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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spelunking for Stuff

On Monday, on a chance visit to a charity thrift shop,
I bought two pieces of furniture.
Today my friend Emily and I will go to Gladstone, New Jersey, and pick them up.

No pictures yet.  There will be.

But I picked up a few other things at the thrift, including this brass cachepot:

I love the patina -- very bronze-y.

I love the design -- very Arts & Crafts, Greene Brothers, almost William Morris-y looking.

Well, at least I think so.
I bought it for the booth; I just may keep it.

Something else I am undecided whether to keep or sell is this:

It's not very old -- from the 1970s.  
Which to someone my age is pretty much yesterday.

Creamy white china, in 3 parts -- base, tureen, lid -- and just so different.  
Like the 70s.

This belonged to Emily's grandma, who is downsizing.

So . . . have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!  Emily and I will be nosing out other bargains in the good old Dirty Jerz.  -- Cass


  1. Nice pot!! You have a good eye. The tureen is pretty cool, too.

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  3. The tureen is a beauty...I think I would keep that!


  4. Great finds, Cass. Look forward to seeing the furniture. ~ Sarah

  5. Yeah, the 70s is not that long ago to us, but .... When I think about how as a child I thought the 30s-40s were just ancient .... that would make the 70s the dark ages in today's time. Maybe if I were a child again. For us, just yesterday.

  6. Yup - the 70's seem not so long ago, but for many of the people with whom I work, it is ancient history!


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