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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Me, Myself and Irene

Well, guess where I am?

When I took this picture on Tuesday evening, I was on the lower deck
 of our family's beach house on eastern Long Island.
Primarily because of these:
The things on the decks.

See, I was at home in New Jersey, minding my own business on Tuesday
morning, when my husband sent me an email about Hurricane Irene.

She might make an unwelcome visit to the East End come the weekend.

And all I could think of was the deck furniture flying through
the air like Dorothy's house when it was caught up in what
our daughter Annie called "a tomato storm."

So Anne and I got in the trusty minivan, lit out over the highways
on our mission of mercy, completely missed getting jostled by the earthquake
because we were on the Grand Central Parkway in New York City at the time,
and arrived out here in the afternoon.

To this:
Annie is sitting out on the dock.  It's mesmerizing.
We have to leave early midday tomorrow,
because we have to be back in the Jerz.

But at least I'll know that we've cleared the decks and
battened down the hatches . . . and Irene?
Bring it on.

We're ready for ya.  -- Cass

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  1. The earthquake was felt here in our capital city of Fredericton, N.B. as well. I live outside of town so didn't feel it at all. I guess we may get some wind and rain on Sunday from Irene but nothing to worry about. I usually put my plants under cover so they don't get too wet and then rot! Glad you are battened down at the cottage.

  2. I'm here on Long Island and am jealous that you have such a beautiful place on the water! LOL!

    Did you feel the tremor of the VA earthquake today around 2 pm?

  3. Glad you were able to get everything secured. Enjoy your stay while there.

  4. LOL, just re-read your last line about the quake!

  5. Hey Cass.......I used to make the run from just north of Boston to the White Mtns to our camp when a storm was coming. Now we're just below Orlando and hoping to watch Iene go past well offshore. Stay safe up there.

  6. Hi Cass

    I was driving and didn't feel the quake, but everyone else that I know felt it. As for Irene - hopefully she'll down grade.

    Have fun while you can!


  7. We were told to expect heavy rains and wind on Sunday from Irene (DC area) and then today, I sat in a meeting at the office and the building began shaking like crazy, thereby scaring the bejesus out of me - I thought, "Really??? A hurricane AND an earthquake????" Oy. It's gonna be an interesting week ;)

    Glad you were able to batten down the hatches up there!

  8. Earthquakes and Hurricanes. Went through Ivan on the Gulf Coast a few years ago. Don't won't to go through another one. Looks so quite now.

  9. Weird day in Jersey.... Lavender Hill was rolling and I thought it was the washing machine off Kilter until I realized I wasn't doing any laundry ! I think they're making such a big brew haha over Irene that she'll be a no show! : P

    Enjoy your few days at the beach - looks delightful !


  10. Hi Cass! I'm glad you were able to get things put away in case that old Irene comes calling! My daughter and her family have moved to upper New York and she told me about the earthquake today! I had no idea New York had quakes! :) Glad you're all safe! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I remember those days from living in FL. Hurricanes are scary no matter how well prepared you are! Did you warn the fish???? xo Diana

  12. Hurricanes and Earthquakes---you have it all out there! Hopefully you will get passed by with the Hurricans and thankfully you missed the Earthquake.


  13. Hopefully, Irene will not affect the coast!!! The US has been fortunate this season -- let's hope she doesn't cause much damage!

  14. Unless Irene drastically changes directions it looks like us here in Florida are gonna be ok. I live about 20 minutes from the East coast (Daytona Beach area) so will probably get some rain and wind. Don't need a Cat 3 showing up though...

  15. Out here on the edge of the continent and The Ring of Fire and the great big fault line, we were a little taken aback to hear that you easterners had an earth quake...and now you're waiting for a hurricane. Get under a table and hang on tight!

  16. You had a freezing cold winter with tons of earthquake and the threat of a hurricane...won't you please come to Chicago?


  17. Here in NE Pa. Ole' Irene may slow down a bit but we are going to batten down our hatches too just-in-case!! Better to be safe than sorry!!
    Take Care....
    Have a Great Day!

  18. Hurricanes are the pits...hoping she keeps moving out to the east and the US will be safe. Take care!


  19. Cass, congrats! You won the Matthew Mead Autumn bookazine. Please email me with your mailing address at!


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