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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Frank Comes To That Old House

It's been 8 days since my last blog post.
That's almost a record.

So today, before I run out to (probably) buy a chair from a guy
tearing down a house to build a McMansion, here I am.
Posting.  Because I missed you!
It was a terrific Thanksgiving at That Old House.

We had two turkeys:

That's one of them on the platter, and the other?
Well, yes, it is tempting to say that the other turkey is sporting oddball plumage
in the shape of a turkey shirt bought years ago at Cracker Barrel.

But I won't say that.  Noooo. . . .  I'll just explain that I cooked a huge turkey breast
the day before, to have extra white meat.  That was the other turkey.

Other than this picture, taken of Dion after Happy Frank's Giving Day,
when our gluttonous dog could not move,
(in which, as Dion believes, Happy Frank brought him two adoring small children, turkey dinner snack sticks,
and buckets of handouts from guests), I got no other pictures of Turkey Day.

By now, the dining room table is bare.
There are still some of the Thanksgiving flowers on the sideboard.
And if you look really closely, you can see that the dining room windows are still nekkid.
I did not get the draperies sewn, nor did I recover the dining room chair seats.
You don't really need to look closely.  Bare windows kind of announce themselves.
As do crummy old chair seats.
 But . . .
we had a wonderful holiday weekend!
We were 24 gathered on Thanksgiving, we had Howard's parents here from faraway Florida,
we had the baptism of an adorable great-nephew on Sunday on Long Island,
my brother and his wife stayed with us Sunday night, and we bade goodbye to Howard's folks yesterday.
In between, lots of visiting and eating and laughing.

When I review my "Thank You" list, my list of blessings, our family is right there at the top.
We are very lucky ducks.

Plus, I am rich!
Well, okay, not exactly rich.  If by "not exactly," we mean "not at all."
I opened my booth at an antiques mall last Tuesday, and that very day someone made a nice offer
on the drop leaf table I'd gotten at an estate sale.  My first sale on my first day.
This genuinely old and very genuinely used drop leaf table now lives in someone else's house.

And now I'm off to hunter-gather some other pieces, and haul them down to the booth.
I've already got the van partially filled.
This is a little more time consuming than I reckoned on, but it's fun.

Although Rudy, our wooden ghost who reminds us when things need doing around here,
is reminding me that it's time to get rid of the Autumn decor, and start thinking about
Have a lovely Wednesday, my friends. 
It's a beauty of a day here in New Jersey!  -- Cass

Tomorrow a tale of Dion's latest feat of derring-do, and the consequences!


  1. Cass, It sounds like you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wanted to tell you, I absolutely LOVE your chandelier. It's gorgeous and how exciting about your first sale at your antique booth. That does sound like such a fun adventure. Dion is adorable as always.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  2. I must say that that dining room table looks smashing with that big blue and white bowl on it!!!!

    I wondered about the curtains and chairs.

    You know we rush Christmas and Christmas decorating. It should take more than Thanksgiving night to banish pumpkins --

    Dion looks VERY satisfied!

  3. Time sure does slip away from us when we have other "obligations" on the go doesn't it.
    People keep asking me if I am okay because I don't post as often as I used to. Working full time will really cut into your blogging time.
    At least your new adventure is perfect for taking photos to create posts about. I look forward to seeing what you get and how you set it up.
    As for the turkeys in your first photo......sounds like all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Cass~
    love the beautiful simplicity of your Thanksgiving..
    what treasures family are..
    I'm so thankful for mine..
    biological,from the heart,and bloggerfamily lines..
    all near and dear to me.
    but of course, Dion steals the show .. and my heart every time!!
    warmest hugs!!
    laughing smiles too

  5. BTW, Jim always says as his Thanksgiving greeting -- may all your turkeys be ON the table and not around it!

  6. I'm glad you had a good holiday. It sounds wonderful that you had so many guests. We only had 7 and I miss having a lot of family around for the holidays.

    And many thanks for posting this! From the look of others' blogs and about 1/3 of the houses in our neighborhood, I thought I was the only one who still had vestiges of Thanksgiving gracing my home!! It is still November, at least for today, so I just can't start putting out Christmas matter what the rest of the world is doing!

  7. I'm a sucker for a drop leaf table. :-) Congrats on your first sale and I wish you MANY more!

  8. I had wondered where u were? Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Glad your having fun with your booth.

  9. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving, Cass! Two turkeys...Wow! I think your dining room looks very nice, but I know how we are about projects getting done! Dion looked like a very satisfied dog...Milo collapsed on the couch after company left!

    Hurray for you on your first sale...that is a gorgeous table. Keep up the good work!

    Happy Holidays!


  10. Loving you chandy! Lots of good stuff going on at your house!

  11. Cass, I am happy to know you are not Superwoman after all in that the chairs are uncovered and the drapes are not made yet. Still 24 for dinner. I could not do it, you are Superwoman. You are selling. It is hard work. Joe and I pack and unpack and move stuff all the time. Plus we go shopping for it on weekends, and do not get me started on what I keep. hugs♥O

  12. I'm just a mite jealous of your little antique booth and the reason you now have to seek and find. LOL I also cooked a turkey breast the day before and sliced it up. Very thankful I did as we had extra guests after I had purchased the "main" turkey!

  13. Dion had already won the heart of this cat lover - here he looks utterly huggable, flat out in foodie joy that is a happy tummy-full of Thanksgiving goodness.

    Sending huggles to you all, with added Zebby Cat puRRRRRumbles, Michelle downunder in Wellington, New Zealand

  14. Wow, two turkeys. You were ambitious! Love the chandy and what a find there have there. Thanks for sharing...

  15. Nice big windows, enough for lighting and showing elegance of the furniture.

  16. Just found your blog and have enjoyed browsing!
    2 turkeys to eat and 1 to wear, what could be better, leave it to Cracker Barrel! Sounds like you were pretty busy over TK but also fun! Congrats on your first sale, that table is amazing! My BF and I had a antique-home decor shop for 3 years, just closed it this time last year. It's a lot of fun buying and selling,(and keeping)! Now we have 2 booths. It will keep you busy, but, fun busy! would love for you to visit me!

  17. Congratulations on your first sale and I am a huge fan of the turkey shirt!


  18. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! And you know what? I doubt that anyone said anything about your nekkd windows or your sadly neglected chairs. If they did, I hope you gave them a nice slap on the back of the head!! LOL
    Dion is so cute!!!
    If it makes you feel any better, I don't have all my decorations up either.


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