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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Thrifting Find, and a Van Full of Furniture!

On this drizzly Thursday, my friend Emily and I
skipped happily off into the Land of Thrifting.  And lunch.

But first, we tootled down to my antiques booth, to replenish it.
Some larger pieces of furniture were sold, making room for new things.

We brought down the tool chest I got last week:
We still don't know everything about this chest, but I'm pretty sure it's a machinist's
or carpenter's chest, possibly made by the carpenter himself, or at least custom made.
It was not made in a factory.  The inside lid may have once held two small mirrors,
to facilitate removing filings or shavings from eyes.  We are kind of sad to see it go.
The lock is missing, but you can see where a rod went through all the drawers and
locked everything up nice and securely.  What was in those drawers was valued.

Also the little washstand or telephone table or whatever it is:

And we brought down a chair I picked up awhile ago,
that my sister's been storing on her sunporch.
Here it is, happily reclining on its back in my minivan:

Through the wonders of computer fiddling,
I rotated another shot, to make it look almost as if it's
standing upright.  The fabric is tapestry, in perfect condition.

The old Craigslist picture is the best.
The chair is big, it's comfy, it's in perfect shape, and if you squint
it looks like it's rustic French Empire or Directoire style.
Don't forget to squint.

Now . . . did these things end up in the booth?
They did not.  The sold furniture is still there, not yet picked up.  No room.
(Le sigh.)
So, Emily and I, with the furniture still in the van, hightailed it to
a great little thrift shop, off the beaten path, and it did not disappoint.
Ah, the beautiful Johnson Brothers pattern called Indies Blue.
I have scads of it.  So does Martha at Linderhof blog.
And now I have this:
A pot.  Coffee?  Tea?  Not sure, don't care.
In gorgeous condition, not a mark on it.
It cost me $6.  Six American greenbacks.  Six stinkin' bucks!
Oh, be still my heart.
I picked up a few more things at this thrift shop.
A glass candleholder.  3 orphaned saucers.  A book.
And this:
A painted plate, blue and white, and just right for hanging in my kitchen. 

I like its corny scene, windmill and tulips and all.
That's all, Folks!  -- Cass

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  1. And you have one and I don't!!!! Drat -- for only $6! lucky you! It IS a coffee pot -- I have the tea pot and they are more round and not as tall and skinny -- (think Laurel and Hardy -- the coffee pot is Laurel and the tea pot of Hardy!)

    I went thrifting today as well -- got a big Quaker Lace tablecloth for half price and 12 neat Limoges dessert plates originally made for a ritzy store in Cincinatti.

    You, however, find the best finds! I need to go with you!!!

    Ollie says "hi" to Dion and asked me to tell Dion that we haven't had any rain and that he (Ollie) still smells like the salon -- drat it!.

    Congratulations on your Indies find! I'm green --

  2. Looks like you're really in the business now!! And anything you buy for yourself you can always sell--one reason it's nice to have that little corner of the shop. My sis has that Johnson Bros Indies blue ... purchased as her wedding presents in 1973. I think the taller pot is considered a coffee server, and squattier one is tea, but what does it matter, it's plain gorgeous and you got QUITE a deal. have fun!

  3. It looks like a lot comes in versus what goes out. I have the same problem.

  4. That carpenters or machinists cabinet is gorgeous! Great buys from your secret Thrift store!


  5. I love your find and the carpenters table..both great pieces.

  6. You have the best luck in the thrift shops. That pot was worth the entire afternoon!

  7. You did really well today, Cass! It must be hard choosing what goes in the booth and what stays with you! Love the coffee pot!


  8. Cass,
    What a find! I rarely find anything for 6.00. I only collect for myself and I usually say 20.00 is my max but I have been known to spend a tad more upon occasion... Looks like you are having a good time with your booth.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. Once again I discover what you bought by reading your blog. Just saying that may not be the kindest way to tell me there's more stuff in the house.

  10. Wow!! You are right is ya squint really hard!;) All fabulous finds! Thanx for coming to the party!

  11. Great collection. Love the chair. And the blue plate and ... I suppose if I owned a shop I would just want to keep everything.

  12. Oh how I wish I lived closer to you. That tool chest would be mine!!!
    Glad you let us know you flipped the picture ...and not your van. Whew.

  13. You have some great vintage pieces. I am sure they will sell easily.

  14. I'm so glad your larger pieces are selling. Your Jonson Brothers' teapot for six bucks!!! Seriously?? You definitely got a steal. I love the blue and white color.
    I don't think your Dutch plate is corny. The scenery, the details on the plate...I love it!

  15. Is the plate from Delft? The scene looks like the village of Kinderdijek. It has the most windmillsin one place. I have a few Delft pieces I bought in the Netherlands years ago - including a lighter that sits on a table. Just love them all.


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