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Friday, September 30, 2011

That's A Nice Front Porch You Got There, Honey (wink wink)

Real sunshine today in northern New Jersey.
And the people rejoice.
At least, this people is rejoicing.
I was beginning to grow moss up my north side.
Which is not my best side, you know what I mean?

I have gotten no further in outdoor Fall fluffing than a wreath on the front door, a few pumpkins and mums
scattered hither and yon, and the artfully disheveled sprinkling of fallen leaves, courtesy of my partner
Mother Nature.
Who, by the way, is terribly bossy.  Insists on getting her own way, and always does.

I have to admit that decorating That Old House for a holiday is not a chore.
She's pretty cute all on her own, so any fluff we add is just that -- fluff.

The first summer we owned this house, our daughters went Dollar Tree decorating crazy on Memorial Day:

Ah, yes, such dignified patriotic decor for a venerable early American house.
I'm sure they do something similar in Colonial Williamsburg on such days.

When we bought That Old House, she was yellow, with green shutters.
And she had lots of boo-boos needing attention; her complexion was a disaster.
(Translation: don't look too closely at her lattice, shutters, trim and other delicate areas.)

Our second Christmas, in 2009, our daughters and I decorated the front door.
In the snow.
I think we'll do a similar door decoration this year,
but no more yellow house with white trim; That Old House got a paint job back in June.

Crisp white on the old cedar clapboards and woodwork, and all her boo-boos fixed.
Blue porch ceiling, gray porch floor.
Dark, dark, dark green on the shutters and around the front door.
Sadly, most of the old shutters were shot; they will be replaced someday when the Shutter Fairy shows up.

In August, we discovered that the proper state for a front porch anticipating a hurricane is nekkid.

But now it's Fall, and our old farmhouse-in-the-suburbs
is getting its gold on, along with its oranges and russets and
plums and dark greens ... all those autumn colors.
That's a fake Jack O Lantern on that teeny wicker chair.
I love electric Jack O Lanterns; plug 'em in and let 'em shine.
No worries that you'll fry a squirrel or burn the house down.

Our front porch won't get much attention from us this weekend.
We are heading out east to Long Island, to the family beach house.  Big plans -- some painting,
some slipcover-wrestling (soon to be an Olympic sport), just enough wallpapering to avoid divorce,
a few meals of local fish and veggies, much staring at the watery views, 
and the sit-down-and-take-an-unplanned-naps that salt air force upon you.  Have a lovely weekend!  -- Cass

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  1. I love your Old House! Love the porch too! I even loved her with the yellow siding and green shutters, but wow for the white and black:) Your door looks so fall festive! Just out of curiosity, what kind of home did you live in before "That Old House"? We live in a duplex and your home is my Dream home :) Maybe someday when the kiddos grow up...sigh:)

  2. So pretty....your front porch. Do you actually sit on it sometimes? In theory I would love to have a front porch, but I don't know if I would actually use it.

    That Fall wreath looks so rich and warm. Love it!

  3. Cass,
    Love the pictures. You will have to put a new picture in the header!

    Have a great weekend. Hope your weather will be better than ours is supposed to be.


  4. Hi Cassiepooh! Oh, your Old House just looks so stunning and her complexion is as smooth and clean as a baby's bum! :) I love your Fallenness on the porch and have a great weekend!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. White that old House is its owners!!! HAve a great sunny Autumn weekend , hugs, Flavia

  6. Growing moss on your North side??? Another gem that gave me the giggles! Funny lady....

    I hope I haven't said this before, but I can't help saying, I miss the pretty yellow! The door helps a bit, but white just doesn't have the same panache! I'm sorry!

  7. Yep, wallpapering is a marriage tester for sure. I love all your porch rockers. Hope you and Dion get to relax and use them sometimes.

  8. Your weekend sounds perfect - just don't forget the wine or that special beach house drink handed down by your mum!

  9. I am in love with your wreath, the raffia bow is the crowning touch! Your house is gorgeous, love the white paint, wanting to do the same to mine, waiting for our ship to come in. Thanks for sharing your fall beauty!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  10. Beautiful house that Old House is! I like electric pumpkins too, no fire worries!

  11. Love how the house looks with the white paint and dark green shutters! Beautiful! Gorgeous fall wreath too!

  12. Wow, Cass....I LUV your old house! What character and charm! Nekkid or's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your great decor with us today. :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. What beautiful pictures of you porch and what a great porch to start with. I love old homes they have so much character and the greatest porches. I love your old house!

  14. Your porch provides a versatile space for seasonal and holiday decorating...what fun!

  15. I love the photo in the early morning fog. You are so lucky to have that BIG porch! Our former house had a small front porch and I still miss it.

  16. How pretty your old house is looking in her new white dress! Love a big old porch!

  17. Your house looks so beautiful in all seasons! Love it!
    Thank you for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  18. Your home is the house of my dreams, all white with a great big, old front porch to sit and rock away my cares - it's just lovely!! I also felt like I was wrestling with my slipcovers until I read about this handy tip. Put the insert in a bag your dry cleaning comes in, then slide it into the slipcover, then pull off the bag - it works like a charm - hope it helps.

  19. Cass,

    That Old House looks wonderful no matter what the season! I keep looking at the paint job. Love the crisp white and the contrast of the shutters. Your house was the kind I loved going to as a child trick or treating; so warm and welcoming.
    Hope you had a wonderful time at the beach house.

    Your Friend,


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