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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red, White, and Sunny. Oh, and Furry.

There's nothing like a lovely day in the New Jersey countryside,
snooping out antiques shops and other delights.

That's what my friend Emily and I did on Tuesday.  
We discovered a town called Hopewell, near Princeton, and an antiques mall called The Tomato Factory.
Well, I guess we didn't actually discover Hopewell, but we managed to find it!

I bought a couple of old -- ummm -- things there that I did not photograph
because I'm probably going to give them to my sister.

"Can you recommend a good place for lunch?"  I asked The Tomato Factory ladies.
"Yes," said they, "The Peasant Grill, right around the corner on East Broad Street."

"Wow," thought I.  "This must be some swanky town, if they have enough peasants
that they can grill them and serve them up for lunch."

Well, it turns out that they don't indeed grill peasants. 
Instead, they serve peasants like me delicious lunches.
Emily and I both ordered crab cake sandwiches, and cups of the cream of tomato soup.   
The soup was outstanding.  I need to know how to make it.
 An absolutely delicious lunch, especially for a couple of wandering peasants.

Confession:  We'd gone to Hopewell to check out a big furniture consignment place,
that turned out to be only open Thursday through Sunday.  Doh.
Yeah.  I should have read all the little words on the web site.

I'll be back.
Recently, Emily's grandmother moved from her long-time house, to a smaller apartment.
As always, there was stuff that couldn't make the trip to tighter quarters.   Some will be donated.
Emily and other family members took other things.  And Emily brought me some things.  :-)

8 lovely napkins, beautifully embroidered. 
 There is some storage discoloration here and there.
 I love the crewel-work look of the embroidery.  Very classic.
 So . . . textile ladies -- is Oxyclean the best product for bringing these back to pure white?
Biz?  Sunlight?  Vinegar?  Hot water?  Cold water?  Suggestions welcome!

Another mild winter day.  Jack Frost must be vacationing in some tropical zone this year.
He certainly isn't hanging around New Jersey.

Today's sunshine is a tonic.

 Most of last winter, these old stone steps up to our driveway were snow and ice covered.
We like dry and non-slip.

Even Mr. Dion DiPoochy, who is a dedicated couch potato, was in
the mood for a walk this morning.  It's just too pretty out there to stay in here.

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  1. Crab cake sandwiches sound delicious. Beautiful napkins.

  2. I had Campbell's tomato soup with Ritz crackers today. I didn't have crab cake sandwiches or those beautiful napkins; but it is what it is. I adore those napkins!
    Joyce M

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable road trip, even if the furniture place was closed.
    Your lunch sounds yummy.
    Unusually mild Winter here also. Dion - I'm a couch potato when it is cold also. :D

  4. I love tomato soup and your post is making me want a second lunch! :) What a wonderful treasure those napkins are! Your poochie pie is adorable - glad you both enjoyed a walk in the sun.

    Happy Rednesday!

  5. Well, even if the place wasn't open it sounds like you had a great time. That soup looks delicious. As far as the linens- I always fill my washer with the hottest water available and pour in a cup of two of Cascade and let it soak. It takes out just about every you don't see the stains lifting I would add a cup or two of Clorox and let soak- They will look like brand new. This works great on kid's clothes that are food stained, too. xo Diana

  6. Hi Cass!
    missed you earlier..
    glad to find you back on again!
    first.. Jack Frost and his sidekick WINTER and buddies Cold GRAY, and SNOW are here alive and well..Snow is usual!
    The Linens are indeed beautiful.. and Thanks to NanaDiana, I now have another source of stain remover!!!
    You may have my share of the crabcakes and soup.. I'm having Chicken and Dumplings!
    hello Darling Dion (smooooooch!) love that sweetie1
    hugs to all

  7. What a nice winter we have had. It was 82 today in Dallas. I think we might be in California, am I dreaming.

  8. I used to go to a restaurant that served a meal called The Peasant Lunch. It was a bowl Of French onion soup, A big cube of cheddar cheese and a sliced apple. Great with a glass of red wine.

    Our weather is very mild but it doesn't get higher than 50 degrees. Still nice and no snow!

    I thin Oxyclean is the did make some fade marks on my colors when I was trying to remove some stains, but it is great for whites. Those napkins are gorgeous!


  9. Love the napkins--your dog is adorable!

  10. Biz - put them in a bucket of cold water with a cup of Biz and let them soak. I buy laces and linens all the time that have coffee, tea, juice, dirt and just plain old yellowing. A Biz soak, a gentle wash in the washing machine (I put them in a lingerie bag) and they turn out spotless. I really enjoy reading your blog. RSmith

  11. The soup does look good but oh those napkins are lovely! You are so lucky. My Mom would probably recommend lemon juice and sunshine. Mix real lemon juice with equal amount of water. Dip in stain then hang in the sunshine. I believe that white crewel is called "white work".

  12. Cass,

    On days I wasn't going into Manhattan, I worked in Hopewell! I adore those napkins and hope you can get them clean. Lots of good advice in your comments and online. We have been spoiled this winter and this Jersey Girl is loving it -- especially after the last two. Stop by when you get a chance and see our bathroom renovation.

    Your Friend,

  13. Hi Cass,
    Sounds like you had a lovely day and isn't the mild weather wonderful? Especially in your part of the country. It was in the 70s here in OK yesterday!
    How sweet of your friend to give you those lovely linens! With them being old, don't use the harsh bleaches and cleaners!! They will break down the fibers even further. I found this link that recommends using baking soda, vinegar and lemon! (I use vinegar in my washing machine to brighten all my laundry...colors and whites)

    If the stains are stubborn, you might need to repeat this process or check out other sites that offer natural alternatives to cleaning your linens, which is the route I would go. My two cents worth :)

    Plus, dry your linens on a low heat setting if using your dryer.

    And Mr. can you not love those beautiful brown eyes. He is so adorable.

  14. Tomato soup is my go-to comfort food!
    Hopewell - I am so darn envious! It was a favorite weekend spot for us when we lived outside Philadelphia. We'd head out early on a Saturday and stay the weekend and just poke around in the shops to our hearts' content!

  15. Hi Cass, there is a product called 'Restoration' that I read about at the blog, 'Between Naps on the Porch'. Her July 4, 2010 post actually came up when I googled the product name. I thought that was kinda cool! Those linens are absolutely beautiful you received from your friend. I'm sure they'll come back to their past glory with a little TLC. Good luck!

  16. Oh man! Those napkins are gorgeous. Don't have the slightest idea how to clean them, but they sure are pretty. And your pup is adorable.

  17. Hi Cass!

    I'm FINALLY getting your posts via email again! I don't know how or why but I'm thrilled to be back in the loop.

    I hope you haven't used Oxyclean on those beautiful vintage linens yet. It will eat away at the fabric! Martha Pullen, the sewing guru of all lace & linen things recommends soaking such delicate items in BIZ. Its an enzyme product that won't harm the fibers. She buys vintage lace dresses from all over the world & this is how she restores them. I've used it & sometimes you have to soak overnight or do it more than once but it does work.

    Hope this helps,

    p.s. I think the Dish book is lost in the mail someplace. I hope you don't think I'm rude for not saying 'thank you' but it never arrived.


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