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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Paintin' In The Rain, Just Paintin' In The Rain . . . .

On Friday, Anne and I loaded Dion DiPoochy
into the car and set out for the eastern end of
Long Island, where our family has a beach house.

Howard took the Hampton Jitney from mid-town Manhattan
on Friday night and joined us.  It was so good to be out there.
I had not been out since the end of May.
On Saturday, we did some antiquing and yard-saling.
No finds!
But I did pick up a few things at the Riverhead Home Depot; I had painting on my mind.

On Sunday, it rained.  Buckets.
Dang.  Spray painting and high wind and rain aren't natural partners.

We spent Sunday morning inside the house with coffee and toasted bagel thins and books.
In the afternoon, Anne worked on pieces for her Etsy shop.

Howard did some of this, which is a time-honored beach house activity,

while I turned my head lights on that green chair in the picture above, and its three siblings.

I have been itching to spray paint them white.

But even I am not chuckle-headed enough to spray paint in pouring rain and wind.
I took a video of the rain from inside the house.

I turned my head lights on other things needing painting.
Small things.

Last spring, the oak master bathroom vanity was painted in Benjamin Moore's China White.
I didn't want to put the old oak and antique brass hardware back on; I envisioned lovely shiny nickel or chrome pulls.

But this weekend I noticed that the hinges on the doors are darkened brass, and look bronze.
Maybe shiny chrome wasn't the right choice after all.

Hmmm . . . what if I took the old hardware and spray painted it in Oil Rubbed Bronze?
I could do that in the utility room, despite the rain.

I set up a paint box, with a very old quilt for any overspray, all on top of the dryer in the utility room.
And Presto-Change-o!  Done.
Well, not quite.  It was so wickedly humid on Sunday that they stayed too tacky to re-coat.
That's a project for the next visit, and then we'll put them here:
And they'll look smashing.  Or, at least, they will work and they were free.  We loves free.

That was my neat and tidy painting project on Sunday.
When the rain let up and the sun poked through,
I decided to tackle the chairs.
Some decisions are wiser than others.

I put a big piece of cardboard down on the (wet) grass, and upended one of the chairs.
Sprayed the bottom, sort of.  See, the rain had stopped . . . but the wind had not.

I flipped the chair upright and continued spraying, until I heard my husband calling from the garage,
"Are you nuts?  You are in the middle of a cloud of paint!"
And so I was.
Which may have explained the coughing.

Well, I tried.  I put the partially-painted chair --which did dry in the sun and wind -- back at the table.
Check out those sexy shabby chic legs.  Hey, it's hard to spray paint legs in the wind.
Just a sketchy first coat, but how do you like it in white?
I like it.  Anne's not sure.  I don't think Howard cares much one way or the other,
as long as the chair still works for sitting on, at meals.  This is a good thing in a husband.
Okay, chairs.  You have two weeks left before your worst nightmare
shows up again, armed with several more cans of spray paint.  You have been warned.

It's good to be back home.  
That Old House is tactfully pointing out all the painting projects
waiting here for a nice dry sunny day.  She's such a nag.
But she does have a point, and it is indeed a nice sunny day! -- Cass

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  1. I used to live in Sag Harbor, Main Street, little green gingerbread Victorian on a little hill. I had a shop in East Hampton on Main Street also. It sure is fun out there. I miss it. Please drop by my blog this week for a free give away. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  2. Isn't it always windy and humid at the beach? Maybe you can take the chairs home one or two at a time and have better fortune. I love your moxie. You'll like them better white for a while...and then you'll change them to something new. I have those same pulls. I'll be eager to see the final results of this your project. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope that you'll join us for our Tables for Two Party in the Fall. Cherry Kay

  3. You are always working on something, I wish I had your energy. And color sense. And..well, the list goes on, lol. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  4. You made me laugh...I love the husband comment...seeing that yours loves to nap in the chair and mine is currently laying on the couch holding the remote, tv on, and sleeping get the picture!

  5. Some day I'm going to venture out to Long Island - I think I watch the show Royal Pains just for the glimpses of the houses out there !!!!!!

    I like the chair in white - I think it's going to look bright and fresh !

    I'm having a STINKY Give Away on Lavender Hill and I'd love for you to pop over and check it out !


  6. I was smiling through your whole story...from the set-up in the laundry room to spray painting in the and me?...could be sisters-Only MyHero likes to yell about things like that~ xo Diana

  7. You were dying to spray paint! Like your little painting box and the handles do look nice. And the chair will look good a little whiter! :-)

  8. I found many interesting things, especially in your blog discussions. You can use a small transformation of the blog layout though, but the overall design is very good.

  9. Such a pretty place! You did a great painting job! blessings,Kathleen

  10. The wonderful decoration of your home. It is such a impressed work. Interior is awesome and excellent work. Furniture with the glass is awesome. Now a days this type of furniture is very much popular in market. Also stone pieces is very beautiful.


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