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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Memories

The days leading up to Easter used to mean, to me,
the frantic sewing of new dresses for my daughters,
and the purchases of new shoes, tights, hats, gloves
. . . everything they wore on Easter Sunday had to be new.  

Ah, the busy good old days.

Below -- Easter 1991, at our old brick Craftsman house on the river.
Left to right, Anne, Grace, Alida (without her shoes, of course), baby Mary, Alice, and Maggie.
My two girls, and my sister's four.
Forgive me the chintz slipcover and matching draperies.  Hey, it was the 90s.
And I still like that Schumacher fabric.

This Easter, I didn't even help the Easter Bunny bring a basket to anyone.

Holy Week and the Easter weekend were not particularly busy for me,
but they were reflective.  Lots of praying and thinking.
On my mind -- a cousin who is very sick, and a dear, dear friend who had surgery scheduled.

So, not much posting.  As we used to say, it wasn't where my head was at.

But I just got a wonderful phone call from my friend's husband;
her surgery went well, nothing suspicious found.
I am rejoicing.  I was so ready for some good news!

Our traditional Easter Sunday ecumenical breakfast:  Matzoh and Easter Eggs.  Try it; it's delicious.

Howard's Easter used to involve dressing up in our town's Easter Bunny costume,
and hiding candy-filled eggs for our girls' nursery school.
He did this for years, even after the girls "graduated" to elementary school.
Yup, Howard in his gear, April 1991, and Alida in the red dress next to him.  She had no idea it was Daddy!             
This year, on the night before Easter, Howard donned a natty suit -- one without bunny ears --
and accompanied our daughter Anne to the Metropolitan Opera
for Das Rheingold, detouring to P.J. Clarke's for dinner first.  

Yes, 21 years do make a difference!

Do you know what this is?

It is Matzoh Crack.
It's a Passover candy, easy to make, and hard to resist.
Want the recipe?  Click here!

Wow.  This is one crazy random post, isn't it?

I leave you with this.
The End.
I wish you the many blessings of Easter and Passover, my friends.  -- Cass
Mr. Dion DiPoochy had a rough week.
He had a date with the groomer.
Here, he is trying to hide his shame under a car seat.
 "Please, friends!  Come and save me from this insanity!
Or at least, send me some mud."


  1. good news about your friend, dear Dion, and mermaids be "nekkid" at best

  2. So glad your friend got good news.
    Sweet Dion - We all still love you ! :-D
    Howard - Oh the things we do for our children. :-D

  3. What a delightful post -- love the old pictures and somehow I can imagine Howard as the Easter Bunny (thank heaven he didn't find a bunny shirt to wear for Easter ala his Thanksgiving one!). Glad you friend is doing okay. Ollie likes to strut after his grooming (look t me, I'm a pretty boy) but I think he's "playing" me -- as he is on the lookout for "stuff" to roll around in!

    Glad you friend is doing better.

  4. What a treasure the picture of the girls must be for you and your sister.

  5. Well, I love your random post. What cute pictures of the kids when they were little. And the fun one with Dad in the bunny suit. Who knew that 21 years would see a whole different kind of date with Dad? Laughing at your mermaid planter(?) and your pretty boy look PRETTY good to me! xo Diana

  6. That post perked me right up! I remember the days of new-everything for Easter. Our girls must be right about the same age, as 1991 was prime Easter outfit time!

  7. Lovely post! When the grandbabies start coming you will be doing it all over again! My hubbie always used to dress up as Santa for our mums and tots club, the only children that ever cried with him were our own!! Love the 'cheeky' mermaid!! xx

  8. You and I have truly lived parallel lives, Cass, dear. Ah, the memories of the 1990s and frantic sewing of Easter dresses .... none of that now. My three girls, and my brother's two, racing through my parents' backyard with baskets full of colorful eggs. The five of them are ages 27 - 22 now. Time flies.

  9. Hi Cass!
    I needed to hear something funny..
    and cheerful on this dreadfully dreary day in Denver..
    off to see a retina specialist this morning,
    hopefully for answers and a CURE!!
    love seeing Dion..always!!
    My Ballou has a date for his annual shaving..
    how he manages to get so matted is beyond me!!
    love the Mermaid!! may just "borrow the photo" you'll retain all credits and rights..
    I LOVE IT!!

  10. What a sweet, melancholy post. I feel as if I have missed all the holidays since my husband's diagnosis in August. With all the moving, things are doubly weird. Your post just reminded me that NEXT year I shall be sewing a wee Easter dress...the soldier and his family are coming home to stay (later this summer). Let Dion know that the mud should arrive tomorrow...sent overnight!
    **kisskiss** Deb


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