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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Get Thee To A Dollar Tree!

Hold the presses.
Dollar Tree needs to be on your
List Of Places To Visit, Soon.

I went yesterday; hadn't been in donkey's years.
Or, maybe, Dion's ears.

Anyway, it was a long time.

I walked in, veered to the right, saw this, and it was in my cart before you could say,

 What is it, you ask?
 It's a wire basket.  According to its tag, it's a wastebasket, and yes, I think it would fulfill
that job description admirably in a bedroom or office.  Can't you just see
crumpled, discarded pages of The Great American Novel spilling out of the top? 
I thought that was a better image than used tissues in the bedroom.

You could also park home dec magazines or naughty novellas in it.
This is my clever way of letting you know how big it is.  So tiresome to write, "11 inches tall."
  It looks like it's made of chicken wire.
Refined, civilized, citified chicken wire.  Because, it is.
 I do believe that in one of those fancy-pants Frenchy-decor stores, it would have a price tag
on it that would be more than ONE STINKIN' AMERICAN DOLLAR!

But wait!  There's more!
It multi-tasks.
It can also serve as a pedestal for one of the other things I got at Dollar Tree.
Perhaps -- not.
 But -- you could weave ribbons through it, or hang fiddly bits of beads or crystals off it for some bling,
or attach big happy buttons with coat thread for your sewing room wastebasket,
or do some poofy lacy swaggy thing around the top with a flopsy bow,
or spray paint it in Schiaparelli Pink or--or--or! in a lovely Autumn orange and add a bit of raffia . . .
You know, this all seems like work, and since I am bone idle I will wait to see what you do with your
Dollar Tree Frenchy Chicken Wire Basket.  
By the way, it also comes in Black.
Tres chic!
 Meanwhile, at our Dollar Tree, it's already Autumn.

The pumpkins are a-popping out all over the DT store.
I happen to have a lot of faux pumpkins (Le Blog is still in Frenchie mode), and I found
more faux citrouilles when we cleared out our basement for the French drains last month.

I had to Google two things for this post: the spelling of Schiaparelli
and the French word for pumpkins.  I like to look smart, but my computer knows better.

Anyway, I could not resist these chubby lovelies.
 Creamy white, with soft green leaves.  Hmm, how big are they, you ask?
 Ha!  Another graphic demonstration of size, using one of those
dinky wee tissue packets we all keep in our purses.
They're little fellows, but their future is all planned for them.

They are going to replace last year's itty bitty orange raffia pumpkins on Jabba the Hutch,
in our kitchen, when Fall really begins.

 Somewhere near the end of October.  I am a stubborn summer-hanger-on-er.

So, my question for vous today is:

When are you going to get a Dollar Tree Frenchy Wire Basket,
and what are you going to do with it?
And . . .
is it "Frenchy" or "Frenchie" or neither?

Actually that makes two questions.  No, three.  This is why I don't balance the checkbook.

Now, get thee to a Dollar Tree!
Only, not the one near my house.  That one is mine, and I want all the good stuff
and am not above mowing you down with my cart to get it. This is New Jersey, after all. -- Cass
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Yes, I know I'm late for this one.
My excuse?  I was shopping!


  1. I saw those ceramic pumpkins there last year, didn't buy them when I first saw them and they were all gone when I went back. I will definitely be stopping there tonight on the way home!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Very cute items... not going to spend my $1 there though (if I can control the urge) cuz I'm saving up for bigger things! Wooo Hooo, and I'm not talking about baskets and pumpkins. LOL

    *still trying to control urge* trying hard... trying. Try. Ing.

  3. I love the pumpkins...and your ideas with the wire basket,nice. I'll be checking out your blog more. Smiles, Susie

  4. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love them all! And Jabba is looking lovely for last year's Fall...making me want to pilfer through all of your pretty blue and while stuff! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  5. I have the black version of your Frenchish trash can. I went back to get some more because I liked them so much and they were sold out. The pumpkins are pretty darn cute too.

  6. Woot Woot! Love your Frenchie wire basket! I think I need one of those! Love the little ceramic pumpkins. I have quite a few from there and just love them. I probably need some more.
    Now Cass, my question to you - are you punishing little Deon by poking him into the sink? He is the cutest thing! I just love him. Now either give him a bath or give him a treat! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I plan on being their Saturday!! It was on my to do list when I go to 1515 this weekend! Have to see if they have the wire basket! and more pumpkins, I bought some great ones there last year. Thanks for the tip!!

  8. Thanks for the "heads up". I have been looking for a small, inexpensive waste basket for my desk area. The white pumpkins will look pretty with your white china in the hutch. You did good.

  9. You just crack me up!! Funny lady....great store....darling finds! I wonder if I can squeeze in a little detour to my Dollor Store today, hmm!

  10. Of all the fun Dion shots... this has to be my favorite:@)

  11. I am going tomorrow if everyone in Blogland doesn't rush there ahead of me. LOVE the chubby pumpkins AND the wire basket...You did a good job preview shopping for all of us- xo Diana

  12. I love that waste can, What a good deal. We do not have a dollar tree close, but when I get close to one the old car knows to pull in and stop. I hope I can get there and buy several of the waste cans. I want to re-sale them. Thanks for the heads up. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  13. I had my hands on those pumpkins too! Love them!


  14. Its "France-waaaa", me thinks, not "Frenchy" LOL
    You're cracking me up with the ongoing commentary.
    I will be heading there TOMORROW right after my sewing buddy leaves. I WANT THOSE PUMPKINS!!!!!

    Thanks for telling us about it.
    LOVED your post from the beach cottage, too. I think the white on the chairs is going to look smashing! The green is outdated, for sure. GO FOR IT!!!

  15. I love your sense of humor....and the fact that you're intelligent and have great taste in decorating is really nice too:)Blessings~~Shine

  16. Love this post. I went to the Dollar Tree this week but was a good girl and picked up what I needed and left. No browsing. Mr. B was waiting in the car. I was so proud of myself for not buying a picture frame or two, or a craft item. I was an idiot! I missed these wire baskets! Must-go-back!

    I haven't been to your blog lately and have missed you. Your blog is now on my blog list on my page. Easy to click on for me and everyone else! Nancy

  17. Oh I must have a basket like that! I will be going to Dollar Tree soon! Thank you for sharing!

  18. I think that little wire "garbahj" basket would make a nice lampshade for an oh so Frenchie fixture in the laundry room! And all I'd need is to find a vintage light bulb, too! Gonna go check out the $ store. ~ Sue

  19. Are those wire baskets not the best thing....I bought one for every bathroom at the new house and filled them with toilet paper....they are perfect...daughter came to visit (MIss Fancy Pants) and couldn't believe where I bought them....she promptly went out and bought a bunch for her new apartment....Sue @ Rue-Mouffetard (because I cannot get onto Blogger for some odd reason?)


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