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Monday, June 6, 2011

What The Cool Kids Did On Sunday

So why are these lovely ladies
milling around in a church community hall?

Sorry Aunt Phyllis -- your eyes are closed!  Blame your brother Howard for this picture.
 It's Alida's Bridal Shower!
Aunt Peggy, about to jam the tiara into her goddaughter's scalp.
 Because so many of the wedding guests will be coming from out of town in less than 3 weeks,
we were a group of just 16 -- close family, close friends.
 Lots of laughing.  Plenty of eating. 
 The bridesmaids served sandwiches, salads, quiche, 
cupcakes, pastries, tea and a strawberry-champagne punch.
Roast beef and brie on whole wheat croissant, chicken salad with dried cranberries,
smoked turkey with chutney, pesto goat cheese with tomato bruschetta,
shrimp salad on mini croissants -- some of the sandwich choices.
 Dilled new potato salad.
See the little cream soup cup?  It's filled with pink rose-shaped sugars for our tea.
 Fresh fruit salad.
Rotini salad with artichoke hearts.
Flowers by Maid Of Honor (and bride's sister) -- Anne.
Little favor bags held teas, and tiny pastel sugar cupcakes that dissolve beautifully in tea!
A couple of my big tea pots were called in for duty as flower vases.

Alida with bridesmaid Christa, a friend since 6th grade.  In the background,
strawberry champagne punch, desserts, and darling cupcakes in tea cups, decorated with fresh roses!

We had such a good time!  I dare not show you pictures of the church kitchen,
but the bridal party got it all cleaned up in record time.  I am beginning to get calmer now
as the Big Day approaches, possibly because most things are now crossed off the To Do List.
Well, some, anyway!

Happy Monday! -- Cass


  1. The really fun times are beginning!

  2. She is adorable. You are making me hungry so I shall go make homemade pimento cheese!

  3. SO many beautiful smiles. You made memories that will last your daughter a lifetime.

  4. Hi Cass! Oh, how marvelous! I'm sure y'all had a ball and what a sweet way to start the celebrating!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Sounds and looks like a great time. The food looks delicious and beautiful flowers. The big event is getting closer.

  6. She is going to be the most beautiful bride!! I can't wait to see pictures. I love a church hall shower...there is just nothing like it to leave you feeling connected to family, friends and God. Your food looks delicious and I love all the florals...nice job!'s the thing...when you get to the morning of the wedding? Just remember-what didn't get done- doesn't matter-no one will ever know..forget it, relax and enjoy the day- 4 weddings down here and no more to go! Then prepare for the post wedding exhaustion that will slap you in the face about 2 days later! xo Diana

  7. OK, that's it! I cannot put it off one more minute!! Your photos of the bride and her friends and family are lovely. Showers are usually fun!

    Still, I must do it NOW!! And I will....right now!

    I'm off to lunch, it won't taste as good or look as delicious as your "vittles", I'm sure! So if my lunch is disappointing it will all be your fault! (Kidding!!)

    Except the part about going to get something to eat right now!

  8. What fun, the bride looks very happy!

  9. Flowers are gorgeous, friends make these moments the best. Enjoy! Now get back to that list.

  10. Looks like quite a festive, beautiful and delicious party! Congrats to the bride-to-be!

  11. What a wonderful time of life - it looks like you are all enjoying every minute!

  12. Beautiful. Everything looks so festive!
    I bet the bride-to-be is getting excited!!!


  13. Cass,

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. The food sounds delicious. This is the stuff happy memories are made of -- family, friends, food and lots of love.


    PS Regarding your previous post: I _SO_ know what you mean about old houses manufacturing dust!

  14. Hi Cass,
    What a lovely bunch of ladies. And oh the food!!! Did you remember to package up the leftovers and send them to me here in Michigan. I'm sure UPS will be knocking on my door any moment. Well it's less than 3 weeks now...... did I need to remind you? I think not. OK, now go scrape a shutter or something would ya!

    ~ Nancy ~

  15. Cass,

    How exciting for you and your family. The food does look good. Your daughter is so pretty.


  16. I just found Ann's Etsy shop and had to feature her on my candle blog today. I was checking to see if you had one for my feature since I know you shop vintage things....
    Wow! Ann's work is amazing and her prices are sweet!!


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