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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painting Done and the Fog Rolls In

Whew!  The painters wrapped up on Wednesday,
just in the nick of time before big thunderboomers
rolled through.  We think the fresh paint
on the porch deck and steps held.

It's foggy and gloomy this morning, but that's okay; we don't need wonderful weather until Saturday.

What didn't hold was the fresh mulch put down a few days ago along the driveway's retaining wall.
It looked good while it lasted.  We're hoping it will dry out so we can sweep/shovel it back into place.

But the house is painted.

Right down to the water meter and the cellar hatch.
The 12 restored and painted shutters are hung.

The rest of the windows will have to wait to get new reproduction shutters.
The house does look a wee bit nekkid.
Porch furniture on the front lawn, waiting also for the paint to dry!
Our little feathered tenants like that we painted the big house to match their tiny one.
Some of their relatives are squatting in our eaves; the painters will be back when the birds
have grown and flown to patch and paint those holes.  No one wanted to dislodge the tiny birdies.

And that's it for Thursday.
I have a "to do" list that is still Too Long, but do-able.
And I am getting very excited -- happy excited!
I may not be back to blogging till after daughter Alida's wedding on Saturday,
but I'll get loads of pics.  I chose a handbag that is big enough to slip my camera into.
Happy Thursday!  -- Cass

Well, the painting of our house over the past two weeks, and its change
from yellow and green to white and dark-green-er is certainly a
So I'm jumping on the Transformation Thursday blogwagon at
The Shabby Chic Cottage.  Click here to see what else is going on!


  1. It turned out beautiful. I wish I had this house (after all the work is done)!

  2. So gorgeous! Those last pics really show how large your house is. That was a big job and I know you are happy it is done. Now you can enjoy your new freshly painted porch!

  3. It looks just beautiful! So nice and fresh. I love the new yellow front door. I hope the weather clears for the wedding and that you have a wonderful wedding day for your daughter! Blessings, Pamela

  4. YAYYY!!!!! I've been sweating this project, and it's great to see the Old Girl wearing her new coat of sparkling white paint. Beautiful!

    Take time to enjoy this weekend, and breathe.

  5. C~
    totally awesome..
    enjoy the weekend!
    later we can address the mulched slope..
    but right now..
    get rested and relaxed..
    the countdown has begun!
    love and hugs..

  6. Turned out very nice and that yellow door is just perfect!

  7. Wow, the house looks great! And good on ya about the purse choice!

  8. Cass it's beautiful -- and I need to get busy on Linderhof's porch -- grey floor and haint blue ceiling and white rails (for ours is brick) -- sigh -- that's my first project when I get inspired -- of course, I don't have a wedding looming and guests coming to put me into high gear!!!!

  9. The place look gorgeous. Have a wonderful wedding; soak up every bit of the love and festivities.

  10. You must be very proud , it's looking beautiful, and the wedding!! It's such an exciting time for you

    Best wishes

  11. Love it white. "The White House", looks like you might make it for the wedding. No sweat. Thanks for sharing the progress. Richard at My Old Historic House

  12. She is very pretty in her new clothes. :D

  13. looks absolutely beautiful! Have a ball at the wedding! Memories are being made!


  14. That Old House is just lovely in her new paint. Do not fret over mulch that's east to fix! ♥O

  15. I love the new color! How exciting! The house even looks a little mystical with the fog rolling in. I hope you have great weather for the weekend. I think this rainy/cloudy weather should be gone by then! Best wishes!

  16. It is looking grand, but oh how I sympathize! That is the drawback to living in these lovely old places.
    If your porch floor dried quickly, and isn't slippery when wet, what kind of paint did they use? Ours took forever to dry and the rain just beads up, very slippery!

  17. She's a beauty now!!! Well, she was before too~ I am praying for a nice day for your wedding plans! The old girl (house) and the bride will be perfect for each other! xo Diana

  18. Looks fabulous, you had to keep yellow on the house somewhere, great on the door. Enjoy the whirlwind about to happen! If it hasn't already.

  19. Oh it looks great and fresh! The ole girl is a smiling! Have so much fun this weekend!

  20. You had me at Welsh dresser. I Enjoy your blog. I am so sorry on the lost of your parents. Im so HAPPY for THE WEDDING and the new dress for you gorgeous home. YOU and your HUSBAND give me hope for my home.Thank You for sharing real life.Stop, Breathe and enjoy you weekend. Toni

  21. She looks beautiful!
    See you soon. Good Luck to all on


  22. She's looking QUITE lovely in her new clothes!

  23. It looks really great! Love the white with the super dark green. I'm sure the wedding will be gorgeous!

  24. Your beautiful senior girl - that is your house and home - is looking happily beautiful and so very comfortable in her newly painted clothes (the clothes that are absolutely right for her).

    On The Day you will have the joy of both your incredible daughters looking so amazing and so beautiful, "

    Fingers and legs crossed for the new paint drying on the porch floor, the fog being scared away, and Dion getting to show off with his lovely girl out on his porch before She heads off ..............

    Care, Love and many happiness thoughts heading over to you ....

    Sending happy, happy love, care and wonder,

    Michelle down-under in Wellington, New Zealand (eek - I forgot to send extra special love and huggles to Dion)

    May many caring huggles arrive and get to Dion, and then to all his precious humans.

  25. Very nice Cass! i wish you a great day on Saturday! Catherine

  26. Hi Cass...

    Ohhh my...That Old House looks absolutely gorgeous in her new coat of white paint, my friend! I also love that pretty yellow that you chose for the front door (I just took a peek at your post before this one)! I'm just sooo excited for you and all the changes that are coming to your beautiful home! Thanks for sharing them with us, dear friend!

    Warmest summery wishes,

  27. Stunning! I can't believe you were able to get the house painted in all that rain.



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