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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Silly, Frilly Thrifting

It was downright chilly here this morning
in northern New Jersey.  Sweater chilly.

This is always a little bit of a shock, that first zippy morning of late summer,
when you take the dog out for his morning constitutional and realize that he is
wearing a fur coat and is just fine, thank you, but that you are freezing.

Morning constitutionals are tiring!
Late August brings its own delights -- a thinning out of summer's heat and humidity,
geraniums and begonias blooming like gangbusters, crystal clear days,
local farm vegetables at their peak, peaches-to-die-for, and a special urgency:
if there's something we planned to do this summer, we'd better pull up our socks and do it.
Howard and I would like to get out to the beach house this weekend -- it's our 33rd wedding anniversary.
But Hurricane Irene may have other plans.  Picture from the 2nd  floor deck.
Among August's joys is a one day sale at a very fine thrift shop which is otherwise closed in summer.
It was yesterday, and Annie and I motored down in the minivan to see what we could see.

(Did you read the old, original Nancy Drew books?  She was always motoring somewhere in her roadster,
and that used to sound so much better to me than plain old driving in a car, which is what my parents did.)

So, what'd I get?
 If you guessed goofy napkin rings, you guessed right.
If you guessed a pair of wall sconces for candles, you guessed right. Again!

 Subtle they are not, but I like their ribbony, drapey look and the flower candle cups.
I know that brass is not fashionable right now, and lots of thrifters
would be dashing for a spray can of paint to cover up the offending metal,
but since we've pretty much figured out that I am not fashionable,
I think I will leave these two fellas as is.  We can be passe together.
How do you get little accent marks when you need them, like at the end of passe?  'Tis a mystery.
 That's if I keep them.  Jury's out on that.

But these guys, below?
They are too silly not to keep.

 A dozen brass napkin rings.

 With teeny little knives, forks, and spoons on them.
Well, I think they're cute!

By the way, those knives are actually sharp.  Don't ask me how I know.  -- Cass

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  1. I love the treasues you found. I'm not "fashionable" either. If I like it, I keep it. My son once described my house as the perfect grandmas house because there is a story behind most every item.
    I follow your beautiful blog faithfully. Dion DePoochy is my favorite. He is very handsome.

  2. Hi Cass!
    Guess I'm still in summer mode..
    was in some store last week, Target i think..
    lo and behold..CHRISTMAS stuff was being put on the shelves, along with Halloween stuff ..
    right next to the back-to-school stuff!
    just is NOT fair!!..
    out here, I'm sleeping with windows open..
    have pathetic flowers still blooming..
    weeds galore..
    and now you've joined the conspiracy..
    by wearing a SWEATER!!!!
    I tend to forget UP NORTH has shorter but very DEFINITE seasons..
    summer begins on Memorial Dayends on Labor Day..
    then it's back to woolens..
    oh well.. I'm gonna enjoy the heat as long as i least until the first snow flakes fall..
    and about that little accent mark (')..
    I just use the accent mark on the parentheses key!
    love and hugs..

  3. Cass,
    You find the best stuff. Love the wall sconces!
    Gorgeous. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Cass -- Thanks for stopping by my new blog and I hope your friends and commenters do too! I will add your blog in my listings.

    I appreciate your comments on my blogsite. I just got it up and running a few days ago and it is going through gentle, progressive transformation. Bear with and please add me to your bloglist.

  5. Cass, you are making this Texan green with envy. Still 80 when we get up in the morning and that's the low from the previous 105 or 107 or 108 as the days go here. You have no idea how ready I am to see cool, crisp temps. ;-)
    I've not had much time to visit of late, but have been delighted to scroll down through your posts this morning. No time to leave a comment on each one, but your charming sense of humor as you write makes me smile. Love the finds, both of them! And the new thin tree for the dining room - I bought one two years ago. It's great to tuck into narrow spots. Cute idea to hang the demi cups and saucers. And finally, have to say seeing all these cute shots of Dion makes me want to rush out and get a Cavalier. Those eyes make my heart swoon. All this to say, each and every post made me smile with glee. You are a terrific writer.
    Have a great week. ~ Sarah

  6. Excellent finds!! I'm DREAMING of cool temps...

  7. You find the neatest stuff, Cass. I would hate to go shopping with you at antique stores, though, we'd be grabbing for the same thing and then I'd have to fight you for it, lol. Love the brass candlesticks, I think they're so cool the way they are, no paint needed. Those napkin rings are just perfect, too. I cannot believe summer is almost over, either. Labor Day weekend is looming? Say it ain't so. And my two doggies pass out after a walk too, dogs have a hard life, don't they? ;')

  8. Great treasures!! Did I hear about some blood flowing from the goodies??? Ouch to the sharp knives!!
    Chilly here this a.m. only 49!!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  9. It was encouraging to know that you have begun some sweater weather. I am hoping that means that N FL will get some relief from this heat and humidity soon, YIKES. Loved your new "finds" especially those sconces and as always Dion is so very charming.

    I watched the National Dog Show last night and a darling little Blenhiem was shown in the smaller dog category (oops, forgot what they call it???) but she didn't win. She was gorgeous and I always root for the Cavelier's.

    Stay safe with Irene approaching.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  10. It was 102 here yesterday so I am thrilled you have a little chill even if we do not. I do not follow fashion trends hardly ever. I like gold a lot and do not paint furniture very much like a lot of bloggers. I also wear thrifted clothes except for jeans(big butt I have). The silly napkin rings are adorable. I would have bought them too!

  11. I think both items that you purchased are just great!

  12. Fashionable people can ruin all sorts of things. They don't have to be fashionable, they are kind of classic. I like them just the way they are. As for the napkins rings, fun, you are right, too silly not to keep.

  13. Chilly in Philly too:@) Lovin' your cute new napkin rings, hope you make it to the beach house this weekend!

  14. I love your taste! I am partial to napkin those...very unusual!

    Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  15. Fun napkin rings! Very cute. And I do like brass myself; I'm not much into the "spray-painting-everything-white"....sometimes I like to see gleam!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I hope the weather treats you properly. And that does not mean turn off your electricity so you MUST dine by candlelight.
    I am enjoying cooler temps but am not yet ready for autumn. Since I adore Halloween (for the fun) it's OK to put some of those things in stores already but NOT that other colder holiday gear yet.
    My computer is still not playing nice and I miss getting around to visit.

  17. MY parentheses key doesn't have the accent mark, so for me to do it I have to hit the # lock key (which is always on anyhow) , and punch in 0233 while holding down the ALT. Sounds confusing for a bit, but it works! Your sconce finish may be passé right now, but 'wait a minute' will be back!


  18. ...and if you are going on a picnic you won't have to pack cutlery as you will only need your napkin rings. Great thinking Cass. Oh and if you want to type passè you can do it in a word document using the insert symbol and then copy and paste it into your post. I don`t think you can do it directly in your post unless your keyboard is set up to type french characters.

  19. Awesome finds!!! Looking forward to cool temps!

  20. I guess we were married around the same time as our anniversary is also this weekend and a hurricane that weekend almost disturbed our wedding (in north Jersey, yes). Except we've been married a few years longer than you. Happy Wedding Anniversary and I hope you get to the ocean and that it behaves for you!

  21. CASS- I love those little flatware napkin rings. Those are just the cutest thing ever...and your sconces...A bit over the top? them too. They are really different and I have never seen another pair like them.

    It is still pretty warm here-waiting yet for a chilly morning- xo Diana

  22. It's a zippy 117 in Phoenix today. Wanna trade?

  23. I am envious of chilly -- It was 104 today. About that accent mark... I use a MAC, and I don't know if this works on Windows. But go to Edit at the topof the page and click on that. At the very bottom of the list there is "Special Characters" -- click on that and go to 'Accented Latin". You should find the accented letter you can choose and click Insert.

  24. Great finds! I'd be leaving the sconces in their original state, too.


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