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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Favorite For The Fourth

Sunday . . . and all across the USA people are saying,
"Hey, we don't have to go to work tomorrow!"

Yes, Monday isn't Blue this week.  It is Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July.

Happy Independence Day!

Me, in today's attire.  Ain't I a treat?  Image courtesy The Graphics Fairy.
 In honor of not having to do any work on a holiday, I am slinging my post onto Sunday Favorites, the Link Party hosted by Chari at Happy To Design, and repeating a post I did on July 1st last year.  Click on the highlighted words to visit others who are taking the easy patriotic way out.

July 1, 2010
Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony. Stuck a feather in his cap, and called it macaroni.
Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle Dandy. Mind the music and the step, and with the girls be handy.

And this, boys and girls, is why macaroni salad is traditionally served
at Fourth of July backyard barbecues all across the United States.

I just now made that up.


It's the Fourth of July (almost -- use your imagination!) so what else is there to do
but put together a table setting in the red, white and blue of Old Glory?
Come on, sit down . . . .
It's a lovely cool day, no need to put the air conditioning on in the sunroom.
Open windows and soft breezes, that's summer.

The white cabbage pedestal plate from Goodwill is playing host to a Dollar Tree pillar candle,
some Party City floating flaming stars, and daisies and hydrangeas from the garden.

The Liberty Blue Staffordshire china dishes -- a legacy from the Bicentennial -- rest on
our red party plates, with antique monogrammed linen lapkins (eBay) tucked underneath.

Big summer wine glasses -- because summer is a thirsty time -- Dollar Tree.
Blue swirled votive holders -- also Dollar Tree.

The Liberty Bell is here, crack and dust and all . . . just in case we want to ring for the servants.
We'll be ringing for a long, long time.

And George and Martha Washington have come to lend a little spice to the table.

If George looks a little disgusted with Martha, it's because she just can't help making a spectacle of herself at parties. If it's not a lampshade on her head, it's a frilly flag toothpick.

The girl's got game.
So set yourself down.
I have not a clue what I'll be serving for our Fourth of July jamboree,
but I'll do my best to serve it in style. With maybe a frilly flag toothpick in my hair.

Me and Martha, sisters under the skin.


Speaking of sisters . . .
. . . the fine sister manning (womanning?) that cannon is Molly Pitcher -- whose real name was not
Molly Pitcher, but she went down in history with that nickname.

At the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey she buzzed around, dodging bullets and cannonballs, bringing water to thirsty troops (it was June and blazing hot). When her husband collapsed at his artillery post, she took over the cannon and helped to win the day for the Patriots.

Yay, Molly. She might have lived in Pennsylvania, but she was born in New Jersey, and became the stuff of legend here. She died the year That Old House was built -- 1832.

And that's all I've got, friends, for this Sunday,
the day before Independence Day.

Happy Birthday, America!
Let Freedom Ring, even the freedom to be silly on such an important holiday.
Let Freedom Ring, and never take it for granted.  -- Cass


  1. Have a great long weekend - we are!

  2. Have a happy 4th!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Case,
    Have a great 4th. Good post.

  4. I heart dollar tree! Great table.

  5. your table looks so pretty! and so many dollar tree items....I love it!! See, bicentennial plates, I think someday items from 1976 will be collectible!

    Have a great!

  6. Cass- Great looking table! I had the same dishes but gave them to my daughter. After seeing this setting I may want them back!!! I loved the story of Molly Pitcher and had heard it often growing up in PA. However, never knew she was born in NJ. I love the way history can distort things! Happy 4th of July to you! xo Diana

  7. Cass,

    I wish we were neighbors. I adore your sense of humor. Were your ears ringing yesterday? Thomas and I were looking at our house and considering all the work that has to be done. I told him everything you accomplished while preparing for your daughter's wedding and added "If only she bottled her energy and sold it on Etsy!" :)
    Your table looks mah-vah-lous, darling.

    Enjoy your long weekend.

    Your Friend,

  8. G'morn, Cass ~ What a fabulous patriotic elegant table setting. So love teh way you incorporated everything together.

    Love historical tidbits ... I did not know about Molly.

    May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

    Happy 4th, sweetie.

    TTFN ~

  9. Hello Cass...

    What a beautiful Independence Day table, my friend! I love the blue transferware plates...sooo pretty! I got a kick out of Martha and her fabulous red frilly flag toothpick! Girlfriend, you crack me up! I also got a visual of you serving dinner with these same frilly flag toothpicks in your hair. If I had been there that day...I would have definitely "egged you on"! Hehe!

    Well dear friend, so happy to have you join in with our repost party this week! Loved this post...I think I may have missed it the first time around!

    Happy 4th of July to you and your sweet family, dear friend!


  10. Happy 4th holiday to you and Howard.


  11. Happy 4th. to you Cass. After the last celebration at your place this must seem like a quiet weekend, fireworks and all.

  12. Great to read the re-post, Cass, I must have missed it last year! And I always learn something from you, as I didn't know about the tradition of macaroni salad. Yes, I believe everything you write, especially because it makes a sort of warped sense and makes me laugh! ;)

    A very Happy 4th of July to you this year...take it easy. Hope your weather is beautiful.


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