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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well, Yes, It Does Look Like A Girl Scout Project

I described my plan to my daughter Anne.
"I don't know, Mom," she said.
"Sounds like a Girl Scout project to me."

Well, perhaps.
But in my defense, the girls in my Girl Scout Troop got to do
a lot of neat projects.  They'd have liked this one.
Pssst. . .  Crazy Lady is at it again.
This project started because I have about 9 clear glass cylinder vases left from
our daughter's wedding last June, and I'd like to play with paint and do something with them,
But I wanted to experiment first with other, smaller, more plentiful wedding leftovers.

Enter these frosted glass candleholders, also from the wedding.
I had 84 of them.  2 broke.
You do the math.
 Using these humble tools -- craft paint, a toothbrush, a paint brush,
and a Dollar Tree paper plate -- I decided to play with some of the holders.
Those little black things on the paper plate were not left by the mouse; they are wick trimmings.
 A little paint on the plate, a mostly-dry paint brush,
and a whiz around each candleholder with the Copper color.
I tried to get an action shot of my actually doing some of the painting, but I'd have needed at least one extra hand.
 I used Silver on one of them.  I like the Copper better.
 Below, Copper on the left.  Silver on the right.
Dry brush strokes of paint on the outsides of the frosted glass.
 I had a practice piece that I painted inside and partially outside with an old toothbrush, using both colors.
Now Howard knows what I was doing this morning during our 2nd cup of coffee.
 Yes, this does look a little bit as if it has leprosy.  It's not a keeper.
Three frosted candleholders, brushed
with metallic copper paint, and with lit votives inside.
 How they'd look at night, even though it is day now.  But cloudy.  The rain just stopped.
 I am not sure where the mouse went.
He is such a critic.
Anyway, these didn't turn out quite as I had
envisioned them; they ain't great beauties.
But still, I'd like to make a few in blues and turquoises for the
beach house.  Time for more paint. 
 Meanwhile, if you are interested in a frosted white glass candleholder,
or a dozen frosted white glass candleholders, let me know!

Tomorrow, Friday, be prepared to get a gander at these beauties:

Squash cleavage.  -- Cass

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  1. Well, you did it! Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. I think they look good and they'll be a lot more useful!!!! And what would you have done with them anyway -- store them -- at least you're using them!!!!

  3. Squash cleavage now that's a good one haha Frances

  4. I am a new follower please follow me back thanks =D

  5. What a fun project...did you say Howard swallowed his toothbrush? Maybe it was the rat that did him in...sneaky little devil.

    They turned out pretty cute when all is said and done-I like them.

    However, what I am really looking forward to is your Victoria's Secret Squash feature. I didn't know you were that kinda gal!;>) xo Diana

    You crack me up!

    (I like the candle holder, especially the copper.)

  7. I love copper and those are absolutely gorgeous!! So pretty lit up =)

  8. okay, seriously, that first pix cracked me up :))

  9. I think they look really "Fallish."

    I agree with shelia---the first pic is way toooo



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