...I am sure it is all going to fall into place soon!

    My heart goes out to sweet Dion. He looks so puppyish in your picture! I wish him many more happy days.


  8. Great post! !! I love your home! The ferns look great! Have a great day

  9. LOL I know what you mean, nothing to blog about....sometimes it all seems so trivial, doesn't it? But I love your post cause I can relate to all of it. I guess it's the heat for me. It takes away any and all motivation I might have to do anything. That's why I love the fall. The crisp air just makes me feel energetic.
    Everything looks beautiful around your house!

  10. In the heat of summer, neglect always seems to reign in my garden. I am very motivated in the spring and fall, but when it's really hot -- and this year super dry -- ehh, who cares?

  11. Hi Cass! Your house looks beautiful as always! You are so funny with your "butts" humor today! I was hoping you would mention sweet little Dion, I was wondering how he was doing.
    As for your booth, I see you have a blue luster, is it one of a pair? What is the age of it?
    Still keeping you in my thoughts are prayers... Gina

  12. We all have times where we can't think of a thing to post--I too am having one of those days.

    Your tomatoes look great and I am sure your sauce will be yummy.

    Glad to hear that Dion is still hanging in there!

    Congrats on the expansion of your booth!

    M :)

  13. It's summer, and benign neglect is officially the order of the day ... really, it is. Honestly, focusing on Dion and whatever else demands your attention at the time is what you SHOULD be doing. There is time later to water the ferns (or dispose of their needy carcasses), tend the garden, clean the house, etc.

    Congrats on getting the larger space!

  14. Adore always seeing your house. If you cut the lilac back send me a piece! I'd love to try to root it. I always wanted one, Have my number on my blog. Should you decide to trim it. I hope Dion gets better soon! Let me know when you get your booth set up. I have been a a buying spree lately and hunting a few more piece, and four chairs.


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