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Monday, January 30, 2012

And I Say To Myself . . .

. . . What a Wonderful World.

We live on a marvelous marble, we Earthlings.
How beautiful is this?
NASA has released this high-resolution image of our planet,
taken by its most recent Earth-observing satellite. 

Click here to see it full size, in clearer detail.
Click on the image twice for full resolution.

Whether you believe that this beautiful orb was formed in a Big Bang, 
or molded by a Creator's hands, or fashioned by some
cosmic combination of means, I'm pretty sure
you can't look at this image and not be awestruck.

NASA has nicknamed this picture The Blue Marble 2012,
honoring the 1972 Blue Marble image of earth photographed by
the crew of Apollo 17, on their flight toward the moon:
Yes, Columbus.  Proof that the world really is round.

I am enthralled by this latest image of our complex and stunning
planet, and I just wanted to share it with you.
Have a wonderful week!  -- Cass


  1. AWESOME! How can one look at this and NOT believe that there is something bigger and greater than ourselves out there somewhere? xo Diana

  2. So gorgeous.

    Look how LONG Florida looks!!! I mean, when we DRIVE from Valdosta down to Naples it is a LONG haul, but I didn't know it LOOKED so long.

  3. This is amazing Cass. Thanks for posting it. Pamela

  4. Wow what a place! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Very cool...I had to forward it on for the Boss to see...

  6. Wow! I'm glad that when planets were being handed out we got this one!

  7. You are absolutely correct...."what a wonderful world"!!!

  8. I agree with NanaDiana. How can you look at this beautiful, perfect orb that we call Earth and not believe it was created by someone greater than ourselves, lovingly created by our Creator! I am in awe.


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