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Friday, August 26, 2011

Of Teensy Old Cups and a Wise New Owl

Sometimes the postman doesn't even ring at all,
but just stands on our front steps,
slides a box across our porch floor,
and watches it come to rest against the front door.  Slam.
Note to self:  Take down the hanging asparagus fern before Irene does it for me.
Then he leaves.  And I get to bring the box in, and open it.
I love that part.
Last week I shared my plan for gluing innocent, unsuspecting
demitasse cups to their saucers, and making Christmas tree ornaments out of them.

See?  Like this:
I still need to add ribbon and a little bling, because what is a
Christmas tree ornament without some bling, but what I need
even more are more demitasse sets to glue!  So far, I have 11.

What should show up outside my front door yesterday, but a box.
In the box -- yes you guessed it! -- more demitasse cups and saucers.
Are these pretty, or what?
There are four sets in the box, but I'm not unpacking them all yet
because today I'm busy with house things.

But I had to show you the two cups I unwrapped.
What dust?  I don't see no stinkin' dust.
 My keyboard is a different color than my computer;
I wore the letters off the matching keyboard.
 This was an eBay auction with an opening bid of 99-cents.
I was the only bidder.
 The saucers are buried in the bottom of the box, and there they will stay until I get my glue out
and begin to transform these old demitasse cups into ornaments for our dining room tree.  
Meanwhile, back in the box!

A quick Google of Schwarzburg porcelain marks tells me they date from between 1904 and 1924.
Except for that one crack in the one cup, they are in excellent condition.
They have asked that they spend their retirement years hanging on a Christmas tree
in our dining room, with time out for good behavior, napping in the attic.

I wonder where they've been all these years?
Now I know all about our next box buddy!

Earlier this month, my friend Carol, who has a lovely
blog called Serendipity, had a giveaway.
And I won one of the prizes!

Whooooo is in the box?
 He is, that's Who!
 I have always loved owls and collected a gajillion of them in my youth.
Now, I still love them but have pared down my collection, and am
delighted to add this little fella to the bunch!

Carol said she thought his colors would be good for our beach house.  And they are.
When Anne and I went out this week to Irene-proof the house, we brought him with.
 Here he is, lolling in the Master bedroom.
He looks quite at home, don't you think?
I told him he was in charge of the house, and that we expected
to find it all intact and as normal after the Hurricane.

I suspect he may find his way upstairs, to the twin room that
was once the sewing room; that room is even more his color!

Thank you, Carol, for this adorable owl pillow -- he makes me smile!
My daughter Anne covets him, so I need to be vigilant that he doesn't end up in her apartment. 

And if you haven't visited Carol at Serendipity, you should!
She has beautiful photographs, and gorgeous quilts to share.

One last thing for me to share:  A Farmhouse Chore.
Ahead of the threat of Hurricane Irene, we are taking down the shutters on the first floor.
 These old shutters don't have secure ties to the house to keep them from flapping, and they are too
old and rickety to actually close them anymore to protect the windows.  So while it's lovely to have an old house with a big front porch and big old shutters, it also means that when a big storm is looming, there's a little bit of work to do!  Out at the beach house we cleared the decks.  Here, we clear the porch!  -- Cass

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  1. The cups are very sweet and will make a nice look to your dining room tree. Stay safe in the storm. Amazing that 40 years ago this weekend there was another hurricane that hit that area! Lots of flooding.

  2. Thanks! Cass, yours is one of my favorite blogs so I was happy to have you win! His wisdom will get your beach house through the storm!
    Be safe. We are hunkering down in Maine.....


  3. I hope Irene does not cause you any damage. I love the demitasse cups...gorgeous roses with pink and green.

  4. Pretty cups, and at a great price.
    Stay safe - hope you don't get any damage.

  5. I hope all stays well at both houses. You nearly have me wanting to glue things...almost.

  6. Those teacups are so pretty...and do deserve a place of honor on the Christmas tree!
    I so hope you get everything done to protect your wonderful home.

  7. Those cups are adorable. You just want to sit at a little table, knees up to your chin, with the cups filled with tea and your little pinky at the proper angle. Love it.

  8. I found your blog a couple of days ago and I've been busy reading it all and pouring over pics! I love it!

  9. Now when was the last time you typed the word lolling? For some silly reason that cracked me up. I do like your owl friend. Hope he takes good care of the beach house.

  10. The cups are so pretty...your tree is going to look magnificent!! And I love your new pillow! Congrats on your win!

    Be safe. I have had my eyes on the news and it doesn't sound good.


  11. Those are perfect! I am never the only bidder on ebay! lucky you

  12. Take care and stay safe from Irene!

    Love the new cups.


  13. Our mailman does the same thing!
    Love those cups, they will look wonderful on your tree. You are so good thinking about Christmas! I like to keep the sand in my toes and in my toes and summer around as long as possible.
    Good luck to you too with Irene! I loved your gov.'s comment about getting the hell off the beach! There are always some who push it!

    Love the pillow. Carol is very talented. I haven't seen her in a long time. I visited her a few times when she got to Maine, but she must be busy as she doesn't visit like she used to, or I am just too boring!

    Stay safe and dry!

  14. I hope you and yours brave the storm safely!

  15. Cass, I hope you all make it through this crazy hurricane safely! We're sending our well wishes your way.
    Cheers, Andrea

  16. Cass, I'm praying that the Lord will protect y'all. I don't personally know anyone on the east coast, but feel as if I know you. I love reading your blog! God bless!

  17. I love the cups! I hope this hurricane ends up being more hype than anything - the weather reporters sure seem excited! We cleared off our deck yesterday and took in everything we could. Let's keep our fingers crossed that New Jersey (and of course the rest of the coast) doesn't get hit that hard...
    Enjoy your weekend - Shelley


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