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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flowers Inside When It's Too Hot Outside

Yes, that is an odd title.
But our garden flowers are languishing
in the August heat . . . and so am I.

Therefore, I'm filching a tablescape from two years ago
for today's post.  I did the same thing last August, but shhh, don't tell, okay?

It's a Table For One at That Old House.

That beautiful big green tureen -- shaped a lot like a tagine -- is a gift from my daughter Alida.  It's from some faraway land -- can't remember!
It is Thursday, and you -- my honored guest -- are invited to
take a seat at the round oak table in the conservatory, and be pampered.

Thanks to Susan of Between Naps On The Porch for hosting Tablescape Thursday, and to Suzanne of Coloradolady for hosting Vintage Thingies Thursday, and to Leigh of Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday! Whew! That's a lot of hosting and work for these ladies and their hardworking Mr. Linkies. I am in awe.

You can click on any of the Blog Party names, to be transported and to find other stories of tablescaping and thrifting derring-do!

Now . . . please, pull out the wire and wicker chair we found
at curbside (with two of its mates) in the Fall of '08, and sit yourself down.

Under your place setting, a vintage embroidered dresser scarf,
an eBay find.
The pink and green and the careful stitching are so airy looking:
Flowers from the garden -- the tough daisies, and the bolted mint.  Love the feathery mint!
The vase is actually an old mustard pot; many years ago we sold French coarse grained mustard
in a gourmet shop we owned, and it came in these fabulous stoneware pots.

I saved several.  If by several we mean a lot.

Hobnail milk glass S&Ps -- they were my mother's.
My old Lenox crystal goblet (on the left) in the Antique pattern, now discontinued.
I only have four of them.  But I have distant cousins of theirs, inexpensive paneled glasses.
On the right, a $3 wine glass off the cheap shelves at Fortunoff's,
bought more than 30 years ago when I had my first swinging singles pad.

Reality check: it wasn't a swinging singles pad. I shared an 1802 house on the grounds of a museum complex with my cousin, so instead of a singles pad we had a 3/4 Cape with white picket fence,
a well, an herb garden, and a dirt floor in the cellar. The only things swinging were some loose shutters.

The green majolica plate I got more than 25 years ago at a shop
in Greenport, on eastern Long Island.
 Not Bordallo.  Don't know who made it!
On top, a plate from my grandmother's
favorite set of luncheon dishes.
Syracuse china.
Pink, green, touches of yellow and blue.
On top of the luncheon sized plate, a crocheted lace liner.
Dime store.
And a little double-handled French Limoges bouillon cup.  eBay, of course!
Simple and heavy hotel plate flatware:
A rummage sale find.
A napkin from a long-ago tablecloth set.
The tablecloth is among the missing in action.

Put it all together and . . . Bon appetit!

I am very pleased you came to visit.
For more table and thrifting posts,
check out the blogs, below! (Links at top of this post.)

And now I'm heading down to the dungeon, otherwise known as the cellar, to do some laundry.  We are hoping to get out to the beach house this weekend -- so keep your fingers crossed!  -- Cass

Let's hope we're here for the weekend:


  1. So pretty! I love pink and green together and you pulled all these pretties together quite nicely. Love it!!

  2. I just love this pink and green, of my favorite color combos.

    I have a post in draft about not being able to garden this year..too I am gardening INSIDE. :))

  3. I'd do anything to live in that "big old house" of gorgeous!
    I love your table for one...would love to be sitting in that chair!That big green "cabbage" plate is stunning.
    Thanks for visiting too.

  4. The luncheon plate is my favorite...really nice!!

  5. Cass,
    Very nice and I love the dresser scarf as a place mat. It has cooled off a bit here but still warm.


  6. Very pretty tablescape! I like your Lenox stemware too. Why do they always discontinue the good stuff? Love the embroidery on your vintage runner also. This is such a fresh and lovely setting!

  7. Love the table...wonderful...the table runner is so pretty...the color combinations too!

  8. Cass, you always put together theprettiest tables -- you have such pretty things!

  9. Well, it's new to me so I love it!

  10. It was okay for you to feature it again. I would not remember if I saw it or not. Regardless, it is a very pretty post.

  11. I have always liked those green cabbage plates. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  12. I like it and I didn't see it before-It's lovely! I love your grandmother's plate! So...what did you have to eat to go with your pretty setting? xo Diana

  13. Beautiful, Cass. I love the grain of the wood of the table against the linens and lovely dishes.

  14. Hey who cares if we see it again--do we remember all the posts we read? At least you remember you posted it once before. I love those little soup bowls with the delicate handles. Very sweet tablescape, worth seeing again.

  15. Lovely table setting.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  16. Hey, fellow formerly Pennsylvanian. Love your blog. The crocheted doily sure adds a lovely touch to your setting. Peggy from PA

  17. So lovely, cool and refreshing. I hope the heat goes away soon!

  18. alicegfjorge@gmail.comSat Aug 06, 12:55:00 PM EDT

    esse prato verde bordalo é de fabrico potugês muito apreciado e tipico do meu país a fábrica é "BORDALO PINHEIRO" LINDO!!!

  19. Love the bouillon cup!!! I can't believe that with my vast collection of dishes that I don't own a single bouillon cup!!! Yours is beautiful. Very delicately designed. I really like the flatware, too. Nothing beats hotel flatware like that! Very nice!


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