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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Guess Where We Are?

If you guessed our beach house, you would be right.
It's about 7 in the evening, and we're about ready to make dinner.

We had fish for lunch, so it's veggies and cheese for supper.
Howard brings the corn out to husk.

It's windy and chilly, and cornsilk is flying all over my computer screen
as Howard begins to husk.  He thinks this is amusing.

Just for that, I am also posting this picture of my husband,
who -- honestly -- had no idea why I was laughing.
"Say, doc, could you take a look at this?"

It is a spectacularly beautiful weekend here on Eastern Long Island, along Peconic Bay.

I've run away for the weekend.  We have no television out here, and
I know if I were home I'd be watching the coverage of that unimaginable day ten years ago.
But that day is never far from my mind, and it is always in my heart.
I don't think there is any right or wrong way of commemorating 9/11.
For me, I've sought the solace of the sea.  -- Cass
God bless our American heroes, wherever and however they serve.


  1. ummm..I think the fuzz is on the wrong end~just sayin'!;>)

  2. You're a nut! I'm just sayin... Have a great weekend Cass:@)

  3. You are wickedly funny...just sayin'


  4. Look at the sea for me you lovable Knutt.

  5. Today I just want you to know...I hug you and your great Country, ciao Flavia

  6. LOL Cass!

    I have sought solace among friends and no tv or radio today. I can not bring myself to watch it. Enjoy your beautiful beach house.

  7. You should find peace any way you can.
    Now for the image of your husband's...uh..appendage...get out the butter.

  8. :-)

    Has Howard seen that pix yet? And, is Dion with you?

    Enjoy the sea for me, too. Closest I'll get to it today is the shower.

  9. Duh. Had to read all the comments and then go back to the post before I got it. ;)

  10. Wish I could be with you at the sea, which I also find comforting and timeless. No TV was the right way to go...our memories hurt enough.

    And now, wickedly funny Cass, "aw shucks, dear Howard is one husky dude...!"


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