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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Charmed Pot

When you blog, you never know who
will read your words.  Or see your pictures.

It can be great fun to find out.

Recently I got an email from a woman named Jo, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
Now to this New York-raised Jersey girl, Cape Town, South Africa, sounds mighty exotic.  

Just hearing from Jo would have been fun enough, but it gets better.
Jo is an artist who usually paints portraits and people, but lately has been painting . . . tea pots!
And she wanted permission to paint my old Meissen tea pot, the star of several blog posts in the past.

This pot was a gift from my in-laws.

I told Jo how I used to let my girls and their friends use this tea pot for their after school tea parties,
and that it surely led a charmed life, as it never suffered the slightest damage
despite being at the mercy of clumsy little girl hands.

Of course I said yes to her painting it -- that Meissen tea pot is such a diva -- and I also said,
"Please send me a photo of it when you are done!"
And she did.

Is that wonderful, or what?

Jo does these teapots on 10 x 10 inch canvases, and has them
lined up; she's promised me a snapshot of the lineup, too.

There was a second picture.
Not of the tea pot.

Jo painted one of the snazzy old tea cups I got several years ago at the
Visiting Nurses Association Rummage Sale.

What fun to see these old pieces interpreted in this way.

I so love that we can make these sweet and genuine connections with people
we will never meet in person, but with whom we feel a common bond.  

After all, people who love tea pots and china cups --

surely share a common language.

May your Tuesday be filled with lovely messages from dear people,
maybe a cup of tea or two, and some blog surfing.
I shall do the same, while also hosting a very personable fellow
who is cleaning out our clogged house drains, bless him.

Yes, That Old House's antique plumbing is once again acting up.
Hey, IT happens, you know?  :-)

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P.S.  Please remember that the painted images are Jo's property, protected by copyright.  Thanks!


  1. I often think about who and where our blogs reach ... getting a comment from England or Sweden, or a link from an Italian gardening forum is really exciting. Jo's paintings are lovely, and so are your cups and pots.

  2. Hello Cass,
    I came visiting from Martha's and found that you had linked up with me too. Nice surprise! I adore that teapot of yours and how lovely you have it preserved in a painting! Your friend from South Africa is a very talented lady. The teacup painting is wonderful too!
    I agree with you. One never knows when we will meet someone new and from a different part of the planet. Blogging is truly rewarding in so mnay ways! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous day.


  3. How special is that! She picked a great tea-pot to paint. Loved this post. Deb

  4. That is extremely fun. The detailing on the teapot is great. I'm sure she couldn't resist.

  5. How fun to "meet" Jo in this way!

    She could have just PAINTED your things without asking - - - how would you have EVER known? Besides, I'm pretty sure there isn't any law against PAINTING things one finds online.

    And yet - - - she took the time to contact you, ask permission, and then send you the results! Pretty awesome.

    I hope this is the beginning of a transoceanic friendship.

    Have you told her about the hungry ghosts yet?


    PS - I was in Cape Town once back when I was a young Whipper Snapper.

  6. Glad to see a post -- it is amazing the nice people you meet blogging isn't it! Really NICE people! Lovely pictures of your teapot and cup!

    Rain seems to have stopped here and the creek's seemed to have stopped rising which is a good thing. Been out in the garden all day -- how can the weeds grow so fast and so many! Ugh!

  7. The tea pot and the cups and saucers are truly beautiful. I don't usually care for ornate china or serving pieces (I am more drawn to clean lines and softer colors), but this is too lovely not to love! I especially like the filagree (or whatever it is called) design of the saucers. Very unusual (at least in my world). You are lucky to have it. No wonder Jo wanted to paint it!

  8. A W E S O M E ! The beauty of old glassware can never be measured to todays work. They just don't make em like that anymore! (((hugs)))Pat

  9. Hi: Your tea pot is amazing and so is the picture your friend made. I love your set of tea cups as well. They are beautiful. Blessings, Martha

  10. You and Jo will always have a connection now...that is the beauty of the blogging world. She paints beautifully!

    I have a great fellow coming to fix my's always something!


  11. Hi Cass - I love the connections we make through blogging. Believe me, I've thought of you and your 80-something votive holders as I look at the boxes and boxes of just-the-right-size-for-beads-and-candles glasses. Why couldn't Lillypad have wanted votives? I'd have known where to go for them!
    I love your new friend's paintings!

  12. What a wonderful story! I DO LOVE our worldwide connections. Isn't it amazing! AND EVEN NOW with the language translators "There is NO END"! Your Teapot is """GORGEOUS""" and it's EXTRA SPECIAL because of the little hands that used it for tea parties! I have NEVER seen that pattern BUT the minute I saw it "I was in love"! I also love those cups and saucers...
    Jo is a very talented lady. I LOVE that she painted your teapot AND got in touch with you. That makes it EXTRA SPECIAL!
    Have a wonderful week,

  13. You illustrated so well the beauty (and fun) of the blogging world. And how nice of Jo to ask!

  14. That is an amazing story! I have met so many fantastic people in the blog world. I had to come by and see what you are up to and if there is anything new in that old house!

  15. Love the Teapot, Wow she is a great artist!!! I know your so proud of your paintings!!!

  16. Wow- What an amazing rendition of it! I love it and what an honor! xo Diana

  17. Beeeeeeutiful! What great fun. I think that the nicest people in the world blog! **kisses** Deb

  18. Isn't it wonderful when we find out who reads our blogs

  19. Cass,
    Happy May Day to you, sweet friend. I think the connections we make in life, whether it's a smile and kind word to a person standing in line at the grocery store or on line via a blog comment is a sacred thing. Consider your teapot that your in-laws gave you. That connection brought you joy. You then allowed your beautiful daughters to use it during after school tea parties. That connection brought joy. You posted pictures of the tea pot on your blog that people worldwide saw and took joy in. Of those people, one named Jo in So Africa, created a painting of the tea pot that brought her joy. She shares her paintings with you and others creating even more joy.
    Suddenly it's hard to have the blues on such a dreary day in NJ surrounded by such joy!
    Your Friend,

  20. The sweet little tea pot is a divine creature. Love it. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  21. beautiful!
    TY for sharing such an inspiring story...

  22. How fun to have an artist from so far away paint your teapot and cup and then see the results, all thanks to the magic of blogging.

  23. OMG ..How exciting to have your china painted by a blog friend... especially from so far away...Yes Blogland is an exciting place to be ... and my, my what a fabulous teapot.... Goodness, how very special those little girls are to have played at teatime with that gorgeous piece of china( ha ha)... I suppose it is a treasure with fabulous memories now... and isn't that what teatime pleasures are all about ..Delightful post.. Please do visit me for a teatime chat at the Grand Lady sometime.... ENJOY your day !!!! ...HUGS

  24. absolutely beautiful!!! what a nice surprise from a very talented lady!


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