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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Panic! It's (Sort of) Under Control

Have you looked at the calendar?
Or the countdown clock on the side of this blog?

Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from today.

Today, people!
14 short, gone-in-the-blink-of-an-eye days!

They're on their way. . . .
You know what this means?  I am motivated.  Ah . . . adrenaline.  It's a beautiful thing.
2010, the "grownups" table.
One of the most important things on my T.B.D.B.T. (To Be Done By Thanksgiving) List
is to transform this sorry looking space at an antiques mall into my less-sorry looking booth.
Yes, I am starting small, with a 6 x 9 foot piece of floor.  No walls.

Help me out here, my friends.  I am putting a rug down to help define the space,
cover the sad, sad floor, and give dropped dishes a fighting chance to survive.

This place definitely needs help.  Makeup!!!
So -- how to block out the area?  Screens?  Peg board?  Lattice?
Anything I put up to delineate my booth space needs to be able to support itself.
Ha ha, unlike the booth!

Howard and I are going to figure this out this weekend.  I'll take pictures.
Even if there are power tools and blood involved.
So, what am I putting in this booth?

The more I wander around That Old House, peeking in cupboards
and lifting the skirts on round tables (eek!),
the more things I find I can live without, and they are marked for the booth.

Here are some of the things that will migrate from 
That Old House to That Old Booth:

Colclough red roses tea set for 4.
Huge glass cake pedestal.
Vintage silverplate, early-early 20th century.  6 each knives and forks.
I do sometimes use these, but I have so much flatware; time to divest.
Glass sherbets.
6 of them.
I don't use them, as I have some of my grandmothers', and am ready to bid them adieu, even though they do amusing tricks.
Like stand on their heads.
Vintage damask napkins.
Some of my old tablecloths.  I use many of them, but don't use all that I have.
My cute green Harkerware Pate sur Pate dishes, including the luncheon sets.
Love these 6 tea cups, but I can live without them.  I think.  Lustreware and gilt -- from Japan.

Limoges -- I have stacks of dinner and luncheon plates in this pattern, including some cream soup bowls, and a few platters.
Love them, collected them like a crazy woman a few years ago . . . and now I don't really use them.
With china, it really IS all in the details.

Luncheon (or dessert) set for 6; not sure about letting these go, but I love this delicious picture.  Is it lunch time yet?
Bird dishes, each different.  Adorable, but not used, so ... bye!
What a cute little tummy he has.
The only "good" china at That Old House -- Aynsley's Tatton Hall.
I only have 4 dinner plates, 4 cup and saucer sets, and two salad plates.  So to the booth it goes!
It does set a pretty table, though, doesn't it?  Ah, well, there are other dishes -- oops fishes! -- in the sea.

 Okay, I have strained your eyes and your patience enough for today.
Those are just some of the things from our house going to the booth -- there are more -- 
and I didn't include things I have picked up just for the booth, or the small pieces of furniture that will go there.

Next week, the booth -- transformed and revealed.  Fingers crossed, and your advice
and suggestions are very welcome!  Many bloggers are old hands at this; I'm a total newbie.
Now, about that fabric for the pink guest room.
Turns out the pretty, old fashioned rose print was just too tame.
No get-up-and-go, no oomph!

 I loved this pattern, below, but after getting the sample I discovered it was
too stiff and unyielding for satisfactory draperies.  Which after all, must drape.

 So I followed my heart, and yesterday placed an order for this:
 Yes, the peacocks are coming home to roost in the Pink Room at That Old House.
By the time I ordered, there were only 23 yards left, so I took it all and hope it's enough.

I ordered, as I usually do, from Fabric Guru, and got 20% off my order with a coupon code.
That code is fall3 and anyone can use it, no limits on how many times, until Monday November 14th.

 Thank you for helping me decide on this wild and gorgeous fabric; so many of you loved it, too!

Holiday items at vintage-goods booths sell well in these last two months of the year,
so I was thinking . . . should I put our last-year's grab bag win in the booth?
It's a (mercifully) rare Christmas Rocking Cow.
With attitude.

No, I think we'll keep Beelzebub Bessie at home.  Don't want to scare away potential customers.
Have a lovely Thursday.   I've got projects lined up and out the door!  -- Cass

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  1. Yes, and Christmas is right past that. HELP!Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. I'm sure it may be hard for you to part with some of your things, but purging what we have in our homes from time to time is a very good thing... letting go I suppose. Can't wait to see what you do with the booth!

  3. Jeez...I want the Damask napkins and one of the tablecloths...and the bird dishes! Seriously...but I'm not in NJ :( Great choice on the fabric!!

  4. Yeah, I do like the fabric even though I "voted" for another. And that you have time to blog is amazing, though we know it doesn't take all that much time. What fun to have a place to take things away from your house and still have time to think about them before they sell-- a sort of holding pattern place. I am SURE you will fix that little space up so cute! I screen of sorts would be nice, or even a tie back long drape would give it some pizazz (for sale of course).

  5. Oh...good luck! You have a plate full (no pun intended as the above plates are empty). Holy Rocking Cow! That thing belongs in Wisconsin (the cow state)! Well, I can't wait to see what you do with your space....but with the amount of room you have to fill my best advice is- Don't quit your day job just yet!;>)

    That fabric is just absolutely beautiful! xo Diana

  6. Thanks for the reminder...14 days Yikes!! What lovely things you are going to be selling...they should sell well. Happy vTT!

  7. All those around the table seem happy and content.

  8. Just think what you'll replace that stuff with!!! And, you'll have to visit that antique mall more often to check on your booth -- I see treasures leaving but I also see treasures coming to That Old House!!!!

    Hopefully, you'll make a lot of $$$

  9. My goodness, you will have some lovely things to sell at your booth! I wish you the best as you 'decorate' it this weekend. No suggestions from me as I'm not in the business. I would love to sell some of my stuff though and there's no outlet around these parts so it will continue to occupy storage space. With Christmas coming you should do quite well in sales. Blessings, Pamela

  10. Eye candy and MORE EYE CANDY.
    Such lovely things you have there.

  11. I did not need to know it's in 14 days. I was doing fine in my la la land of it being sometime vaguely at the end of the month. Have fun decorating your area!

  12. I know it must be hard to say goodbye to some things but I wish I had a booth somewhere to do just that! I have WAAAAY too much STUFF!!:):) I LOVE the fabric you ordered! XO, pinky


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