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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Lantern Top?

So when I thought we had absolutely no damage
from Tropical Storm Irene (nee Hurricane),
I might have been just a little mistaken.

This morning my husband said to me,
"Did you notice that the top of the outside lantern is gone?"


That must have happened while Annie and I were sitting on the study sofa
watching The Weather Channel, accompanied by nachos and wine.

But yes, the pagoda-like top of the lamp near our street steps
has clearly gone A.W.O.L.
As for finding it, it's probably blown away to Poughkeepsie.
Now you have to keep a secret.  I picked out this lantern, but once it was installed I realized it was too small,
so I've never liked it.  I may not look all that carefully for the lamp lid carcass on the lawn.
This is my chance to get it replaced; don't tell Howard, okay?  Okay.  I'll keep your secrets, too.
Pinky swear.
This morning I reached for a shampoo towel in our bathroom
linen closet, and it was wet.  And so were its little shampoo towel siblings.
All damp.

I looked up, and it seems that clever Irene found a spot in the roof to
wiggle her way into the attic, and then down into the linen closet.
Bad, bad Irene.
Anyone know a good roofer in Morris County NJ?
Meanwhile, we are wondering how the beach house fared in this.
That's our family house, on the left -- hope the cove still looks like this!  From July 2011.
I have tried calling some people who live in the area -- like our plumber -- but all I get is
"We're sorry.  Your call cannot go through."

There are loads of trees down.  Some of the crops out there took a beating, too.
This corn is definitely no longer as high as an elephant's eye.
This shot and the next two from, taken by Wendy Annibell
 A beautiful sailboat, beached, in Cutchogue.
Note the name of the boat:  Bittersweet.
 Anne and I had breakfast on this beach in Greenport, last Wednesday.
What sand?

Otherwise, for our family, all is well.  Our "damage" is negligible and easily repairable,
although check back with me if we need the whole roof replaced.  You'll find me in the local debtor's prison.

Our church is lining up assistance for the half dozen or so member families who have suffered terrible damage in this storm,
and Annie and I will do what we can tomorrow.  I'm sure other religious and civic organizations all along the Atlantic coast
are doing the same.  Having lived through floods, I know how good it is to have someone come and care.

-- Cass

A personal P.S. -- Just so the family members who read the blog are up to date. . .   My brother Lindy and his wife Carol in North Carolina are still without power, and it is getting hot and humid there now; many of their neighbors are abandoning ship and moving someplace with electricity for the duration.  My other brother Kirby and his wife, who live in Williamsburg, VA, have had their power restored, but no cable or internet or land line phone.  I talked with Doris today and she hopes Lindy and Carol will move in with them for a few days.  Everyone likes a post-storm slumber party.  Love to all.
P.P.S.  Carol and Lindy have power now -- so they are basking in blessed air conditioning!


  1. I get leaks from a heavy rain, so if that is all you got, you done good. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. Here is hoping you don't have to have a new roof. Many times just the flashing around a chimney needs to be replaced/repaired. Sounds like the top off the lantern is in your favor. :) Will cross my fingers your beach house is ok.

  3. Minimal damage is about as good as it gets when a hurricane goes through! I'm glad that you and your family are alright and it would be such a shame if your beach house was damaged! Especially since you just finished updating it. I've been in a hurricane myself (Donna, 1960). We had wind damage, but not water. Hurricanes can be very scary. The power of nature is astounding.

  4. Hope you don't have to get a new roof!!!

    Glad you fared well and am glad you get to replace your lantern -- don't you hate it when something you picked out turns out so WRONG and then there is nothing to do about fixing it!

  5. Glad you made it through relatively unscathed...I think it was the Nachos and wine myself...and no wonder you didn't notice the lantern top flipping past your window. At least you were drinking and BOATING...or IS that your boat?;>) Have a great night- xo Diana

  6. Considering what I have seen on the news for the past couple of days, you are very, VERY fortunate, my dear. A small roof leak, and a lamp that's AWOL ... it could have been so much worse. I'm glad your family is okay.

  7. So glad you made it safe through the storm. Hope the beach house is ok, esp since you have done so much work to it lately

  8. Cass,

    Thank you for your comments and prayers. We had you and all our friends on the east coast in our thoughts and prayers as well. I hope your beach house survived with no damage. Please keep us posted. I also hope your entire roof doesn't need to be replaced. I am pretty sure I saw the top to your lantern floating around in my basement. :)
    All the images and news are heart breaking. Shame on the people that are saying storm coverage was overblown or comparing it to other hurricanes.

    Your Friend,

    PS A belated Happy Anniversary to you and Howard.

  9. What a time the east is having. I hope your roof doesn't cost a bomb!


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