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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Am A Camera

I had a camera, and, sadly, it has decided to no longer work.

So I am making do with Howard's large and lumbering Nikon D3000,
which is way more camera than I am used to using.

I have to admit, he takes a nice picture, that Nikon fella.
It's just hard to be discreet, you know?
Like on Friday when I was trying to photograph the hermit's place on top of the hill
with the "Savage Dog" sign on the gate . . . well, that's a tale for another time.

Today's tale is a re-run, from last winter, when my little Canon went walkabout in the bush
for several weeks until I found it hiding in the bottom of an unused handbag.
In those weeks, I made playground friends with the Nikon, and posted about it.

(From February 15, 2011)

My camera is still A.W.O.L.

Luckily Howard has a camera, and although it is big and scary,
and weighs a ton, this morning he kindly showed me how to use it . . . 
Here is the result.
 (Fanfare and flourish.)
I hereby declare this a day for Pretty Things.

Among the prettiest: the roses Howard sent me for Valentine's Day.
They are the most gorgeous true red, and not fully opened yet so they'll last a good many days.

How beautiful; nothing we fashion can touch Nature's style.

But we'll give it a shot.
Let's move those roses out of the kitchen -- we'll lop off their skinny legs and plop them
into my favorite rose bowl -- and then we'll decide what to do with them.

  Out of the kitchen you go!
 As long as today is Pretty Things Day. . .
what could be prettier than things that cost only a dollar?
 I always think that being cheap inexpensive just makes something more attractive.
Ladies, do not tell this to my husband.  Or yours.
Or, come to think of it, your unmarried daughters.

If there weren't already a Dollar Tree around the corner from That Old House, I'd have to invent one.
Look at what hopped into my cart on my last visit a few weeks ago:
Mirror-and-ruby-glass votive holders.
I mean, really!
Red and shiny.
I wanted to take their glamour shots last night, in the dark,
but I didn't know how to use the camera then.  Still don't, if I'm honest.

Red Valentine's roses pair perfectly with shiny candleholders from Dollar Tree, right?

But we knew that all along, now, didn't we?
Let's put the roses where they can be enjoyed.  By me.

Ah . . . now this is bliss.

 A pot of good black coffee, some pretty, shiny things, several new decorating books I treated myself
to before Christmas, and the time to enjoy it and let the tension headaches of the past two weeks fade away.
 That's a vintage Wedgwood Patrician mold cup and saucer, in the Bognor design.
Embossed and hand painted.

 Howard's Mom gave me the white coffee pot.
And you already know where the votive holder came from!

 Books to dream over, and the pillow my sister Peg made for me last winter.  Perfect.

I'll share the bliss with the Snowman family inhabiting the mantel.

I like to hold over holiday reds and wintry snowmen until the end of February.
 They brighten bleak winter days.
 And snowmen just look so darn silly that I can't resist them.

I'll be back.  After I have my coffee.
I'm afraid I've only set out a cup for one today.
 Go get your own!  You know where the kitchen is. -- Cass

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  1. Ooh I just love these pictures...
    What incredible colors and texture.
    The roses are so beautiful, I can almost smell them.

  2. Oh, it really does take fantastic pictures. I just don't know how to use them at all. I have this little point and shoot and it is such a blessing. Love the little thing, and thank the Lord for it all the time. Hugs, Marty

  3. VERY pretty votive holders. Did you say what kind of camera it is or was I blind and simply did not notice?

  4. Well, how nice of you to invite me in and then tell me you have NO coffee to share with me-to bring my own. I suppose that is akin to BYOB! It would be BYOCC (coffee cup). Well, I still like you anyway and I have to say you did a deadly good job with that big old honking camera! xo Diana

  5. mmmm that was cosy!
    I sometimes use The Great Dane's big Nikon but it is heavy and I feel so obvious with it! I love my little, tiny Elf.

  6. This is the little {big} camera that could!! Beautiful pictures. The rose bowl is so pretty and I love the simplistic look of your mantel!!

    Enjoy your evening, Cass!


  7. I remember this post and it's nice to see your beautiful roses again!!

  8. Looks like you've settled in for a long winter's nap! The books look glorious.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Gorgeous table setting and roses.
    Please be careful with the votives. I bought a different kind at the Dollar Store some years back and last year I used it. Left it on my kitchen counter and heard a POP and ran from the bathroom to investigate. Votive had burst and melted and the wax was ablaze. Ruined my counter top. :0(

  10. Cass, that camera does plenty good. Of course we all can be using our smart phones which will have 20 mega pixels soon and will be discreet. I still have a dumb phone cause I am cheap. These candle shots make me want the big 3000 though. olive

  11. Gorgeous photos! Your roses are lovely as is the rose vase.. great little cup too.. xo marlis

  12. Cozy and georgeous athosphier !!!!

  13. Hi Cass...

    Oooh...what beautiful red roses, my friend! They looked just like velvet in your fabulous photos! Your honey's Nikon really does take beautiful photos...thank you for sharing them with us...and that beautiful tea that you set! I love how the red roses look with that pretty white coffee pot! Ohhh...and of they look with your new stained glass mosiac candleholders! Sooo pretty and you can beat the price! I totally be able to find something sooo pretty at such a reasonable price...just increased the beauty of the item!

    Well dear friend, I'm so happy to see you for the Sunday Favorites party today! Thank you for sharing this sweet and beautiful post with us! I hope that you are having a super sweet Sunday!

    Love ya,

  14. Looking good! Beautiful roses.
    I'm with you regarding the reds
    and snowmen.


  15. Your little corner looks so inviting. I'll go out to the kitchen and fix a cup of tea and join you. Your tea cup is so pretty; I usually use a mug.

    It was so nice to "revisit" your post from February and see the beautiful red roses!

  16. Dearest Cass,

    What a fabulous series of amazing vignettes; such luscious reds and pretties galore.., Oh My! That camera sure does do your vignettes justice!
    I especially love the tartan, the red roses and the cream ware teacup!

    Oh my .., I'm so very late with regard to last's weeks blog visits. What a week last week was!

    I just loved your amazingly exquisite array of teapots and orchid. I hope that the show went well and that all those lists proved most helpful as no doubt they did!

    Thanks so very much for joining us for last week's tea parties dear lady, we always so very much love having you join us for the fun!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  17. Yes it does take lovely pictures, but it is just not the same is it. I would be lost without my little Fuji. Is your cannon fixable?
    Good luck with it.


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