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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Covered In Bees, And Smiling!

Our Dion saw his vet today.
And the news is good!

His bloodwork is actually better than it was a week ago.
After ruling out many things, the mystery is still:
why is he in such a decline?
The most likely culprit is his little heart.
Heart problems plague the Cavalier breed, and Dion's been
very lucky in not having this develop until he was well up in years.

So . . . a new heart medicine is being added to his current one, 
and we will know within the week if it is helping.

I have decided to believe that it WILL help.
Because it's just gotta, you know?

Meanwhile, I must fly -- We've got guests coming
in a couple of hours for Anne's graduation party!
Tent's up, but I'm still in the kitchen. 

Till later, my friends ... and thank you so very much for your
kind thoughts; you make me cry, but in a good way. -- Cass


  1. Hooray for Dion! A party is good for the heart, so he is sure to feel better with all his favourite people around. Enjoy the party!

  2. So glad the news was good.... praying for good meds and a strong heart!

    have fun today!

  3. I am so sorry that Dion is not feeling well. We sure do love them so.

  4. Such wonderful news! I have been thinking of you both all day today and praying for the best. Gina

  5. Whew! What a relief! We will keep sending good thoughts and prayers for little mister Dion diPoochy! :-)...hugs...Debbie

  6. I hope (and pray) with fingers crossed that the little Dion will be on the road to feeling better right away! Love your header picture!

  7. I kept checking back and am so thankful for this update! You were praying for another medication or something and you got it....hoping that he perks up. So happy that he is some better than last week.

  8. You go Dion....stay as long as you can......his face just make me want to cry......thanks for the update and I hope it gives you many more days..... hugs, Sandy

  9. I hope the new course of meds help little Dion bounce back. Nothing worse than when our companions hurt and can't tell us why. I'll keep him in our prayers.
    Donna and Tag

  10. Yippee!!
    Hope the new meds work out for Dion!
    We'll keep good thoughts going!

  11. Continuing to pray. I know how hard it is to loose them.

  12. Yeah for new meds! Keeping fingers crossed they're just what the doc ordered. No pun intended!

  13. Prayers continue for you all and Dion and that the new meds work! Go get 'em Dion!

  14. yay for a good report..hoping that these heart meds pep him up...he is such a cute little dog...we need your mascot to stick around......


  15. Such good news!!!

    Enjoy your party.


  16. Cass, I am so happy that Dion is better than you thought. Have fun at your party now that the worry is off your mind about your "boy". Blessings-xo Diana

  17. Praying that the new med will be just the ticket for his loving little heart.
    It is so difficult to lose one of our plus babies. Stay calm and enjoy the party.

  18. Ollie sends his best to his buddy and tells him that medications are good (and they usually come disguised as meat) and that after taking his heart medication for a month or so that he feels like he's 10 again!

    For me -- I'm glad for the good news -- they are part of the family . . . . and their lives are really so short -- we should adopt turtles, I guess -- who live into the 100s -- we'd never have to have the hurt of losing them!

  19. Well that's good news and hope it perks him up. Talk about mixd emotions: a big celebration and a sick dog. Glad you have the hope as you go into party mode!

  20. Oh, Cass, what good news. I'll continue to pray little Dion continues to get better and better!
    Shelia ;)

  21. Cassie~
    not too many tears this time..
    i've been afraid to look all day..
    knowing what i don't want to find!
    glad the news was good..
    thanking god with prayers..
    also for Dion,,
    love and hugs to all!

  22. Cassie, we lost our Frank ( a tweenie dachshund) in December of last year..he'd had congestive heart failure for 4 years and our vet was wonderful at adjusting his meds/meds schedule/diet that he did really well...and he passed at age it could've been his heart or well his age...what meds is Dion on? What was the diagnoses? prayers for your furbaby and well you!!

  23. Little Dion is such a sweetheart. I hope he is doing better now with his new medication.

  24. Hello, your post were cool and nice. The puppy looks cute and I love puppies. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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