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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Egg Cups, Church Keys, Pyrex Bowls and S&Ps . . . .

. . . that's where I spent my Wednesday,
amidst egg cups, church keys, Pyrex bowls,
and some of the oddest salt & pepper shaker
sets that ever gave you nightmares.

I spent the day working at Somerville Center Antiques, in historic Somerville, New Jersey,
where I maintain a little booth.  Now, SCA is in an old Woolworth's Store building
and on the main floor -- where my booth is -- are the more sober-sided antique and vintage wares.

But downstairs, it's funky time.
You don't believe me?

I wouldn't argue with this lady, and she says it's the truth. 
So I'm going to take you on a little tour of "Downtown" at Somerville.
(No pictures of my own booth -- it's looking too bare right now!)

The downstairs dealers specialize in 20th century vintage, with loads of kitchen wares,
clothing, paper ephemera, old books, records (remember them?), lots of barware and glassware,
and of course, salt and pepper shaker sets.
 I wasn't too sure what these were supposed to be, so I turned one around.
Yes, they are salt & pepper shakers. Yes, they are tomatoes. Yes, they appear to be wearing babushkas.
Was everyone starting cocktail hour at noon in the 50s and 60s?
 Poodles were a big deal back then.
 This charming poodle couple . . . 
 . . . seems to have had a love child.
 There are all sorts of things here.
Old games.

Bizarrely funky old porcelain flights of fancy, as seen below.
Seriously, who at that corporate meeting said, "Sure! Let's manufacture this!"
 Isn't it amazing?  It's huge, too.  Wouldn't you just love to wrap this up as a wedding present?
Hmmm . . . I've got a nephew getting married in March. . . .

Love this glassware with the thick gold banding.
What a gorgeous tablescape it would make!

The furniture upstairs runs more to the mahogany and cherry;
downstairs it's Deco, or 50s vinyl and chrome, or . . . painted vintage.

The vintage kitchen ware stretches for miles.

Well, not miles. . . but there's a lot.

Even a pink electric range.  How sweet!

 Vintage kitchen tools, tableware, even appliances.

Scotty dog glasses!

A very pretty single-width kitchen cupboard.
 With a beautiful original-equipment design on the glass.

Here's where a whole lot of old egg cups and
church keys (bottle openers) come to find new forever families:

Rolling pins, cast iron skillets, colanders, serving and stirring spoons, bottles . . . 
 . . . loads of dishes!

Trays, cookie jars . . . 

. . . and more cookie jars!

And remember that nightmare salt & pepper shaker set I mentioned in the beginning?
Here it is.
Twin devils, for your dining enjoyment.
You know, I would buy these for our next family Christmas grab bag,
but I'm a little afraid of them.  Maybe more than a little.

And that was my Wednesday!  How was yours?  -- Cass

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it is Rednesday ... so click here, people!

P.S.  Tomorrow I start searching for more furniture for my booth, upstairs at SCA.  It's looking bare again!


  1. I think that YOUR
    Wednesday was a lot
    more fun than mine!!!
    I absolutely LOVE an
    afternoon spent in a
    place like the one where
    you have your booth.
    How can you NOT leave

    Happy Wednesday!

    xx Suzanne

  2. You definitely had more fun than I did! I saw something I'd like to take home in just about every picture. My day? I miscalculated the time of a meeting by an hour (to the good) so had time to go for a long walk. That was the high point of my day - sounds rather pathetic, but it was a lovely walk.

  3. Cass,
    What fun. I used to have a spot/huge cupboard in Topsham, Maine in an old mill. It was neat. I spent a lot of time buying what others will selling! It upgraded my stuff for the most part. Looks like there are some real treasures to be found in that area.


  4. Well, I could go crazy in there!

  5. Wow...I cannot believe how many of these vintage things brought back memories. I recognize many from their first time around!

  6. Cass, I could enjoy exploring that kitchen isle and I saw some items we own. Ballerina dishes and old games. WE must buy old games, why I do not know. I think I took care of an inmate when I was an RN working in the state prison who had those demons tattooed on his arms. Scary. Hugs,Olive

  7. Cass~ That looks like one fun filled action packed wednesday! My day was spent with a lingering migraine... I would have rather spent it with you combing through lovely antiques.

  8. For some reason I have great trouble shopping at a store like this because of all of the stuff---do you ever have that trouble? My head starts hurting and my stomach---I think it is visual over load. I am wondering if others have this problem or if it is just my mind playing tricks!! Don't get me wrong, I love going in these stores , but I can only take a limited time in them!

  9. What an amazing amount of junk, I mean stuff! Some of it is silly but fun. Glad to hear you are on the "classy" floor. Nancy

  10. That's my kind of place - could wander around for hours! Although the little devils are a bit scary! I am in north Jersey - may have to pop over for a visit soon.

  11. What a great tour, Cass! I'm a bit fascinated with some of this retro stuff and have seen things like this in many a booth. A lot of those old salt and peppers shakers were such fun; but I have to say that those devils you spied are a bit creepy, to say the least! You are so right- who DID authorize production of some of this?! LOL

  12. What a fun tour..I have to get down there one of these days to check everything out. It's been a while. Have a nice weekend. I just saw some flurries out my window!

  13. Hi Cass,

    I'm seeing devils on Friday the 13. Yikes!

    I loved the glassware with the thick gold banding. WOW!!!

    It sure does look like a fun place...... well as long as I don't run into the devils. lol


  14. Hi Cass,
    Oh my, one could spend all day in this place! Years ago, my mother had a fairly large collection of salt and pepper shakers. One day I asked my dad if I could have them and found out that they were included with alot of things in a storage unit and he lost everything in it because he forgot to make payments. I was absolutely sick. Things that reminded me of my sweet mother were gone. I'm sure that's the story behind alot of the things we see in antique stores, don't you think?

  15. Fun tour! love those scotty dog glasses. and I bet Rebecca of Shabby Pink World is driving to NJ now to pick up that pink stove!!

  16. I love going to these shops! Some of those old drinking glass sets are actually pretty cool. Yes, those devils are scary! Have to say those poodles would also give me nightmares. I think they are C.R.E.E.P.Y.!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That was fun walking down memory lane!

  18. That was fun walking down memory lane!


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