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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sundays at Home

It's is another hot and sunny day in northern
New Jersey; 'tis the season for outdoor gatherings!

In the morning sun, the tables and chairs and canopy from
yesterday's party look a little forlorn. 

Anne's party was great fun.  We went through a lot
of food and drink, but still have plenty of leftovers. . .

including French bread, which this Sunday morning I turned into this:

Blueberry-Craisin Bread Pudding.

There were 6 of us for breakfast and, yes, we ate it all.

While we ate, and for most of this morning, our Dion slept.
He has a gift for plopping down in the most inconvenient spots,
and now he stays there for hours, napping.
"Don't step on Dion!"

Dion is on a new heart medication, and I am so hopeful,
having heard many good things about it.
Brief odd doggy moment --
a couple of weeks ago, Dion had his dinner,
and then lay down for a post-chow nap. 

Now, what is unusual about this pose?
Dion's little butt is in his dinner dish.
I'm not sure if this was a mistake, or an editorial comment
on the content of his dinner, or a precaution.

He loves to nap on this little rug,
which is right in front of the kitchen sink.

I prepare a lot of meals straddling my softly snoring old dog.
And I don't mind.

Have a lovely Sunday, and thank you for all the wonderful
warm wishes for Dion's health and well being.
If he weren't napping (still) he would thank you himself!  -- Cass

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  2. But that is what old dogs do -- they sleep -- a lot and since they want to be near you . . . they figure it is more fun if you step OVER them!!!! Ollie sleeps a lot too! But he's never slept with his behind in his dog dish! I do think that was a statement! You know dogs rears are one of their forms of communication (which is how they greet new and old friends!)

    Again, congratulations to your daughter -- I know any party you threw was a fun party!

    BTW, I think today it is supposed to only get to 99 -- but we're still staying inside -- and our heavily chlorinated water is no real substitute for rain! I'm not sure the plants really appreciate it!

  3. Glad your celebration for Anne was a success. To hot here for an outdoor event.
    The next time you are give Dion a hug, please give him a gentle hug and kiss on his head from me.
    Have a great week and stay cool.

  4. The picture of Dion sleeping in his bowl is too funny!

  5. I do love your old house. We are preparing to say goodbye to ours as soon as it is sold. We are downsizing. The blueberry bread pudding looks yummy. I just had a conversation about bread pudding yesterday! Love it with that white chocolate sauce. I bet your guests were raving about yours!!!

  6. Our weather is scorching in HOT 'Consin too!

    Cute little Dion, too sleepy to get OUT of his food dish before he dozed off.

    So sorry to hear he is "pooping" out these days.

  7. Your leftovers made a beautiful brunch dish. Sooo funny about the butt in the dish! Poor Dion. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make him young and vital again- xo Diana

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I haven't been on in while and was so shocked to read your last few posts! I have been through much of the same over these past few weeks with my two boys and can only say that I know how you feel. We were preparing to say goodbye to our pups (both at the same time - to say life is cruel sometimes is an understatement) only to have them each bounce back and surprise us. I am now determined to make them the happiest dogs EV-ER for whatever time we have left with them :)

  10. Just caught up on your previous posts, Cass. So sorry to hear that Dion is having health issues. Cavaliers, and their heart issues - he has done well not to have a problem earlier than 13.
    But there are lots of heart meds, and great new ones....God bless the little fellow.
    Also - looks like your celebration yesterday and your breakfast was a smashing success! Hope you are keeping cool.

  11. HI Cass. Looks like a nice party! Poor little Dion, I'm praying for him. Bless his little heart.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. What a lovely party that must have been, under the tent, at the pretty round tables. Your morning-after breakfast looks scrumptious!

  13. Love Dion for me too! xoxoxoxoxoxox (((hugs)))Pat

  14. Looks like a great sunday! I love your new header! ! Have a great week!!!

  15. My 5 year old rescued pit bull mix lays down in the same place in my kitchen. I feel like I'm the host of a cooking show. She's so attentive to my every move when it involves food. Love your blog, Mary from Long Island

  16. Dang, but that bread pudding looks yummy. Wish I had some.

  17. Hope you've had cooler weather and a happy fourth. I just wanted to say I like the new pic of your house! Looks great! I've been waiting for it to appear!

  18. It's always good to have leftovers after a party. No cooking for a while ;)
    And I had to laugh out loud about where Dion's little bottom is resting. That is just too funny!


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