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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Dose of Silly and a Dollop of Sweet

Since I am always so serious and scholarly
in my blog posts, today I've got my silly on.
Or rather, I'm borrowing my daughter's silly.

Among the tourist pictures Alida and Josh snapped
on their honeymoon in China were some choice signs.
No frolicking?   Those Commies are such spoil sports.

This sign was in the hotel shower.  Alida no longer thinks the "hot" cautions on coffee cups are the dumbest warnings in the world.  Really -- do people need to be told that a shower floor might be wet?

Photographic evidence of our honeymooners being disobedient Americans.

Really?  Those spoilsport Commies strike again.

Now why doesn't Elizabeth Arden have this sign in its front window?
I'd hate to see a 1-star rated potty!
I guess it's not copyright infringement if you call him Spoony?

And who wouldn't want to have a meat patty that explodes in your stomach?  Mmm mmm good. 
And now for something completely different!
What's hiding behind those bloomin' Rose of Sharon shrubs?

Deep pink, light pink, and white blossoms --
Rose of Sharon is also called Althea bush, and Chinese Hibiscus.
It's tough as nails, and we have zillions of them,
growing along the stone wall at the edge of our street.

That Old House is hiding behind the Sharons.

Anne took these shots from street level, looking up at our house.
Would you believe I almost had all these
bushes yanked out last year, until the landscape guy said,
"Ummm. . . don't you want to keep all the Rose of Sharon?"
I do like how the white house peeks through the softly colored blossoms.
It turns out, yes, I did want to keep them once I knew what they were!
They bloom midsummer through the fall, in lovely shades of pink and magenta and white, and from the looks of the picture, below, there are loads of buds still to open!
I am still surprised to look up at our house, and see that it is white.
But I am so glad that it is.
Even if it's just so that the fresh white paint
looks good with all those pretty pink flowers!

While it was tempting to have the Rose of Sharon
yanked out last year to expose
all of the lovely stone wall, I'm glad they are there to dress up
the front of the yard with their crepe-paper-y blooms.
Especially since not a heck of a lot else is blooming right now!

Happy Wednesday!  -- Cass

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  1. You are a kick,Cass. A little silliness is good for the day/soul.
    Love those rose of sharon.

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Fun post, Cass.

    I love the Rose of Sharon. Wish we had a couple of them. We had several at the farm and I miss them.

  3. Love the signs, Cass...especially the one that says NO PHOTOS! What the heck is that anyway?

    I'm glad you left your Rose of Sharon too. After all, it does die away in the Fall and you can see your stonework then, right? xo Diana

  4. Oh my goodness, those signs had me laughing out loud. Funny stuff.

    The photos of the rose of sharon, blue sky and your white house are exquisite. So glad you didn't take them all out. I love rose of sharon!

  5. Fun post! The first couple were probably to avoid law suits when someone tries to blame someone else for their carelessness.
    Your Rose of Sharon are beautiful! Not much left in bloom around here also.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Beautiful shots of the house and rose of sharon, Thanks for the giggles! the Snoopy I mean Spoony was a hoot!

  7. Those signs....too funny!
    I have one, puny Rose of Sharon - I'd like it to take off like yours!

  8. Oh, I loved this post. I needed a good laugh.

  9. "Serious and scholarly"???? Now THAT'S funny!! You always make me smile, sometimes you make me giggle and sometimes (like today) you make me laugh right out loud!!

    Spoony?????? It took me about 3 seconds to "get" it but, oh my word!!! I seriously want one of those. Spoony!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Can I pretty please copy Spoony for my blog?? I'll credit you, your daughter, and even Chairman Mao if you'd let me share this, so my sister can see it!! These kinds of things make her laugh so hard she snorts!! I haven't heard her snort in a long time!

    Cass, my friend, I always love your posts!

  10. Those signs are such a riot!
    Your rose of sharon is beautiful and looks beautiful around your house!
    Glad you stopped by today ... new follower here!

  11. The pics from China are too funny...the exploding meat cracks me up. Aren't Rose of Sharon the best! Yours are very pretty.

  12. Cass this is so funny I love it!! Haven't stopped by for awhile, and so glad I did!


    Art by Karena

  13. Cass,
    Good post. I personally like silly! The Rose of Sharon is beautiful! And the house looks wonderful.
    Have you made any clothes for your doll yet with your new sewing machine? Almost time for her to go back to school...LOL

  14. Spoony? Oh, how funny! And hamburgers that explode in your stomach....sadly, they have those around here, too.

    Alas, no frolicking in the elevators. Sheesh, I'll have to restrain myself from now on.

    Wonderful post, very funny, and love the Rose of Sharon, gorgeous!

  15. Love all of the crazy signs! Dang, guess I won't be able to travel there. Just can't help myself from frolicing in the elevators. Your Rose of Sharon really do look lovely there. At least in the Winter you will be able to see your entire house. Well, not sure where you live. Do you have Winter? I have planted Rose of Sharon along the back of one side of my fence. They are starts from my Highland home so they are still small. Can't wait till they are big and beautiful!


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