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Thursday, July 28, 2011

China Far And Near, and Dion Speaks!

If you are new to That Old House, you might not
know that a month ago, our daughter got married.

Alida, our daughter, on the right.  Josh, not-our-daughter but our newly minted son, on the left.
After their New Jersey wedding, Alida and Josh returned to their new apartment in Los Angeles,
and then took off for a 3-week honeymoon in China.  They got back to California on Sunday.
Much to the relief of all their parents!

They have jillions of pictures, and Alida says that when things settle down
for them, she will do a couple of guest posts about their China adventure for That Old House.

About places they visited

I spy the terracotta warriors!  Look behind you!

And about things they ate.

 Look!  Blue and white china!
 Love the Tablescape, below.  I think I need one of those pots.  Goodwill, maybe?
Mmmmm . . . .

And even about things they cooked.
 If Josh knows how to vacuum, I see a long and happy married life ahead of them.
 Well, I see that anyway.

Now my daughter is a little like me, in that she can be moving in a straight line toward a goal,
and find several detours along the way.  But we'll remind her of her promise to guest blog, won't we?

Speaking of china . . . 

it's what we need to make a Tablescape on this Thursday, a day in which I have been
to fabric sites online and other tempting distractions and not settling down to the task at hand.

And let's have tea in the Parlor, shall we?

A couple of weeks ago, I scored a Queen Anne style mahogany tea table at an antiques mall.
For 47 dollars.
I have only cleaned it -- not refinished it -- and popped it into the Parlor, where I think it looks right at home.

Today, we put the tea table to work, in the Parlor that just last week looked like this:

Now, that's a big improvement!
Dion is convinced there must be crumbs here somewhere!  He can smell cookies.
Pictures of the tea table, awash in blue and white.
 Johnson Brothers Indies Blue china cups, sugar and creamer -- one of my very favorite patterns.
 A blue and white tea pot.
 And the cake plate I got at Goodwill on Monday is already making itself useful.
 Made in China, it is not food safe (probably lead in the glaze) so I am using a little cobalt-and-gilt plate to hold
the dark chocolate cookies atop the pedestal plate.  I can hear my husband:  "What? We have cookies at home?"
 Sugar for our tea, in the shape of little pink roses.
A silver bud vase, fashioned from vintage flatware.  I love this piece, a gift from my sister-in-law Phyllis.
 On the mantel . . . not much.  We're going spare and Zen today,
because I am completely out of ideas for jazzing up the fireplace.

"I sniffed that whole floor and no crumbs.  What's up with that?"
Mr. Dion DiPoochy lodges his complaint
about cookies that are out of his reach!
Click to view; it's short.
Dion has perfected that high-pitched yap for when he really wants to get your attention.
Or a Beanie Baby tossed at him.  -- Cass

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  1. Love your tablescape and of course, it too, features "our" china!!! But I adore the napkins (have to see if I can find some of those -- perfect with blue and white!!!) (Next stop ebay!) -- and the tea table -- I was wanting to see it and there it is in all of it's glory -- I'm still green, lucky you!!!!

    Oliver really appreciated Dion talking to him -- he was here and perked up his ears -- I'm not sure what Dion said in dogspeak but Oliver understood him.

    Love the pictures of the honeymoon as well and I think we both need that lovely thing that was on the table -- I'm going to my Goodwill next week to see if I can find one!!!

  2. Poor Dion!! I noticed a little china minature Dion on your beautiful table too! Believe me Heidi knows to where to look for things too. Looks marvelous!! And where did you find the cute sugar in the shape of a pink rose? awesome!

    looks like the newlyweds had a great time!

  3. Thanks for sharing their trip. Looks like they enjoyed some good food. Nice setting on the tea table - like that bud vase. You did good! :D
    In dog language, that probably means - Just one bite, please!

  4. What a wonderful honeymoon trip! Can you imagine doing all that on your honeymoon-seeing all that-taking all of that in? I love that "pot" enameled piece with the flowers on it that is at the table they where they are sitting.

    Great looking tablescape too! I see you kept the blue and white theme going ! Love it- xo Diana

  5. Cass~
    I can not wait until we see some guest posts all about China. I am very excited about it.

    My daughters and I want to have a real tea party. I have several adorable tea pots and no tea cups. How can this be? How can a person who loves tea pots and their cups have none? I told my daughter this was a sign that we must go to many thrift stores and find some. Yay I get to go search the antique stores.

    Your blue and white china is scrumptious and that video of Dion is prices-less.

  6. Wow.....busy day for your blog! Love the photos of China and the newlyweds. And that tea table is just perfect in front of your sofa. Poor Dion...not even a cooky bone for him on the table?

  7. I have a weakness for blue and white too! Your tea table looks beautiful! The new cake plate already put to work!

    Your daughter's honeymoon must have been fantastic and exotic!

    Dion is just adorable, and Duke says hello!

  8. Way too cute. That Dion and the cookies is just too much!
    Love the photos of the happy couple--looks like they had a great trip.

    Have a great day.


  9. Hi Cass! Oh, it looks like your daughter and hubby were having a great honeymoon! Look at those 'in love' happy smiles! I wish them the best.
    I love all the pretty blues on your sweet coffee table. You know what? I won the sweetest little gravy boat and underplate from you - Old Bradbury - years ago and just love it.
    Now what a treat to see little Dion in action! He's a doll.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Looks like your daughter and SIL had an awesome honeymoon...great pics!!! LOVE that sweet silver budvase...soooooo PRETTY!!!


  11. I played the video with Smokey sitting beside me on the end table. He looked everywhere for that dog.
    Mama Bear

  12. What a wonderful honeymoon that must have been for your daughter and SIL. As for you new blue china....well, I'm just a big blue and white lover. And Dion is just adorable and I think he really needs a cookie!
    Marianne :)

  13. Thank you for a great trip to China. One place I will never see.

  14. Hey, Cass! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and in turn introducing me to your's. Oh I found so much to love here. I feel like a long lost friend.... so much in common!I am your 657th follower and look forward to many more lovely visits!

  15. What an absolutely fabulous honeymoon!. I've always wanted to go there but have never been able to. Your tablescape is beautiful, the blue and white is lovely.

  16. Dion comes to life. thanks for the video! Looks like the newlyweds had a fun time.

  17. the vessel on the table in the picture of us is a hotpot - you can find more info here:

    it holds boiling broth, and you cook food at the table by dipping it inside, very much like fondue.

    I doubt you will find one at Goodwill ;) But good luck!

  18. Bare? Zen? Really? The tea is full of blue and white sweetness. My daughter is going to moon over these China honeymoon images as she loves all things Asian.

  19. Loved this post and most especially the video of Dion. He is adorable.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  20. Congratulations to your family on the marriage of your daughter! Looks like they were having a ball in China. My sister will be traveling there in September and my Mom was there about 10 years ago. I admire people who are unafraid to strike out to countries unknown! Beautiful blue & white table!!!

  21. Love that comment "What? We have cookies at home?"

  22. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!
    Your blue and white is just lovely!
    I was over in Jamesport today...have you been out lately?

  23. Cass,

    Looking forward to Alida's adventures in China!
    I love your new blue and white cake plate you picked up at the thrift store. Dion is precious.

    Your Friend,

  24. Glad to hear the newlyweds are back home, safe and sound! And speaking of sound, so good to hear Dion's voice (and yours!) Have a great weekend.

  25. o my goodness! The cute turtle in the current post caught my eye and then I scrolled down and my eye caught all the blue/white dishes!! I love and have collected them for many years!! Yours are truly gorgeous!

  26. Congratulations on the tea table coup.. Will not tell you what I paid
    for the same one, you lucky gal!


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