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Monday, September 19, 2011

Funday Monday

So today is Monday,
and I am putting on my Cinderella duds

and taking care of business.

My Mom loved housework -- not just the end results, but the process.
She loved to clean.
I really envy that.

Out of all the crazies I inherited from her, why not that one?

But needs must.  Get a load of this:

This copper rooster weathervane hangs from our conservatory ceiling.
Years ago I slung a green beaded necklace on his arrow, and it's still there.

But there's a new decoration.
Can you see the line of cobwebby stuff from his wing to his wattle?
Trust me, it's there.  Looks like a shadow.  Enlarge the picture at your peril.

This Norwegian treenware bowl has lovely rosemaling.
And not such lovely dust.

Our dear dog Dion had a bath yesterday, and for 24 hours
afterward he sheds like a son of a -- well, what he is.
 Dion reminds us that there is a solution to this -- no baths!
Too late!
Our dog does professional-level fuzz distribution post-bath.
Oh well.   Time to stop whinging and put my Big Girl pants on.
It ain't getting done while I'm planted here at the computer.
Maybe later, I'll take this empty parlor fireplace mantel
and play with decorating it.  After I dust it, of course!

In 2009, this was our September mantel:

2010's Fall decorating was much simpler, below, as we were busy painting and fixing the kitchen
and sunroom, and my Dad was in and out of the hospital
last Fall -- too busy to fuss overmuch.
Okay, full disclosure:  I'd misplaced some of the Fall decor last year.  I have since found it.  Life's good.

This year, I think we should go a little over the top, don't you?

Meanwhile, if one of you has a spare one of these:
Fairy Godmother.  This image and Cinderella courtesy of  The Graphics Fairy, a most generous lady!
. . . please send her to That Old House, where she can wave her magic wand and Poof! my dust shall vanish.

Because as a friend of mine (who had 6 children) once said,
"Housework is like stringing beads on a cord with no knot on the end."
What is your least favorite chore?  -- Cass


  1. Cass~ I am sort of a sick individual as I love cleaning. My body however does not! The back problems I have prevent me from doing a lot of the heavy stuff, but I love to crank up the music and get things clean.
    I hope that you have fun cleaning some. :)

  2. We are on the same page as I am dusting our old house today. It is like peeing in the ocean of course. Dust falls constantly from the old plaster walls and cob webs abound. I detest doing any kind of floor cleaning. ♥O

  3. One thing I have wanted my whole life and never had, a cleaning person. First off I have never made a great deal of money, so couldn't have afforded one on a regular bases, second who can you trust and third, they take one look at my house and say no thanks. Cleaning people do not want to clean cluttered house. I guess I can hardly blame them as neither do it. let the dirt stand as it is! Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. Hi Cass....may I ask you a favor??? When you meet Mary Poppins...can you tll her to come to my house?? Thanks a lot, hugs, Flavia

  5. When she's done there send her here, will ya? I have been cleaning all morning AND dragging out my Fall stuff. I went a little over the top this year too to make up for what I didn't do last year. It looks grand right now but I think I will be tired of it by the time Halloween rolls around! I don't do Halloween now- I do Fall and then Halloween a couple weeks before the Spooktacular day! Have fun cleaning- xo Diana

  6. If I have the gift of time I don't mind housework that much, especially the feeling for a few minutes (until some other dweller in this house makes a move) that it is clean ...

    Re. your missing mantle decor: I had a year similar to yours this past year, here's hoping for an upcoming quieter year for both of us. I love that quote about housework --describes it so well, it never ends and one thing leads to another! Enjoy the work, if you can, especially the after-ness.

  7. I really like your living room without curtains!

    On the other hand, I LOVE to clean but sometimes my schedule and cleaning don't always coincide and it seems those little cobwebs can grow faster than you can say "clean'!!!!

    My mantles are bare as well for we'll soon be leaving and I decided to wait until we return because I know I'll have to clean and might as well wait to clean and put up clean stuff than to get home and have to dust the mantles AND the stuff!!!

    Oliver hates baths as well -- and with a double coat, he just POPS fur when he gets his bath.

    BTW, Oliver says "hi" to Dion and "la, la, la -- I've not HAD a bath -- and I don't feel sorry for you!" . . . and I even woke up from my afternoon nap to communicate!

  8. When the dust fairy finishes at your place, send her here. I no longer want the job - done to much of it in my life.

  9. I don't mind cleaning, but I hate tidying. It seems I'm always picking up and putting away - clothes, books, paper, dishes - you name it and it will sit until the end of time unless I pick it up.

  10. When you find the dust fairy, please tell her to stop by my house! She can even bring a few friends if she likes.

  11. I'm ready for a change in season so that I get motivated to do anything at all. We are still in the 90's during the afternoon. That's cool compared to what it was at the end of August (107 degrees plus) So far we've had like maybe 3 days of Fall and I'm yearning for a nice roast or a stew.

  12. Cass,
    You make me laugh out loud....thanks. Bryn loves her baths, especially the part where she gets to shakes to share with Mom.
    Have fun cleaning.

  13. Cass, I HATE housecleaning, Heloise would have me strung up by my ears for saying it, but that's the way it is. Her Helpful Hints are supposed to make it so much easier, but for some reason I dread tackling the job. I think I'm stuck in gardening mode when I should be in housekeeping mode. Personally, I enjoy gardening much more, the weeds don't grow back as fast as the dust bunnies multiply.

  14. I'm not much for housework. Dusting make me sneeze, puching the vaccum make my back hurt and I could go on. But like you said "It must be done."



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