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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dead Mouse and A Capital Rant

There, if that title didn't catch your eye, nothing will.

Yes, there is a dead mouse at That Old House,
and it belongs to our desktop computer.
So . . . all the pictures and things on the desktop
are unavailable until we replace the mouse.

I toddled off to Wal Mart today, and bagged another mouse.
It's wireless, as was our dear departed one, but I haven't worked up the nerve to install it myself.
Paging Dr. Howard, paging Dr. Howard . . . .

It looks easy enough.  Here it is, still in its demon plastic pack, posing next to my laptop:
 That tiny pamphlet in the front is a simple diagram and short instructions on installing and using.
The booklet to its left is a multi-page, multi-language treatise on why you should not
eat the transceiver or stuff it up your nostril or insert it into your cat where the sun don't shine.
All dangers are covered in minute detail, including a picture of what the transceiver looks like,
as that is pretty much a made-up word.
Clearly, Microsoft thinks its customers are complete knuckleheads.
In my case, Microsoft isn't far from wrong.

Since I am not facile with my laptop, and still have not installed the mouse, 
I turned to paper reading today, actually holding and reading a book I bought recently.
It's called Decorating With Blue and White, although the dust jacket copy forgoes capital letters,
perhaps thinking we'll be fooled into believing it was written by e.e. cummings.
  "Gee, Cass, might you just possibly have some pet peeves?"
"Yes, yes I do. People not using capital letters.  They're free, for crying out loud!"
"Well, golly, Cass, isn't that a little cranky and fuddy-duddyish on your part?"
"Yes, yes it is.  Tough noogies."

Anyway, the book has some lovely images.
I loved this one: 
 This is somebody's front hall.  I didn't fall in love with the modern flooring in this Victorian-era house, or
the cat at the door, or the stained glass door panel . . . no, what I flipped for was the stair runner.

A flat weave stripe.
I want it. 
Don't those shoes make you want to holler at somebody to put them away
before they cause an accident?  Do we ever stop thinking like mothers?

I think a flat weave runner would look fabulous and wonderful and lots of other adjectives meaning good
on the stairs in our own front hall.  Which are now covered in an off-the-roll machine made Persian look runner.
Stair runner, installed by previous owners.

Who's with me on this?
Good.   Christmas isn't all that far away.
  -- Cass


  1. I like that runner. I love flatweave rugs. That would be a great replacement for our machine made off the roll stair runner, too.:-)

  2. Sounds like a new stair runner is in the future. :D
    Installing anything on a computer intimidates me.

  3. Living with a computer guy who works from home has its advantages. If I have a computer problem or question, he's usually right here to help me. You need to make friends with that laptop. I was hesitant when I got mine two years ago, and now I cannot imagine computing without it ... right now, I'm in the family room, on a wireless internet connection, surfing blogs while watching American Pickers with a cat on the arm of my chair. Nothing like it!

    Your stair runner looks exactly like the one that we had in our old house when we bought it. We kept it during the messiest of our renovations to protect the stairs, and now we have a wool Karastan runner that I love!! (Patterned carpets hide SOOO much.) Part of me loves the flat weave, tho.

  4. I had a runner similar to yours -- and I ended up taking it out completely -- the bare stairs are so much easier to clean (if you think Dion shedding is bad -- he has only ONE coat -- Oliver has TWO!!!) And I really like that look although I thought at first it might look cold -- but it doesn't really!

    I am the computer "genius" at our house -- if it gets done, I do it -- if I run across a bump I have a SIL and a brother who can help get me over the bump! But often, I figure it out myself.

  5. Ummm...One of THOSE days, dearie?;>) Thank God the husband was at work today...he was safe! Tomorrow...gotta be a whole lot bettah~ xo Diana

  6. I think I am with you on the new runner as much as I like persian rugs, etc. and oh dear, i tend not to use capitals on my blog titles. because I thought it gave a more casual look to things, not because I don't know they are free,

  7. Oh yes - the stairs want that new runner!

  8. .... I hug you strong....just this...for a wrong day....hugs, Flavia

  9. That is a great looking striped runner, and YES.. put the shoes away for heaven sakes!!

    As for the mouse. DUH... I'm an Apple gal so I won't even comment on Microsoft.. LOL

  10. I love the look, but my eyesight is such that my depth perception is wayyyy off and I wouldn't need to trip on those sneaks to fall down steps with a rug! I've always wanted a runner, just wouldn't survive one !

  11. I like the runner you have, but love those runner holder things on the bottom of each step in the other photo. Enjoy your mouse!


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