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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pssstt. . . Wanna See A Front Door? With Pictures!!!

It is Wednesday June 22nd.
On June 25th our daughter Alida gets married, and we'll
have guests here at That Old House after the reception.

And the house painters are still here.

But now I have pictures!
Connie at Hartwood Roses tipped me that when my normal editing procedure for posting
pics didn't work this morning, that doing it in HTML mode would.  And it did!
Thank you, Connie, a fellow M.O.B. this month.
(Who has a wedding HAT post today -- very cute!)

Painter Spoor on the Porch

So what color did we paint the front door?
Take a look!

If you guessed Yellow, you were right!

So what are you waiting for?
Open the door, and come on in.

There's a small greeter -- who saw you come up the porch and is making sure you are safe.

Now isn't that a welcoming door?
It makes me smile.
It's Benjamin Moore Imperial Yellow, and it packs a punch, but it's not as bright as some I considered.
This one is more of a summer squash yellow.
Computer colors aren't true to life.  You may actually have to come and see for yourself!

Meanwhile, in the Parlor just inside the front door, have we caught our ghosts on camera?
No, thank goodness!
It's Alida's wedding gown, hung from the breakfront, covered with sheets,
and spread out so the long train doesn't get all crinkly.

Meanwhile, the bride, her sister, and half the rest of the wedding party are still asleep up these stairs:

Ssshhhh. . . let's slip back out on the porch and take another look at that yellow door, shall we?

Someone's keeping an eye on us.

And I am going back to my wedding reception seating chart, and listening to the RAIN
on the roof . . . and watching a frustrated painting crew realize they may not be able to paint the porch deck today.

Time for another cup of coffee to calm my nerves,
and a Yellow Door to make me smile!
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday . . . and then someone's becoming a Mother-In-Law! -- Cass


  1. I say red! No green! No black! Oh well, can't wait anyway.

  2. LOL, that WAS a tease!

    My anniversary is June 26th, the day after and year before your daughter :)

  3. it is not me....I couldn't get my photos to move to the post either. Amazingly you are still thinking of posting today. Can't wait to see the door! Best wishes for the wedding!

  4. Cass, edit your post and add the image in 'Edit HTML' mode. I found the solution on the Blogger Help Forum, and it worked for me this morning.

  5. Cass~
    If not a yellow house..
    then a YELLOW door is perfect!
    I'm smiling too!!!
    kiss kiss Dion de smoochie!!!
    ahh what a beautiful day here..
    wish i could bundle it up and send to you..
    so all your well planned PLANS can happen!!
    warmest sandy hugs...
    laughing smiles tooo!

  6. My second color choice! Love it! It's like a huge smile on your home! Have fun!

  7. Nice color choice. It will make you smile whenever you look at it, just like we smile whenever we come by here.

  8. Love it!!! That was one of my favorite colors of the house doors we saw in England!!! And I think it is PERFECT for TOH!!!!

    Take it easy, have a wee nip BEFORE the service to calm your nerves, remember to smile, and take a hanky for the tears!!!

    This is one of the most exciting times in your life with your child -- enjoy it!!!

  9. Getting closer. Richard at My Old Historic House

  10. LOVE IT!!!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Good luck with the wedding :) And make sure you enjoy yourself and don't stress about all the little things - it's a big day, so make the most of it!!

  11. Woooo Hoooooo! I am so glad to see some yellow on the house after all! :) I love the door! Today is my youngest daughters bithday. She turns 8 and she thinks wedding dresses are "pretty & fun"

  12. Love the yellow door! I loved your yellow house and now that it is going back to white, you still have a punch of color!!

  13. Oh how I love that yellow door! You just now that any home with that happy and warm a door will be filled with joy and love!
    Such an exciting time for you will all get done and the day will be perfect no matter what! Just enjoy each moment!

  14. You sound so CALM!! I would be a wreck. Love your door though, it makes me smile, too!


  15. That yellow door is just perfect! I would smile everytime I drove up to my house with that door waiting for me! Good Lord, woman, you must be a nervous wreck...waiting for the rain to quit so the painters can finish and you can bid them goodbye/kiss them goodbye- (your choice). I can feel the excitement in the air. It is a lot of work but SO MUCH FUN too! Hang in there-you're almost home free! xo Diana

  16. I

    So cheerful, as is your precious little helper there. Just look at those eyes watching you! So sweet.

    Stay calm!!


  17. Cass,
    I guessed right! Great minds..... Looks gorgeous. Bet you are happy.

  18. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh a picture was posted afterall. :0)
    I love it!

  19. Love the yellow!!! Very cheerful.

    BTW, don't let a certain dog sleep on that wedding dress. When I brought my wedding dress home I hung it on the door while I went to look for a hammer to put a nail up high on the wall. When I got back (two minutes later) my cat had crawled into the bag and had made a bed on my dress.

    Have a beautiful, fun filled day on Saturday.

  20. I L O V E It! Perfect, and yes, a big smile! A happy house. Wedding blessings!

  21. Hi Cass..
    I'm back..
    Pics finally posted!
    come see!!

  22. What a happy looking door. Just lovely for visitors.
    Can't believe the wedding is right around the corner!
    Best wishes to all that everything gets done and
    the weather behaves itself.


  23. I always love my visits to That Old House. ... and now it has that sunny door!

  24. Cass,
    What a beautiful shade of yellow. It's wonderful!

  25. Such a beautiful, and Bright, echo back to the colour the Old Girl was when you started to look after her.

    Sending super bestest wishes to Alida and Josh, their dear parents and all the family and friends who will help the happy couple celebrate.

    Now Cass - I expect you to take at least a week off blogging. We can wait. Enjoy, celebrate, be happy and ... be sure to give darling Dion some caring, gentle pats from me.

    Fingers and legs crossed to the weather gods, and sending happy blessings to you all, Michelle down in Wellington, New Zealand


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