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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Frolics

Okay, the title is misleading.
I'm afraid there will be no frolics.
I am back at That Old House and she is not in the mood for frolics.
She is being rained on today, and she doesn't much like that.

But yesterday, out at the beach house, I got up crazy early
to capture this picture of dawn just for you.
And then I went back to sleep, and captured this picture
a few hours later -- sun dancing on the water.
Those white things across the creek are not geese; they are sparkles from Old Sol.
Once we were both up and conscious,
Anne and I grabbed coffee and breakfast sandwiches to-go at
 Erik's Cafe on the North Road (highly recommended, thanks to sister Peggy for the tip)
and then we buzzed east to Greenport to a beach I used to take my girls to when they were heartbroken
over being excluded from a Daddy-and-Pop-Pop He Man Woman Haters Club fishing trip.
Just trying to minimize future time on the analyst's couch for my offspring.

I meant to take pictures of the beach, and the view across to Shelter Island,
but Erik's sandwich distracted me.  My bad.
Then it was back to the beach house, where we made sure the hatches were all battened down
in preparation for the expected visit of a rather nasty customer named Irene this weekend.

I blessed the house as we were leaving, and also left a Wise Old Someone in charge;
you will meet him tomorrow.

I hope when I tootle out there next week to check on things,
that it all looks pretty much the same as it does in this picture. 

By the time hurricanes hit the Northeast, most of their get-up-and-go has usually got-up-and-gone.
Fingers crossed, for everyone in Irene's path.
But today is a day for playing with dishes,
not just waiting for storms.

I have reached back through the cobwebs of time, into the virtual attic at That Old House,
and ferreted out my very first Tablescape Thursday post.
It's not terribly impressive; I hadn't a clue what I was doing!

But here it is, from February 25, 2009:

My First Tablescape Post for That Old House!

I am not sure when table settings morphed into Tablescapes, but I'm late to the game. Here goes nothing!

Let's set the stage:
Imagine. . . It's a cold February night in a creaky old house; a fire is lit in the parlor, and in the dining room . . . it's time for a bowl of bubbling hot stew, ladled out of a big tureen onto china that echoes the Chinese Export ware of centuries ago:

A bit of wine adds to the glow. The stemware is a crystal reproduction of an old form;
the same shape wineglass might have been on the table when this house was new.

Nearby, a small cake plate and cup and saucer await dessert; maybe a slice of hot apple pie,

and cup of good strong coffee.

The china is Mikasa Far East, and I bought it nearly 30 years ago at Kaufmann's Department Store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was very into simple "colonial" then, and this was the closest I could get to an antique look pattern that I could afford. Luckily, I still like it, because by now I have service for more than 20.

Lenox made the crystal wine glass, the tureen is Fitz & Floyd,
and the silver ware is my old Ebay flatware. 
Don't look too closely at the folded napkin. It needs ironing and a good soak in Oxi-Clean, but it's such a sweet old linen piece, with lovely hand crocheted edging. I can't remember where I got the small lace topper cloth, but I thought its angles nicely reflected the angles of the dinnerware. Upon reflection, I think I should have used something less busy.
Well, yes, Blogger Self of 2-plus years ago,
you should have used something less busy. And taken better pics.
Live and learn, and the best way to do that
is to visit more blogs and see how the talented folk do it.  -- Cass

P.S.  Hurricane Irene shares a moniker with my mother-in-law.  Who is also Irene.
But I would much prefer a visit from her than from the big storm that's flying up the coast.
Too bad I don't get to choose; Stormy Irene is coming invited or not!
P.P.S.  And today is my father-in-law's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Zaide!  

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  1. I think your first tablescape is lovely. Sorry about the Hurricane. I just bought bottled water and canned goods in hopes that Irene will go further east and miss us in NC, but I don't wish her on y'all either! Let's just wish her out to sea! Stay safe!

  2. Your first tablescape was beautiful, too! I think I don't want you to ever see mine, lol.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Irene just behaves herself. No damage needed for anyone, why can't these hurricanes and tornadoes get that through their air heads?

  3. Hope you are doing okay with Irene landing!! Your first tablescape certainly doesn't look like a first attempt!! Everything is very pretty, especially that tureen!!

    Keep dry!

  4. This hurrican stuff is scary. Been there done that, while living in S.Florida for nine years. Be safe. Your tablescape and dishes are just gorgeous, as is your home Cass. thanks for sharing. Be safe!

  5. Hi Cass,
    I just had to come by & tell you we are all praying for you guys that live in the path of Irene. The stress of waiting for landfall is just awful...I remember it well. I hope that she turns eastward & misses the coast completely.

    Please get online & let us know you're all okay as soon as you can? We worry, ya' know.

    Safe Hugs,

  6. Your table setting is just beautiful --you've made a wonderful start at Tablescape Thursdays. The dishes, ccrystal and flatware are all wonderful patterns and you put them together very harmoniously.

    By the way, my mom's middle name is Irene.

  7. enjoyed your blog...beautiful house..

  8. Beautiful photos Cass. I LOVE the soup tureen and the beautiful table setting. I never saw it before so it is new to me. I love what you did.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. Lovely photos, and so sorry you are in the path
    of the storm, am praying it will keep going more out in the ocean and hits no where.

    We are relieved it seems to be passing us by here
    in Florida but will feel much better once it has
    passed us by, cause many times they have a mind all their own. Will pray things turn out well at your beach house.
    Blessings, Nellie

  10. Cass -- this post was where I first met you -- I fell in love, then with your style and the fact that we had the same tureen -- little did I know then that lurking in your cupboards was our beloved Indies!

    I pray that Irene veers out to the Atlantic rather than coming ashore in the NE -- people there are not as prepared for hurricanes as they are in Florida or Texas!

  11. Here's hoping that Irene's will-will have got up and gone by the time she reaches the beach house.

    Prayers for all!


  12. I hope that all my blog friends avoid the wrath of Irene and that your beach house rests undisturbed.

  13. I think your table looks lovely. The red and white tureen is very pretty. Please take care during the predicted awful weather. Shannon

  14. Cas, your table setting was wonderful...then and now! That's the beauty of a can be just a cup of a tea in a pretty tea cup, or full-blown table setting. :) Speaking of full-blown, I hope Miss Irene is all blown out by the time she reaches your wonderful place. The east must not be living right...first we get an a hurricane, not to mention all those tornadoes this past spring. Crazy, crazy weather. Stay safe, my friend!

  15. I think this is great that you pull out the very first tablescape to share again! That's cool! Isn't it amazing to look back and see how far you've come? It's fun! I love that tureen, so I hope you still have it!!! I can just imagine it overflowing with fresh cut hydrangea as a floral display! I hope your family stays safe from the fury of Irene...the storm, not your mother-in-law! Have a good weekend!

  16. Still love the tureen! I hope you are surviving Irene. The magnitude of this storm is really hard to comprehend. Thanks for linking up to Open House Party...I really appreciate it!

  17. The house looks great, Cass. I hope you are right about Irene. We spent the day putting every thing that could become a missile away and had the boat pulled out of the water. Fingers crossed!

  18. I think it looks great. Love the tureen! Hoping the storm weakens soon.

  19. Oh, I do hope that your beach house is just as lovely after Irene visits~ Love your pretty china!


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