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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us,
Happy Anniversary to us,
Happy Anniversary to us . . .
Hey.  Hey!  Where are you going???

In a couple of hours, my husband Howard will head to
New York City, on this our 33rd Wedding Anniversary.

I will not be in the car.

He will be staying tonight and Sunday night at
the London NYC Hotel, with its Gordon Ramsay restaurants.

I will be staying at That Old Housewith its
non-perishable cans of soup and its graham crackers.

This is what happens when you work in the news biz.

After 33 years, Howard is a wise husband.

Upon his return from a hunter-gatherer trip this morning, he put these in my arms:
a dozen red roses from my favorite florist, Charlie at Dickerson's in nearby Dover.

Charlie told him that he was the 5th or 6th person buying roses today.
Odd.  What's romantic about hurricanes?

They are gorgeous!  Thank you, O Husband of 33 Years.
See you Monday night around ten!

So about that Irene. . . 
at 8:15 this morning my brother called from North Carolina, where
he and his wife have a waterfront home in the Inner Banks;
their power was out, and the water was over their dock
and creeping into the yard.  I haven't heard from him since but
we are assuming no news is good news.

My other brother and his wife live in Tidewater Virginia.
We spoke just after 11:30. They still had power.  Fingers crossed.

And us? We had a teeny spatter of rain on the sunroom roof at 12:05.
Little spurts since then.  We'll be fine.
Yesterday, New Jersey's governor Chris Christie explained,
in blunt New Jersey fashion, what people along the shores should do.  

And he is right.
While the effects of Irene may not be as bad as they might have been, there are no guarantees with Nature.
It's that old chestnut:  Better safe than sorry.

Enjoy your Saturday!  If you are under Irene, hunker down, and God bless.
Remember that things can be fixed or replaced; you can't.  -- Cass


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sorry that you can't celebrate with your Hubby, but those roses are gorgeous, how wise of him!!

    I hope all of your family remains safe.

    How refreshing your Governor was. Clear spoken, logical, no rhetoric, just "Get the hell off the beach." Is he that way about everything??

    I'd vote for him if he was!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your flowers are beautiful!
    I saw your Governor on the news earlier - there are a lot of people out there, that you have to talk to them like that.

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  4. Happy Anny Cass! It's raining buckets north of Philly, only one big wind burst so far. Be careful and stay dry:@)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Roses are beautiful. You both stay safe. Wind is picking up here.....

  6. I hope Hubby is ok in New York City as that storm is headed that way. Happy, Happy. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  7. Hey our anniversary too ... we're just ahead of you. And have a windy day but sun and no rain so we're thankful down here. Be safe, your hubby too as he does what he does.

  8. Happy Anniversary Cass and Dear-Husband-of-33-years! Light the candles and enjoy your lovely roses and stay safe.

  9. hppy anniversary. So sorry you'll be apart. Hopefully you'll be together soon. Stay safe.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I saw that newscast! Love the roses and I am praying for the safety of you family that live in the path of Irene! Blessings- xo Diana

  11. Happy Anniversary Cass!

    Oh boy.... the storm ...storm shutters....

    Hope you all do well...

    love, kelee

  12. Happy Anniversary!!! After 33 years it's not as important as it once was -- or at least that is what I found. Hope you all are safe and sound.
    One good thing about hurricanes -- they come and they go . . . you may be a little damp around the edges but the sun will shine!

  13. WOW! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Just happened by to hear the good news. Hope that hurricane doesn't get in your way - what gorgeous flowers. Many more happy days to you both!!!!


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