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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Getaway Plan

So it is hot today.
Temperatures in northern New Jersey are predicted
to sizzle up into the high 80s by afternoon.

What up with that, Mother Nature?

Our tulips and bleeding hearts other spring blooms are surprised.
They think they are at a spa.
 Thank you, Howard, for the early morning pictures along the stone wall behind That Old House.

Weather like this makes me want to be here.
At the beach house, on one of the decks, feet up, soaking in the views.

I conveniently forget that, once there, I'll be faced with the painting projects I didn't finish in November. 

But we have a plan.
On Friday morning of this week, Dion and I are going to toss a few essentials in the red minivan,
and hit the road.  Eastern Long Island, we are on our way.  We'll be there well before lunchtime,
and can take sandwiches and coffee to the beach.  Dion loves sandwiches and coffee . . . .

Howard will join us after work on Friday night, courtesy of The Hampton Jitney,
which conveniently picks you up someplace like this in New York City:

And drops you off about 2 hours later, someplace like this:
And it's cheaper than the Long Island Railroad.

But I have to earn my weekend away.  I've got some furniture painting to do here, and a whole
mess o'cleaning (what else is new?), and a couple of field trips to tuck into the next 4 days as well.

Ladies and gentleman, can That Old Gal do it?
Can she clean the house, and paint a couple of old tables, and go gallivanting
through antiques shops, all in time to escape New Jersey for the weekend?

Check with your bookie before placing bets.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you find it!  -- Cass

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the vintage image of the little beach girl.
And thanks to Mary at Little Red House for hosting Mosaic Monday.

You are always welcome at That Old House!


  1. Oh I think she can do it all in time. I think a deadline is always good for motivation.
    That is quite the color blue on that table. Makes me think of the beach for sure.

  2. Hi Cass,
    Of course you can do it...We girls can do anything!
    Enjoy your time away at the beach house!
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  3. Awww...I got faith in ya, Cass! We all know you can move mountains when you get some time to do so! And...sandwiches on the beach should be your FIRST priority. Everything else can wait! xo Diana

  4. Hope you were able to find a cool spot to spend the day. We have had a couple of hot days and I WAS NOT impressed!
    Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you.


  5. From one ole gal to another I bet you can do it. I would love to live nearer the coast. We are so far inland all we have close by are lakes. Of course that is not bad but the beach, oh my. Seems as If I used to follow you think I had better hook up again. Blessings

  6. i am green (well, red due to the heat) with jealousy! painting is a small price to pay to be at the beach house! have fun!

  7. Oh, I think That Old Girl is more than up to the challenge. I'd put my money on it!


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