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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Falling Out Of Summer

Extreme heat and humidity, bumper crops of weeds,
tomatoes that went nowhere, grapes that are feeding
the local deer . . . then, an earthquake and
a hurricane-turned-tropical-storm . . . .
for the first time I can remember,
I am more than ready to say Scram! to Summer, 
and Hello, Sailor! to Fall.


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If I were an adult-ed art teacher, and I looked at the palette that Mother Nature had picked out for her Autumn scenes, I'd probably tell her to tone it down.  "It's a bit much, dear," I'd say.  "How about fewer brilliant oranges and reds?  Maybe a touch of the neutral here and there, give the eye a rest?"

Thank goodness I am not Mother Nature's art teacher.

She's bold, our Mother Nature, and she ain't afraid of gaudy.
(In fact, I suspect she wears too much jewelry, loves purple,
and teases her hair, but that's material for another post.)

Anyway, Mother Nature sure bids Summer goodbye with sizzle.

  In the dining room at That Old House,
the table is set for two, for an early Autumn supper.

The expected oranges and golds and reds and yellows are all there;
even some brown to represent the leaves falling outside.

But to give Summer it's due -- after all, it is in the 80s today --
there's the soft blue of summer's water and sky.

There wouldn't be those brilliant hues of Autumn
without, first, the clear blues and greens of Summer.

$1 Aqua blue plates from Dollar Tree,
$1 painted pottery bowls (they have touches of blue-green in their leaves) from the defunct Cost Cutters drugstore chain,
thrift store handblown wineglasses in watery blue,
Dollar Tree tea light birds,
very vintage plaid linen napkins,
my century-old Georgian silverplate flatware,
and my Mom's old pewter S&P shakers,
plus a bargain bin brown poly tablecloth,
an old bittersweet faux wreath, a ceramic pumpkin, some faux fruit, and an old black iron candleholder.

And that's it!
A table that mixes the bright and gaudy colors of Fall with the soft blues of Summer.
Just what I need right now, as I'm not completely ready to let go of those lazy days.

Have a lovely Sunday! -- Cass

Good News!  My sister and her husband went out to the family beach house this weekend -- and report that all is well following Irene.  The water did breach the bulkhead and surround the house, but didn't get high enough to reach inside.  Except for a couple of slightly off-kilter shingles, and shrubbery and trees burned brown by the wind-driven salt, no damage. We are lucky, and grateful.

Today will be my 5th day of joining with other church members, making and delivering bagged lunches to flooded-out residents in affected neighborhoods who are beginning the long cleanup; we average 400 lunches a day.  On Saturday, Howard and Anne were my "runners," as they will be today, and we made it into a couple of areas previously un-reachable by car, driving through thick mud and dodging the bigger puddles.  It takes awhile for the smell of a flood to leave your nostrils, and the mosquitoes are just beginning to come out in fierce force.  Anyone know a good non toxic mosquito repellant?  If so, let us know!  :-)

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  1. Hi CAss, I missed you a lot ...but now I'm back to blogland ..after a beautiful Summer journey.... here it's still hot fact I'm going to the seasid.... have a great LAbor Weekend, hugs, Flavia

  2. I love you table setting. The colors looks great.Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm not yet ready to give up on summer - as we've had so little from it this year.
    Your fall table is so pretty! I'd be itching to get decorations and fall dishes out too, if I had such a pretty collection.
    I've always uses Avon's Skin So Soft as a repellent - it works!

  4. I second the skin so soft... works great !


  5. I was hoping that everything was all right (I have been following Dion on facebook and noticed that he was posting) but figured you were busy with the lunches.

    Anyone who lives on the prairie is always anxious to see fall come and a return to temperatures that aren't triple digits!!!!

    Love your table -- loved it the first time and love it now!

  6. Hi Cass~ Glad the beach house is okay and it sounds like you are one busy gal.
    Love the pre-Fall is time, isn't it? The table is just beautiful! xo Diana

  7. The tablescape is so pretty, just right for fall. Glad the beach house made it through in one piece. Bless you for the work you are doing, delivering those meals and helping the flood victims.

  8. So glad your beach house survived intact!

    The tablescape was great. A big steamy bowl of some rich, creamy fall soup, a loaf of crispy French bread...oooooh, when do we eat??

  9. Wow we feel like survivors too after such a brutal summer!
    Love your new fall table!
    Miss Bloomers

  10. I too am soo ready for the season to change!
    WE have temps in the 60's right now and that is just fine by me. 70's for later in the day and all next week!!!
    I say BRING IT ON!

    Have a super weekend!


  11. Avon doesn't like people to know this - but their Skin-so-soft creme repels mosquitos - I know a lot of people that use it - it comes in different fragrances. So if you aren't allergic to Avon scent (which is made with petroleum and not real scent) you can use this.

  12. Nice early fall tablescape.I hope everything is back to normal after the flooding.Blessings Catherine

  13. The later into fall it gets the less gaudy the colors seem to me.

    I bought some Cutter's Skinsations this year that works pretty good. Not sure how non-toxic it is. I used to run behind the mosquito fogger truck when I was little, so I may be immune to the toxicity now. And thank you for helping feed those people. That is so nice of you!

  14. I'm not too eager for Summer to leave, but you've got some great inspiration on your table. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Hi Cass...

    Ohhh my, it sounds like you are a busy gal right now! How very sweet and thoughtful of make and deliver lunches to those left less fortunate from Irene's wrath! Very good news...that your folk's lake house faired well! My friend, I have been through a couple of hurricanes...when living in south Texas and several tropical storms. I think that having to go without electricity for prolonged periods was the worst least for me! Of course, my home never really had serious damage. I bet you ARE ready for summer to be finished! We are having perfect weather here today...sunshine and 72 degrees! I'm going to enjoy and savor every minute! Hehe! Cuz...I know what follows Fall!

    So happy to have you join in with the Sunday Favorites party today, dear friend! Your autumn table is beautiful! I love the bright colored bowls! Ohhh...I love the gaudy colors of autumn! Hehe! Take care, dear friend and try not to work too hard!

    Love ya,

  16. Happy to hear that the beach house did okay and I hope that the water goes away soon. I'm here getting plenty of rain here from Lee...I so wish it would stop!!!


  17. "Hello Sailor" Funny!
    Next year will be better!

  18. Glad all well. You sure have a huge stash of dishes!!! I, too, am ready to say goodbye to summer and the average 103 temps this last month (only 1 day below 100). Today we had a cold front --.. only 76 at 7 am. 93 for high.

    My tomatoes were planted very late due to mom's illness, but she git to see them in and growing. With the hot temps, tho lots if flowers, nothing set. But this plant is one of only being watered. I have joked that I was going for a fall crop. This morning, drum roll, TWO little tomatoes on my plant!!!

  19. So glad to hear that the beach house survived alright, it's such a beautiful place full of memories..and YES, I heartily agree that summer this year needs to be stepping aside for Autumn. And I mean a BIG step aside!!

    Mosquitoes are nasty little critters, and we use Avon Skin So Soft OR Noxema Skin Creme (recommended by my step dad and it really works, you just have to like the smell of Noxema!)

    Thanks for all you're doing for the flood victims, I'm so glad you are out there.

    You and your family take care,

  20. Beautiful fall inspiration. I'm so happy to hear that your beach property didn't sustain damage. Great news.

  21. Came by from Chari's to say hi. I love those bowls from Cost Cutters. I have lots of those birdie tea lights all ove the house!

    Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's Decor and More!
    (my MAIN blog)

  22. Beautiful table!!! I love Fall and can't wait to decorate!!! And wear different clothes:):) XO, Pinky

  23. okay, "Hello, Sailor" has me grinning...but I know exactly what you mean!

  24. Cass,

    So happy to read the family beach house was not damaged in the storm! God bless you and yours for helping those who were not as lucky. Avon's Skin So Soft works on mosquitoes.

    Your Friend,


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