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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

. . . What Wonderful Worlds

I have decided that I actually must do some cleaning
today, or OSHA will shut me down.

So today is mostly pictures.  From here at That Old House, and from
the East End of Long Island, where our family has a beach house.

This is a glimpse at our two worlds.

It's September -- nearly Autumn.
Tell that to our tough New Jersey geraniums.
They are a little anemic -- their scarlet is fading -- but they soldier on.
Here, they cuddle up to some Autumn Joy Sedum, just beginning its blushing bloom,
and one of the world's truly unattractive plants.
It is only outclassed in that category by ornamental cabbage.
At That Old House, most of the summer flowers are now kaput.
Searing heat, roaring Irene, vicious weeds,
hungry deer, and cruel neglect heartlessly caused their grisly demise.
How many more adjectives could I have fit into that sentence?  Hey, they're free!
Not fading yet are the wax begonias around the sunroom foundation.
Wax begonias are either too stupid
or too stubborn to know that their day is done.
Disclaimer:  Alida and Josh planted these for me.  I went shopping.
I don't really like wax begonias, but I we plant them because, gosh darn it,
they are such plucky little plants.  No matter what, they live.
I like that.  And so do the bees.
Ladies and gents, I think we have been mooned.
 Behind the house, the old rambling rose
is the latest all-you-can-eat buffet for the deer.
I don't get the appeal, but then I'm not a deer.
Just a dear.
I can hear the groans right through my computer screen.

One final That Old House picture from today:
We still have the old de-commissioned shutters that were taken off the house when it was painted.
What do you think we should do with them?
Sadly, they are too big to use as Christmas Tree ornaments.

In our other world . . . on the beautiful North Fork, Howard and I
took a picnic breakfast to a stretch of Long Island Sound beach in Southold.
 A seagull soared overhead.

 Ah.  Now we know why he (she?) was in such a hurry.  Whew!
So if it's Boys on the left and Girls on the right ... who uses that middle door?  Can't be the gulls; they use the roof.
Howard lusted in his heart for this sailboat.

Over on the Peconic Bay side of Southold, I lusted in my heart
for the beautiful big white houses across from Founders' Landing.

How cute is this one, with its own lighthouse?
In both northern New Jersey, and out on the Island,
the green of summer is beginning to get that early Fall gilding of gold.
Leaves are starting to turn.

But don't panic yet.
We still have one week and two days before Summer is officially over.

Like that bee on the begonia, let's make the most of it.  -- Cass
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P.S.  For those of you not in the USA, an explanation:  OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one of our beloved, bloated and bullying Federal agencies.  In fact, I think that's on its letterhead.


  1. oh..I have to clean my house too..... :D , good job, hugs, Flavia

  2. You do have a fun way with words (and photos!) So why don't you like wax begonias? The are among my favorites because they come back every year, all by themselves! No fuss, no muss, just oodles of color.

  3. It's hard to say goodbye to summer when you have a summer home! It's a peaceful time of year now though and I enjoy it a lot!

    I didn't know that wax begonias came back every year...I will have to check them out, even if they are a bit artificial looking...just saying.


  4. With our heat and drought surprisingly our geraniums are doing well but the begonias are amazing!!! Some even get forgot and they're blooming away!!!! You gotta love a plant like that -- it may be my only plant next year!!!!

    Lovely pictures -- both of in town and out of town!!!!!

  5. Hi Cass!

    I've been happily reading along here since I discovered your blog while google searching info on painting old houses...(I'm working along on my 1870's 'old girl' as I call her).

    Since discovering your writings I've been back every post since :-) Your house painting, your daughters (beautiful!) wedding, each step of your adventure(s) were and are so enjoyable to follow.

    When I arrived at OSHA this morning I laughed so hard I nearly spewed my coffee and knew I had to at last de-lurk and thank you for your always-enjoyed posts. My house is the same at the moment and the only plausible excuse I can come up with is to say that I emptied a colony of storage sheds recently (but that would be a fib lol) I really just need to 'get to it' and sort/throw/catch up on all the things I've ignored while painting! So I share your angst, lol

    And those shutters? How I wish I lived near you, as I'd offer to adopt them from you for a project afoot in my old red barn. Instead I'll be pondering some clever suggestion for them and if I have a thought worth sharing will email you ;-)

  6. You are surrounded by two lovely worlds.

  7. Your flowers are still beautiful. Here in Mo. all is burnt up and dead. We had no rain and over 100 temp. for weeks. You can make folding screens out of the shutters. I once made a a garden house out of a bunch. You could add pergala roof or a solid. Breeze come right through. Good luck. Don't pitch as they sell very well and people pay good for them. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. I love tough geraniums, even if they are a bit faded!


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    No colors have I but yellow and red.

    Please take what I give as tokens of peace:
    And with these small gifts may your joy increase!

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    Red Temple Altar

  9. I lusted in my heart to be there with you....but, alas, here I am stuck in the Midwest! Great photos! xo Diana

  10. As much as I love this coast, there something about the east coast that will always have a piece of my heart. Once a Bluenoser, always a Bluenoser.

  11. Really? We only have one week and a few odd days left to enjoy summer? (The days will probably be really odd, too, they always are around here.)

    Wax begonias were never my favorite either but then they started to grow on me, er, not on me, but 'for' me...well, you know what I mean, and now they're a part of the gardens here somewhere every year. How unfortunate to be called a 'wax' something. Must have given them a complex over the years, wouldn't you think?

    Knowing your talents, you'll make a pergola or something out of those lovely old shutters or put them up for auction. You may be surprised what they would sell for. Best wishes, Cass!

  12. Beautiful... Beautiful pictures of flowers & I love the water!!


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