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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh No! Another Wedding Post, This Time With Children

On this Wednesday,
I'm indulging in some memories from June 25th,
the wedding of our daughter Alida and her Josh.

Alida loves children, so young relatives were invited, and welcome.

Aine and her brother Eoin checking out the ballroom while the other guests are still at the cocktail hour.
Andrew!  What a tall date you have!
My nephew with two of his beautiful daughters, Sarah and Emily.
I was in college when this Daddy was born, and he was ring bearer at our wedding.
Eoin gets a smooch from Mommy.
3-year old Mary makes a couple of conquests.
Look in the lower right hand corner -- the youngest guest!  Month-old Christopher.
Looks like Emily's trying to convince Aine of something-or-other.

With everyone else in the ballroom, the cocktail room is a great quiet hangout.
Aine, just resting for a moment.
 No wonder Andrew gets all the girls.
Do you remember how TALL brides seemed when you were pint-sized?
They seemed like endless towers of white.  Or, was that just me?
It helps when they come down to your level.
My brother and his wife, boogeying with two of their 8 grands.
Don't you think they are greedy to have so many grands when I have none?  :-)
Andrew, what are you thinking in that 2-year old head?  And where do you get those tiny ties?
Me to the Bride: Stay away from the chocolate fountain!
Emily has gone for the Bananas Foster, a big hit at the dessert buffet.  Love the dessert chef in his stylish hat!
Alida feeds Josh some of her Bananas Foster.  Now that is True Love; Alida doesn't share desserts lightly.
Mr. and Mrs.
Because, yes, we all had a great time, the children had a blast, but this was at the heart of it all.

 To Alida and Josh,
and to all the other brides and grooms of this summer,
I cannot say it better than Howard's parents did,
on the Wish Tree at the reception:

May you all continue to be blessed
for a long, long time.  -- Cass

All of the photographs on this page are the professional wedding photos, taken by a young woman named Rebecca.  She is a gifted artist, a delightful person, and was a joy to work with.  Plus, she has an adorable little boy, always a plus in my book.
If you are interested in seeing more of her work, visit Rebecca Belle Photography here.
Meanwhile, you may want to visit White Wednesday at Faded Charm for more images in white.


  1. Thanks for sharing their special day with us - I have really enjoyed seeing all the photos.

  2. Beautiful and FUN are always great to have around...looks like they really had a good time. We had kids at Haley's wedding too and they had so much fun dancing with her...she loves kids...guess it's the teacher in her.


  3. Wonderful phtos of a happy time. Rachel has a great eye!

  4. Oh my... the photo of Andrew with this diapers showing is just an absolute hoot...still smiling over it.

  5. Beautiful and fun pictures, memories to last a life time. I see that one lady got into the English spirit with a very British hat! How fun. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Cass! What a beautiful family and those kids? Adorable! I love kids at a wedding.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  7. I like a wedding where children are welcome. What a lot of fun this one looks - all those gorgeous babies and girls in twirly dresses - a perfectly beautiful day,

  8. I so remember brides when I was little. I thought they were the most beautiful things around. They still are!

  9. What a truly gorgeous and fun wedding! I posted some pics of my son's wedding just the other day too!

  10. Cass -- we always enjoy the wedding pictures!!! And I love the guest who has the Royal Wedding hat!!!! In SIL's family, of the three brothers, his was the only one to have children as ring bearer and flower girl -- and although they were on his side of the family, DD wanted them in the wedding -- NONE of the other brothers wives wanted children in THEIR wedding. I think it adds something!!!

    And children love weddings -- they have a blast at them -- a sober blast for they don't drink too much punch!!!!

  11. THX for the invite to the wedding.
    Looking at those pictures, I felt like I was there.
    :0) Family is where...It's AT!

  12. Cass what beautiful wedding photos! I was wondering how the mother of the bride would have time to take all those pictures! The photographer did a great job :) Hope you're enjoying the rest of your summer!


  13. What nice memories to relive. The wedding looks beautiful.

  14. Beautiful bride , and that handsome bridegroom makes an old heart smile . How lovely that they let children to their wedding . So many these days say no children , Why ? they need to see the joy of a wedding , to hear the vows and feel the happiness radiating .
    The little boy showing his tum,don't children just love doing this

    Lovely of you to visit my blog ,care for a spoon of crab-apple jelly?

  15. What a happy wedding! Lovely and touching images. Mr and Mrs look beautifully in love!
    Thanks for sharing you joyous time! LOVE the picture and caption of Andrew! Made me LOL!

  16. No matter how many wedding photos or events I see, each one is beautiful! Your daughter's is just as lovely and elegant as ever! blessings,Kathleen

  17. I love it when the little children are included in weddings, they make it so much fun! It has been so much fun seeing your daughter's wedding, I feel like an honored guest.

    Best wishes to them for years and years of happiness and health.

  18. Many couples choose not to allow children at their wedding reception. And though the reasons for this are understandable, it can also be a positive thing to have children involved in your wedding.

  19. The bridal outfit and the outfits are key in planning a married couple's marriage. Still, though, partners should also remember that a marriage does not just focus on the apparel and the outfit of the couple and the visitors.

  20. Only in the movies does it turn out to be that all the children at a wedding and reception are cute and well behaved. In real life there will be parents having to leave the room because of crying babies or naughty toddlers. Tending to children at such an important event is distracting and stressful.

    1. Well then, we were either awfully lucky, OR our family should be in the movies! The only time parents had to leave was to discreetly change diapers.

      Otherwise, the more than a dozen young children (from 6 weeks to 12 years old) had a wonderful time, and truly were well behaved. It was a delight to have them there.

      I think that part of our good luck was that the wedding reception was an afternoon affair; an evening celebration truly is no place for tired little ones. Good sense should prevail.
      Thanks for visiting That Old House, and giving me a reason to look back at a very happy day!
      Best wishes,

  21. Spring induces weddings and any other celebrations an exclusive charm: just picture yourself in front on the altar within a lush light garden, within a delicate pastel dress? and your heart promptly beats quicker.


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