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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nekkid Men, Vintage Lingerie, and The Grim Reaper

Did I get your attention?

Second things first. 
Two weeks ago, we had Alida's wedding gown hanging in the parlor,
where it could stretch out in solitary splendor, covered by sheets.
Now, another fluffy white garment is temporarily hanging on the same breakfront.
Remember peignoirs?
This is the peignoir set that my mother gave to me at my bridal shower,
back in covered wagon days.  So, yes, it is very vintage.
There's a slinky nightgown under a robe of lace and layers of chiffon.
I had thought of giving this to my daughter at her shower, but honestly?
I didn't know where it was!  Instead, I gave her a new peignoir set.
"Ma!  Don't put this on the blog!"  "Oh, of course not, honey."  Now don't tell me you don't lie to your kids.
My mother walked miles through the department stores, unhappy with what she thought were second-rate peignoir sets.  Striking out at her favorite Abraham & Straus, she got my set at Lord & Taylor.  Coincidentally, Lord & Taylor is where I bought Alida's set.  But I surfed miles online to find it.  Much easier on feet and fuel.
Mama also gave me a pair of white satin Daniel Green mules with big puffs of maribou feathers on the vamp.
I don't have them anymore; they wore out.

And speaking of things that wear out . . . 
third things next!
This past weekend Howard insisted on ditching the wedding flower
arrangements that were scattered all over the house.

Remember reading Great Expectations in school?  We were well on our way
to having Miss Havisham's flowers.  Not A Good Thing.
So, to my dismay, the Grim Reaper grabbed his big black trash bag,
and went on the hunt for fading blooms.
That is supposed to be a fierce and scary face.  This might be why our girls giggled when Daddy scolded them.
Oh, the massacre!  Oh, the gleeful gleam in The Reaper's eyes!
But all was not lost.  Never one to cry "Uncle,"
I grabbed scissors and hacked off some still-surviving blooms.
 Plopped 'em into a clean container.
 And there they are still.  Fading, yes, but not horrible.
I figure the G. R. can come and do his thing again on Saturday.
Two weeks after the wedding.  That's a pretty good run for fresh flowers.

Now, first things last.  Those nekkid men.
Get your glasses on, ladies.  These guys are sweet.

 It's Calvin (L) and Luke, diving into the ditalini and sauce at home on a hot day.
Don't you love orange babies? 
My niece Maggie's twin boys are 9 months old, and vertical.
Well, mostly vertical.
Loose Ends.
Ok, if I didn't know where my peignoir was, how did I find it?
By cleaning out Rubbermaid bins in the basement.
I also found the dress I wore on my first date with Howard.

Now . . . a Moment of Real Shame:
 It was after the wedding that I noticed a hanger on the parlor breakfront.
Where the wedding gown had been hanging.
The empty hanger dangled there through all that company we had.  I never noticed it!
Oh well.  One thing about That Old House -- nothing's perfect.
What is perfect, though, is this peignoir set.
My mother told me that I'd have it forever, and it would stay like new.
"Because, honey, you will only wear it for 30 seconds before it lands on a chair."

Oh Mom, how I'd have loved to hear your comments on the family weddings that you have missed.

If you want the recipe for my mother's go-to fun and dee-lishus crowd pleasing cocktail,
my niece Alice was a guest blogger today at Cailen Ascher. 
Go visit for the ridonkulously easy recipe for 
Alice will explain -- here.
Salut! -- Cass


  1. Cass,
    My peignoir set was from Lord &Taylor's and I had some mules to match. Small world.

  2. What a delightful post...funny about the garmet hanger.

  3. Hi Cass! What a beautiful peignoir set! Now I don't believe yours must have been worn for even 30 seconds! It looks brand new! :)
    What a wonderful post and your daughter is so cute modeling her peignoir set! :)
    Now you did get me with the nekked men bit. I'm so comfortable with the nekked being from Texas and all!:)
    Your hubby is a hoot and I'll bet y'all have a fun time running around The Old House! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I am glad you kept the tradition up, would have been special if you could have found it in time. Good Bye Flowers! Richard at My Old Historic House

  5. Yes - I do remember peignoir sets.
    The hanger still there sounds like something that would happen here. :D Your nephews at the slider, reminds me of my granddaughter as she loves to stand at mine and look out.

  6. Hi Aunt Cassy,
    Thanks for linking to my guest post!
    So, is it just a coincidence that you posted that picture while Alida is far, far away in China? :o)

  7. Come leave a comment on my blog for the Fairy Hobmother! I did and won a $50 Amazon Gift Cert. Seriously.. come comment and leave your wish.


  8. such a beautiful gift from your mom. I can not imagine something that has lasted so long and stayed so pretty.

  9. That is a heck of a title, Cass!!! I haven't read the post yet, but I just love the title! I'll be back a little later to get the scoop!

  10. How wonderful that you still have that beautiful set! I can remember mine...hey wait a minute...I need to go check the rubbermaid tub containers in the basement!!!!

  11. What a wonderful post! That coat hanger dangling on the cabinet is so funny!

  12. My goodness I haven't heard that word "peignoir" in a long time. And how funny about the hangar...probably no one else noticed it either. So nice you s t i l l have some flowers! Maybe you can just dry that batch. I have some wonderful dried roses and are a lovely light brown and were white originally. I eventually took away the water and just let them sit. Six years and they are still sitting and looking good.

  13. Hi
    It's my 1st time visiting.
    I love the old house!
    And the peignoir set is lovely. And in such good shape.
    Congrats to the newlyweds. My brother and neice have both spent a good deal of time in China. They should have a great time!
    Stop by my fairly new blog and say "hi" when you have the time!

  14. Such cute Little Men--love the toy bin pic! The flowers look beautiful!

  15. I love coming here because you and I think alike ... things like vertical babies, and invisible hangers. Don't even get me started on the wonderful treasures that can be found at the bottom of forgotten Rubbermaid tubs.

    There's something really final about throwing away the wedding flowers. (sniff, sniff)

  16. this whole blog made me smile today. From the peignoir to the babies to the sweet memories of your mother. And the peignoir is just beautiful! :)

  17. A great post and a great trip down memory lane -- and the babies are adorable -- even if they are orange!!!

    The only thing I missed was Dion!

  18. Cass,
    Just caught up on the last couple posts. The peignoirs are both lovely. Great comment by your mother!
    Also, the photos of your house in her new paint job in the misty morning are stunning!

  19. I remember my peignoir set - layers and layers of white chiffon with tiny pink rosebuds at the clasp. I had it for years, but it began to turn yellow and we made one move too many and out it went. I'm feeling a blog post coming on.........

  20. What a fun post! I have had the same thing happen with the hanger on the cabinet! And you just know that your most un-favorite relative spotted it and never said a word...because she is just like that!-lol

    You know what is really funny? Here in this town (which I am NOT from orginally) the BIG thing to do was come home in a stunning peignoir set when you brought your baby home. No- I am NOT kidding! AND...many people here (of the previous generation-my hubby's granmother for one) were BURIED in their a whole new meaning to eternal sleep, doesn't it?

    I love that you were able to save a few flowers from that wretched Reaper! xo Diana

  21. To add to NanaDiana's comment - I have been to funerals where the people were in nightgowns! Strange. I love the photo of one of the kids in the toy bin. So cute!

  22. I'm with Pam, the boys are adorable!

    Your peignoir set is beautiful!!!


  23. Cass, you come up with the funniest posts. Beautiful photos as well. I loved all of it...title, babies, peignoir set, and the frightening grim reaper on the prowl. HOWEVER, I am disappointed that you did not show us a pic of your "first date" dress. Please, please, please let us see it. I know you will come up with some poignant, funny, story for us to enjoy!!!

  24. Thank you Cass, for the baby pics! The twins are so cute! One of the reasons I first became interested in your blog was your "about me" interest in dogs and babies. I love babies and dogs too! I loved your peignoir photos and your mother's comments! My Mom purchased mine at Leggetts. Now Im showing my age since the store closed down ages ago. I love your blog and have loved reading it from the beginning this past week. I've laughed,cried, rejoiced and truly felt as though I were a part of your family. Dion needs to be in movies! His expressions are priceless! I laughed so hard at your Happy Franks Giving post! Your blog is addicting. I was up until 4am the past week reading. Im sad to say I've caught up. I wish you had time to post more! Have you finished your curtains? By the way, your kitchen is the bomb! I love the black toile! My kitchen is red toile wallpaper with a red toile banquette from Ballard Designs. Sorry for my rambling comment. I just want to express to you and Howard how much I have enjoyed being a part of the family! I forgot to mention how much I love reading your comment section too! Blogland has opened up a whole new world for the world to love. God Bless you all.


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