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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Goodwill Goodies Time Again

There's a quiz at the end of this post.  No, really, there is!

Every time I watch that terrifying TV show Hoarders,
I decide never to go back to Goodwill. 

Then, I fold.  Like a cheap suit.

And come home with a bag, or in this past Saturday's case -- a box.

Let's peek.

First layer -- perky pachyderms.

Three of them; they are conjoined triplets, supporting a shallow planter.

That came complete with dirt.

And also complete with our favorite accessory
here at That Old House -- dust.

"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"

 There are no marking on this piece, but I remember my grandmother
having similar beauties in her window, sprouting African violets or cacti.  

One of the Elephant Boys is a little cracked in the head,
but his brothers keep him in line, so no worries.

Well, what do you think?
Majolica, Dollar Tree, or florist dish garden?
Destined for display or our infamous Christmas grab bag?

Last year, I got a piece of Majolica on Goodwill that turned out to be quite a find.
Click here for a Froggy Tale.
Next out of the box -- placemats and napkins.  Never used.
The bag said 4 placemats and 4 napkins.
It lied.
 Instead, there were 6 placemat and napkin sets
in this nice neutral plaid.
 I love fringe.
 Fringe and lovely weaving.  Lucky find!

I'm tempted to bring these to the beach house; they'd look so good out there.
 But wait!
There's more!
 On the flip side of the plastic bag were 4 placemats and 4 napkins in bright red plaid.
Just waiting for cozy family holiday meals!
Ten placemats, ten napkins for $5.  Sweet.
And the third layer in the Goodwill box
(drum roll please)
another cake stand!

Maybe I do belong on Hoarders.
Well, never mind that.

You know when you buy or bake or are gifted with a great big honkin' cake or pie or tart (no giggles)
that is 13 or more inches across, and you take out a nice milk glass cake pedestal and discover it is
11 inches wide and in order to put the new cake or pie or tart (no giggles) on it
you would have to eat the outer few inches of the cake . . . .

You know those times?
This cake stand is for those times, because it is huge.
And I can just see a giant fruit tart or a Chocolate Decadence Cake or an enormous New York style cheesecake on it -- oh, hose me down, I'm having palpitations! -- and still leave room around the perimeter to tuck in a few decorative leaves or some other bit of frou-frou to tart (no giggles) up the presentation.

It's short and wide, low to the ground, rather like a gym teacher I once had,
but oh boy will it come in handy when pastry and pie season rolls around again.

If you bring me a big cheesecake, we can test drive the cake stand.
How's that for a deal?

Only not one of those fluffy light ricotta jobs.
A cheesecake should be pure Philadelphia cream cheese, and heavy enough
to fell an elephant at 50 paces if hurled right toward the crack in his head.

That's it for Tuesday, my duckies.
I was going to do my artsy-craftsy bit with the Goodwill demitasse cups yesterday,

I hung out with my daughter Anne instead;
she'll be back in her own apartment soon, so I'm enjoying her company while I can.  -- Cass

After watching an episode of one of the television shows about hoarding, do you:
A)  take a shower and look up the names of exterminators just in case.
B)  look around your own home and think, "Whew, I'm glad I'm not a clutterbug!"
C)  look around your own home and think, "Geez . . . someday they are going to find me buried
under piles of milk glass, old lace, and pizza boxes," and get nervous.
D)  look around your own home, ferret out the industrial size black trash bags, and purge.
E)  look around your own home and think, "Hey, someone's got more stuff than me!  No fair!"
and go to Goodwill.

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  1. Or F... someday they will find me buried in my sewing room, under all that fabric.. : )
    Nice finds.... LOVE the cake plate...

  2. Oh, my. You are cracking me up. After Hoarders (which I watch every week no matter what) I think C. They are going to find me under a pile of silver one day.

    That elephant planter is probably the coolest, most unqique planter I have ever seen. Based on the paint colors and the crackling (elephant skins is crackly anyhow)) I think it looks like something from the 40's. Great find!

  3. I will have you know that I tweeted about Mr. Elephant - my very first ever tweet (just signed up for twitter last night).

  4. I know where you are coming from. I just do not believe those people, even though, I know a few that are almost that bad. I am really good about getting rid of.. I usually get things the way I like it and leave it unless I move. I have a lot, lot, but like it kinda neat and organized. Now, clean, that is another subject. Thanks for sharing.Richard at My Old Historic House.

  5. Hoarders kind of scares the BeJesus out of me- I start to look around and see if I am getting ANYTHING like that! I have been trying to purify my life and sold a bunch of stuff on eBay a while back and probably need to do that again- xo Diana

  6. Love the place mats - especially the red ones, they'd be adorable for Christmas !

    I've never seen Hoarders, just the commercials. I'm definitely not one, although our basement is a disaster these days with left over construction junk. I've also never been to Goodwill - I don't even know where there is one around here ! So, I'll live vicariously through your adventures on the "other side" of jersey !!!!

    thanks for sharing,

  7. LOL, Cass! You're a funny gal! At least your hoarding is filled with pretty things! Sometimes I just can't watch that show! :)
    Now your little elephant vase is so cute. The cake stand - lovely! You did so good.
    Be a sweetie and I hope you'll come to my Roos/Chicks party next Tuesday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Fun read! Love your 'efalents' and oh those linens! Finally someone with as many cake pedestals as I have........a prize milk glass, 7 glass & 6 silver ones hubby's dad won as tennis prizes back in the 50s. I could melt all the silver he won down and plate my car.

  9. Here's another option ... whenever I have watched Hoarders (which is rare, because I only do it when The Husband is away on business) I inevitably take a load of donations to the thrift shop. These programs are a great way to get motivated to ferret out stuff that I no longer need or use ... making way for new treasures whenever I find them.

  10. Hanging out with your daughter sounds the best. love the elephants...your right I bet there were african violets in them!

  11. Hmmm, I don't watch Hoarders anymore, it gives me a scary glimpse into my future. LOL
    Love the cake plate!

  12. Love the grey (?) placemats and what a nice surprise to find more than you expected.

    I have a friend who had a rental property and his tenant was his wife's sister and her husband. When the moved out, my friend found they were hoarders that got completely out of hand and they had just LEFT EVERYTHIG. It was actually frightening! Let's just say it pretty much fractured their family!

  13. That show makes me so nervous that I can't watch it! But I am happy to see clear walkways and relativly neat rooms in our house.


  14. I'm currently in garbage bag or garage sale mode. You, tho, head for Goodwill. I've only been to their drop off centers with donations, so my question is ... where has all this stuff come from??? My theory is that once the lights go off at night it gets busy reproducing!

  15. Hi Cass! Those Goodwill finds are just perfect. I think my answer to your quiz would be (C) but I'd love it to be (D). One of these days! LOL

    On my way with the cheesecake!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  16. I never watch Hoarders it makes me nervous also

    But love the elephant planter. I want it in my surprise Christmas sack

    Keep going to goodwill

    back in the day when it WAS NOT popular my aunt In St Louis went and found fabulous things( 1960's) my Mom told me


  17. Cass, I have never watcher that show. I rather think we are collectors as opposed to hoarders. I do sell things now on consignment so that helps somewhat. The planter is about eight kinds of awesome! hugs♥O

  18. E) look around your own home and think, "Hey, someone's got more stuff than me! No fair!"
    and go to Goodwill.

    This answer cracked me up. Seriously. I sat here and just laughed and laughed! If someone were to look in my sewing room right now they might be calling that TV show. I like to think that all the vintage glass and linens I own might be worth something in another 30 years. Or is that just an excuse to collect more? LOL!

  19. Love your elephants...what a great find. Everytime I watch Hoarders, I do D) around my own home and purge...there is always too much stuff even though I am trying to downsize. Love both your sense of humor and your finds!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  20. So who is the maker of the elephant planter>???

  21. i found a very similar elephant planter:


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