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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Bling

Guess what I saw this morning?
One of these little scamps:

It's beginning to look a lot like Spring here at That Old House.
The Bleeding Hearts -- white and pink flowered -- are pushing through the dirt.
Hahahaha!  Camera strap!  What a doofus.  Me, not the camera strap which was just minding its own business.

The Iris rhizomes are busy making spectacles of themselves;
I think they may be violating the local laws regarding indecent exposure.

And -- ta da! -- the first crocuses.
White and spindly, but there they be, at the side of the house.
 I've been wondering when they'd show up.  Everybody else seems to have gardens bursting with crocuses,
tulips, daffodils after our mild winter.  Our spring blooms are a little ahead of schedule, but not much.

Inside, time to put some fake creamy-white flowers in a pottery vase:

That's a hyacinth popping up in the little pot to the right.  A real hyacinth. 

The fake flowers were a bargain buy at A. C. Moore last year.
I bought enough to pop some into the Parlor:
Look, Ma!
I can do Pottery Barn colors, too!

And winter's reds get retired.
Goodbye, part fake wreath.  See you in the Fall.
Or, since I like you, maybe in the Summer.  We'll negotiate the terms of your contract at a later date.

Disclaimer, or Confession, or Whatever:
Most of these pictures were taken a year ago.  Yes, I am a lazy slug.
In my defense, today's nascent spring plants look exactly the same as they did last year.
I checked.  But I am still a lazy slug.

I'm not sure how often I'll have computer access for the next day or two or five; I'm abandoning
That Old House for a road trip with my daughter Anne.  See you below the Mason-Dixon Line!  -- Cass


  1. Well, great pictures even if they ARE a year old! It is looking like Spring at your house, indeed-or at least it was a year ago.

    I hope you have a ball with your daughter. xo Diana

  2. We have a little munk that likes to sit on our back stoop and chip very loudly. We haven't seen nor heard him yet.

    Nor do we have any sprouts quite yet.

  3. It's nice to see signs of spring...even if they are from last year. I was out in my garden this morning and was happy to see a wee little crocus and some of my bulbs about 4 inches high. I pray we don't get a frost now!!!

    Have a great road trip with Anne! I think you will have great weather!


  4. It is springing here too, I only hold we do not get hit by a cold snap and do it all in. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. your pictures are beautiful, Cass..even if they are aged a little.. :-) hope you have a good trip down here below the Mason's not even gnat season yet so it will be nice....but today is gonna be HOT!!! enjoyed your post..

  6. have a great trip from warm and sunny, record breaking tempered NJ down to the warm and sunny, record breaking tempered south!

  7. Glad you are taking some time to spend with your daughter! That little chipmunk is adorable..we don't have them in Oklahoma...just squirrels, opposums, skunks and prairie dogs. All but the last one has made our garden at least their part-tiem home. We are having Spring redbuds are blooming! Hope you are having a wonderful time!
    Miss Bloomers

  8. I think your friend has a relative here in Kansas!
    Have fun with Anne.


  9. Yes, great pictures even if they are a year old. It never hurts to reminisce, does it? Spring is really in full force here in OK. We are all holding our breath as we've been known to have hard freezes as late as the end of March.

    Enjoy your trip with your daughter! :)


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