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Monday, January 16, 2012

Estate Sales, Craigslist, and A Daughter In The Trunk

So our daughter Anne may regret having come home this weekend.

It was a hunter-gatherer weekend for the booth, but Saturday was a bust.
We went to an estate sale at a big 18th century farmhouse.

Of the few things we might have wanted, all were priced way too high.
I am beginning to think I am not going to waste time on local estate sales;
prices are generally what this cheapskate thinks are too high.  It's Craigslist and auctions for me.

But we did enjoy looking at the house, which was amazing.
And much larger inside than it looks on the outside.

Anne took pictures with her phone inside the house.
Keeping Room; check out those floorboards!

Looking up the center hall stairs.  I've seen this same delicate handrail and balusters in other 18th century houses in N.J.

Upstairs hall; look at those boards.

More stairs, handrail, hall.  It's domestic sculpture.

One of the many bedrooms.

The other side of the Keeping Room.
A Study, lines with bookcases and a built-in bar.  In a newer wing of the house, which also housed a kitchen.

The study and the kitchen were in the wing you can glimpse on the right in this picture.
There's also a barn on the property.  This is one big homestead!

But we did get to see a part of New Jersey that was new to us but obviously,
from the age of the houses, not new to New Jersey.

What a beautiful old house.
On Sunday, after church, we picked up a vintage French country style dining room table (Craigslist!)
that I hope to sell on eBay.  It is huge; with its 3 leaves it stretches to 10 feet long.  Lovely table.

Getting it in the back of the van would have been easy, except we had one Stow-and-Go seat up.
Where Anne was sitting.  So, we put that seat down, slid the table in, and . . .
had nowhere for Anne to sit for the 30-minute ride home.  What to do?

We considered strapping her to the roof of the minivan but, not being enthusiastic
about that plan on a 15-degree day, Annie crawled in under the table, and just lay down.

We took back roads home.  She survived.
We were not stopped by the local constabulary and ticketed for Bad Parenting.
Hi Mom!  Thanks for the ride home!
Howard realized that it was the first time since she was born that
Anne rode in one of our cars, without either a car seat or a safety belt around her.
But this 3-day weekend is not over yet.
This morning, Anne helped Howard carry a highboy to my minivan and load it in.
And he closed the van hatch on her head.  Ouch.

It's only January, and we're already in the running for Parents Of The Year.

Anne's helping me bring the highboy to my antiques booth today, and I've promised to treat her to lunch.
I hope she doesn't get food poisoning.  -- Cass

P.S.  These are also going in the booth:
Milk glass goblets, and Avon ruby glass goblets and matching decanter.  

There were 12 milk glass pieces when I bought them (from a Craigslist listing) and when I unpacked them, there were 13.  I have no idea how that happened, but I'm pretty sure I'd have known if the little devils had reproduced themselves in amongst the pink packing peanuts.  

I think I'd have heard the clanking, and the giggling.
By the way, this is also the highboy that's waiting for its trip to the booth,
so I better leave the computer and fire up the minivan.  Have a great Monday!


  1. O my those wood floors in that house are fabulous!

    I am often saddened by the constant over pricing of antique items. I love to find a good buy and don't mind spending a little more for quality made items but not everything is worth hundreds of dollars!

  2. Cass, what an understanding daughter you have! A real sweetie! Such a fabulous house, would love a nosey around there! I am having a bad case of milk glass envy, hard to come by over here and I buy it whenever I see it! Trying to persuade Hubby that we need a holiday in the US this year, might be a bit dangerous though (would probably have to hire a container!) Great post as usual. AnneMarie xxx

  3. That house is incredible...I could feel the history and the stories it could tell. Too bad the pieces were overpriced...I have found that at estate sales as well.

    Poor Anne. This wasn't her weekend. I hope she had a good {and safe} lunch!

    Love the milk goblets and wow...I do remember the ruby red Avon goblets.

    Stay warm and dry!


  4. What a cool house.. where was it ? I love estate sales - it's fun to poke around in other people's stuff : D

    Hope Anne survived her weekend home !!!

    hugs -

  5. OH my goodness, what a lovely old home! Look at the huge fireplace in the keeping room was my first reaction of the indoor shots. If they are selling the home, I'm sure it will go for a pretty penny or two.
    If it were my daughter under that table, she would be saying..."you owe me, Mom". LOL
    I've never gone shopping via Craigslist. I know people are quite successful with their buys and/or sells, but I never think about it. I may have to make the plunge one of these days.
    Glad you were able to find some great buys.

  6. Cass, you are making me laugh at your kiddos expense I must say. I need to laugh as my head is aching and I have a vast amount of ironing to do. Cass blog therapy is a good thing. hugs♥O

    1. Ironing? Honey, you are giving me nightmares. My iron is HIDDEN, and likely to stay that way.

  7. Wow, that house's interior is a WHOLE lot better than the exterior!! And what a wonderful interior it is! It's a good thing it is in N.J. (or one of the other states close to you), that way I won't even dream I have enough in the coffers to buy it. (I will never live in a place that has real winters again!) But I sure would love to have an old home with such character and patina!

    Well, your daughter may have not had an actual seat, but at least she was safer in case of earthquake! LOL!

  8. Your poor daughter! Can't you imagine the look on the police officer's face if one would have pulled you over. I want to buy that house. It's gorgeous, but probably out of my price range!

  9. I love estate sales,but like you I think they are very over priced,still I just love seeing the house,and all the items! Blessings Jane

  10. Ummm...You DON'T get the Parent of the New Year award...sorry. At least you didn't chain her in for fear she would fly forward in an accident. COULD have offered to let her drive (chicken)-did I say that? Have a fun day-xo Diana

  11. I did the same thing to my husband once! He was the skinny one in the family, and very limber. Thank goodness it wasn't a long drive to our daughter's apartment. My daughter and I went to an estate sale this weekend and it was just icky...most of what we saw was toys (dirty) and books. Hope to find a good one someday.♥♫

  12. Enjoyed the trip with you!
    The house was wonderful to share.

  13. Wow, slow down girl you are making my head spin. Don't you just love it when you are on a mission and have help. Sounds like your booth is going to be spectular. Love everything but I esp. loved the dear green beauty in NJ.
    Take care and happy hunting. Kathy

  14. When we lived in PA I loved estate sales just for the opportunity to see the inside of some of those wonderful 18C mainline houses. I've never forgotten them, and they played a big role in the development of my sense of style. (blame it on the US again!)

    1. Hey, it's OK -- blame it on the USA. We're proud to have corrupted you.
      Love, Cass

  15. My poor Chelsea has ridden like this after my Mom and I go on an adventure. Bless our kiddos hearts....what they have to go through because of us. LOL

  16. Cass, you crack me up! Your daughter looked like a good sport though! I love that old house - what character! Have a great week!

  17. I too was laughing at your daughter's expense. Your post and comments in reference to her also made me laugh. Thanks for the laugh though. Sometimes we need those. I am glad everyone and everything made it home safe! Milk glasses reproducing?? Now that is a new one!


  18. I know what you mean, items at Estate Sales even here in Maine are way overpriced. What are they thinking?
    Fun to see the house, though.

  19. Dear Cass,

    Where in NJ was the estate sale? That green house looks familiar. I think once someone says the word "estate" it conjures up images of wealth. It's been my experience that most estate sales are overpriced indoor yard sales and like you, stick to auctions, craigs list and thrifting.
    Booth? I missed the opening of your booth? I must catch up and plan a road trip!
    Anne seems like the perfect treasure hunting partner!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hi Deborah,
      The estate sale was in Branchburg, in Somerset County. Fabulous HUGE old house, loads of rooms and almost TOO much space -- Howard used to get lost in our current house, if we lived in the Branchburg one I'd never see him again after moving in.

      My booth is in Somerville, at the Somerville Center Antiques on West Main St, in an old Woolworth's building. It's fun, more time consuming then I thought it would be, but it's SUCH a good reason to go spelunking for junk!

      And Anne really IS the best partner for these trips -- too bad she has her own life and I only get her company when she can manage it. :-)

      This estate sale did have some gorgeous pieces, and many that had already walked out the door, but they were just too costly for me, especially if I'm looking to resell something.

      Happy New Year!

  20. What a fantastic house ... and a wonderful weekend!!

  21. THX for taking us with you ;0)
    Awesome old house.


  22. I like this old house and for me it looks unique :) Thanks for sharing.


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