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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roses for Tea

Would you like a cup o'tea, dearie?

 I've got enough cups for four.
 So that's me, and three o'you dearies.

 Like your tea sweet?  The pink sugar roses are each two lumps.

I'm afraid it's a lot of old bits'n'bobs on the table today.  

Old plated spoons, but at least they've got my initial on them.

 Looks quite nice by candlelight, doesn't it?
But we need a bit of lamplight, dearies, so we don't
end up drinking from the dog's dish.

 Now, what about these pretty tea cups, you ask?
 They came all the way from England to have tea with us.
Colclough -- which I never heard of before finding this little set on eBay.
4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 breakfast or cake plates, and one little cream jug.
All for $6.00.  Six dollars.
 I looked 'em up on that handy Internet thing.

Turns out Colclough was its own company, then became part of Ridgway,
then Royal Doulton glommed onto it in the 1970s, and now?
No longer made.

This pattern is called Amaretto or sometimes, Amaretto Rose.  
I liked it 'cause it's pretty.

No, actually -- truth time: I got it because it was so cheap, and I had planned on turning
the cups and saucers into Christmas ornaments for our dining room tree. 
But now, I'm not so sure.  They are in such lovely condition!

Did you notice the little tea cup candle? 
They were given as part of the favors at
our daughter's bridal shower back in June.
Aren't they adorable?

13 pieces of pristine Colclough china for six bucks.  And $9 shipping!
 So, dearie, grab a cup and I'll pour some imaginary tea
from my imaginary pot, and we'll have a few imaginary biscuits
to go along with it. 
Oh heck -- it's imaginary!  Let's have lots and lots of biscuits.
Chocolate ones.
 And let's put two pink sugar roses in our tea,
and sip our way into a sugar coma!   -- Cass

P.S. Anyone know how to pronounce Colclough?
Does it end in an "AW" or an "OW" or an "UFF?"
Or none of the above?
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  1. Lovely china cups! You got a good deal. May I have your recipe for chocolate biscuits please??? LOL Have a great day! Pamela

  2. Well I do not know for certain but I believe it is uff :)

    I love these cups! Did you find them on ebay? LOL I am searching for lovely tea cups to have a real tea party with my daughters. I have not found any that I loved enough to spend the money on. 6.00 for a set of 4 though that is certainly a great deal!

  3. A girl I went to school with..(about a hundred years or so ago,LOL) was named Colclough. She pronounced it like it hurt--OW!!! She wasn't British, but spelled it the same.

    Your set is so pretty and what a great price.


  4. Your new dishes are lovely...I'd love to come to tea! What a wonderful deal. I shopped and shopped the last few weeks and everything was SO over priced I almost gave up. Count yourself lucky!

    The teacup candles are beautiful and I love the rose sugars. I hope you have company of the non~virtual type soon!


  5. However they're pronounced, they are gorgeous! You have the most fun blog. Never a dull moment. And yes, two sugary roses, please.

  6. So beautiful, Cass! You got a wonderful deal. Love your little set up and that little creamer is darling!
    Be a sweetie and hug little Dion for me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. You do such great tables. Love the china! And is that a blue and white lamp I spy? Not a twin but certainly similar!!!! And the piece of linen!

    Hmmmm. . .

    Oliver looked for Dion this morning -- he was certain that he found him -- or at least his "mail" -- but I told him that that must have been some other spaniel!

  8. Hello Cass,
    Nice to have you join me for tea today. You got some deal on those teacups! I can see why you wanted them for the Christmas tree as they would be perfect. However, one can see how lovely they would be for drinking tea. Wonderful pattern!
    Thanks for sharing them with Tea Time. It's a real pleasure to have you.


  9. I'm imagining that I'm full of tea and biscuits, but it's not working - I'm still hungry for my dinner.

  10. What a super good bargain you have there! The tea set is so lovely, and would make great ornaments, but I can see what you mean. They look so good together, and as you say, they are in such fine shape. The deep red rose color makes it perfect for a Christmas tea too.
    Thank you so much for sharing your fab find with us.

  11. Love the teacups...can't believe they were so cheap!

    Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  12. Cass -

    You are a skilled hunter! $6.00?! They are lovely.
    Also like the blue balls you scored (pictured below)
    Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right. :/

    Your Friend,

  13. That set is beautiful! Please dont turn them into ornaments they are too pretty.

  14. So very pretty, can't believe they were only $6. she could of gotten more for them.Good for you, however, cause you got a great deal. They are lovely. Have a great day...Lu

  15. Beautiful tea set! Those little sugar roses add such a sweet touch.

  16. Colclough is a favorite of mine...nice score! They pronounced it with the "uff". Great setting for tea. Thanks for visiting's nice meeting you! We have a lot of common blogging friends!


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