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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes

Today, as I sat in my windowed nook at the computer, 
with the blinds tilted against the morning sun,

I heard the unmistakable pitter-patter
of raindrops on our conservatory roof. 

A sun shower!

I ventured outside for proof:

The weather forecast here in northern New Jersey is for an afternoon high of 63 degrees today.
When you can walk your dog with just a sweater for warmth, that is a sweet February 1st.

One year ago, in 2011, our landscape looked like this:

And we were having ice storms on top of the snow.

Two years ago, in 2010, our landscape looked like this:

This year, along with many of you in the USA, we are having an almost-eerily mild winter,
with January's temperatures way above normal, and only one minor snowfall,
quickly melted, in what should have been the coldest and snowiest month of the year.
February's off to a good start if today is any indicator.

Did you know that we are adding 15 minutes of daylight, every week, now until the end of June?
It's already past 5:30 before it gets dark.  I love to see the days get longer.

There are other changes from last year to this.
A year ago Howard and I, and my sister and her husband,
sat at my father's hospital bedside.  Waiting.
We were not ready.  But he was.

Pop, you were our go-to guy, our Oracle, the true center of the family.
It's strange and still surprising to be without you.
I guess we never would have been ready, huh?
I love you.  Cass


  1. Wow your dad has been gone a year ... I know you miss him each day. I looked out the window just now and we also had one of those light sun/rain showers. 64 here today too. I've given up on winter ever coming. Daffodils in full bloom, :-)

  2. We are not that far away.... I in NE Pennsylvania. Indeed... What a difference a year makes.
    My Dad will be gone 7 years this Feb. 5th.... Seems like yesterday.
    Have A Great Day!!

  3. Hi Cass, thinking of you and your Dad. It doesnt get easier, just different.
    We are having a really mild Winter here too, colder this week though and there may be snow on the way! It might get rid of all these cough and cold bugs!! xx

  4. I lost my dad a year ago in December. I miss him, too.

    We are in the 40's here in Chicago. Very strange weather!


  5. Cass- I can't believe that it is a year ago since you lost your fil! Wow! I remember when that happened as if it were yesterday.

    Your winter has been like ours. I think we are breaking a record today with temperatures in the 40's. xo Diana

  6. Cass,
    I remember your dad's passing. My thoughts go out to you today.
    Yes, it is indeed a lovely day! We are having the same weather here in PA. And the days getting longer - always a delight.

  7. Cass,

    Can you believe this weather?! Scout and I prefer running in 60 degree weather than sleet or snow! My perennials are thoroughly confused. I won't exhale until we get through March.

    It hardly seems like a year that your father and my nephew died. You're right. No one is ever ready.

    Tears and Hugs,


  8. Cass, That's a big difference in your photos. I am loving this odd warm weather. I'll probably cry when it snow again.:):) Enjoy yourself. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  9. I doesn't get easier, just different. Thinking of you today.
    We are having really warm weather but it brings on the storms too when a 'cold front' comes through!

  10. What crazy weather! I agree, it never get's easier...bless you and your dear family.

  11. Hi Cass,
    The weather has been very mild here in Oklahoma as well. Around 70 today, one year ago we had 12 inches of snow on the ground!!
    The memories are what get us through. I'm glad you were able to be there with him.

  12. It has been a year already? I am sure you have missed him every single day.
    The weather has been very strange here this year too. Deeply cold then two days later going out in a sweater. Bit of snow then washed away from by the rain.
    The local news are asking for photos of any blooms in our gardens already.

  13. Hi Cass - no matter how old we are, we will always be our parents' girl. It's hard to believe that it's been a year - you have had such a lot go on and I'll bet your parents enjoyed it all together!

  14. The weather HAS been on the strange side this year--wonder what it means???
    It is nice that it stays lighter later.
    Blessings for you Pop.


  15. We are never ready for this.

    Enjoy the warmer weather -- my flowers are all going nuts!

  16. How unfortunate. It's best to shovel thick snowfall like that. How old is this house? Last winter, our roof almost gave in due to heavy snow. Good thing we were able to save it.

  17. Remembering the day of our dad's passing is always hard. I remember when I thought "Has it really been a year?" Now, I think, "How can it possibly be a decade?"

    We're having the eerily mild winter too. I looked outside and saw azaleas blooming yesterday. It kind of scares me, especially since we are still in a drought.

  18. Awww, Cass....its sad to think that your Dad has been gone for a full year already. Such a difficult life passage & one that most of us will walk, right along with you, if we are fortunate to outlive our parents. Not a day goes by that I don't think of both of mine.

    I am LOVING this milder winter!!! Lets hear it for Global Warming! Yahoo!

    (I hope I didn't jinx it now)


    p.s. Still watching for the mailman. Are you sure you got my address right?


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