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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Noises Off

It's darned noisy around here these days.

Peek with me through the blinds next to my desk;
a couple of the painters are outside, masks on,
sanding down the crazed old paint and crackles on the porch.
Look closely -- there are hands holding a sander along the railing, and a mysterious masked man in the shrubbery in front.
I took late afternoon pictures.  The cracked old paint is smooth as a baby's behind.
Well, almost.  If my baby's bottom looked like this, I'd probably schedule a visit to the pediatrician.
But for an old porch, it's ain't bad.
The columns look terrific, clean and smooth.
And the ceiling?  Heaven.  Well, it will look more like heaven when it's painted Morning Sky Blue.
Right now it's looking clean and ready, in white primer.
 All trim and woodwork white -- and the soft blue beadboard ceiling.  Traditional old house colors.
There's always something to fix on an old house, and on this porch a bit of the soffit board was squooshy.
Squooshy in wood is not A Good Thing.
So down it came, and Danny the Painter showed me what they removed.
"We thought we'd find plywood up there," he said.  "But it's 1 x 10.  There isn't any plywood in your house!"
The rest of the soffit is fine, needing just sanding and a bit of caulk.  But plywood?  No, not on this old gal.
But what did go on this old gal today . . . was more primer!

Just a little yellow left on the front, along the porch walls.
Otherwise -- it's white primer, and Boy Howdy does it smell.
I love that smell; I wanted to be an art major just for the turpentine. . . . 

Okay, so this isn't her best side . . . it's primer -- like the moisturizer you put on before the foundation.
Smoothes out the wrinkles.
 There's not much yellow to be seen anymore.
My apologies to the Yellow Fans.  I hope you feel better knowing that white is the original color.

And that wraps up Wednesday for me.

Just a note to the wax begonias and geraniums planted along the base of the sunroom wall:
"Grow!  Grow!  Grow!  You have one week to make something of yourselves,
or be replaced with plastic flamingos!"
"But you weeds?  Die."

Tomorrow, we may see the first paint go on the house.  Whew.  It will be done before The Wedding.
Moments before, perhaps, but before, and that's all that counts.

And I'm still not telling you what color the front door will be.
Because I'm getting enough arguments from my family.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

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Go visit, have fun, check That Old House tomorrow for more painting progress,
which now that I think about it is probably as interesting to my blogger friends as watching grass grow.
Thanks for visiting!  -- Cass


  1. Is that front door going to be shocking pink? Or green? Or turquoise? I know it is going to be fabulous! Or purple? or...are you matching the bridesmaid's dresses? 'Fess up- you know I can't stand this!!! xo Diana

  2. I think this lovely old house is goingto be wonderful in "white".

    Thanks for the comment about loving summers spent with my kids. I don't understand the Mom's who aren't happy when school is out. I look forward to some quality time without interuptions like sports, homework, etc... where we can connect as a family:-)


  3. Cass,
    What a great White Wednesday!
    Old white clapboard houses are the Best!
    The front door...I don't think it will be red, certainly not white, not black either. Those are the most common colors.
    Bright yellow? A special mossy green? Turquoise?
    I know of a house with your new colors that would change out door colors regularly. Even hot pink looked good!

  4. Cass!
    how dare you to ASSUME your posts about the painting progress are as interesting as watching grass grow?
    I for one am very interested..
    because you have professionals who KNOW what needs to be done..
    and HOW to do it correctly!
    now ..keep on wit the wonderful updates!!
    It is ALWAYS a PLEASURE stopping in at THAT OLD HOUSE..,visiting for a spell!
    warmest hugs..

  5. She's looking good Cass!!! I can't wait to see her all finished!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of work !
    We have the same problem with sanding and painting, but gratefully only the porch rails.
    It's going to look spectacular by the time the wedding takes place !

  7. I am looking forward to seeing the finish project - She is going to be so pretty!

  8. Tear sliding down my cheek as the yellow disappears....sniff, sniff! That door better be a lively color, to keep some of the flare! :)

    (I'm sure the whole house will be regal with it's crisp, new coat of matter what color!)

  9. Cass its coming along beautifully. I can not wait to see the finished product.

  10. Love your house! and your blog, thanks for stopping by I'll be following you :)

  11. Everything's looking great! Maybe you could make a little hot house with some plastic to help the flowers along!

  12. Everything is looking so pretty can't wait to see it finished. Happy day to you and yours
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  13. I can't wait to see the finished look!

  14. Been there, done that, will soon need to do it again. Looks like they are making progress. One never knows how bad it is needed till we begin. Thanks for sharing, Richard at My Old Historic House.

  15. You do know that Dollar Tree has tiny plastic pink flamingos this year. If I lived closer I'd bring some over for the wedding. Here's to hoping you aren't stepping over paint cans on the way out the door to the wedding!

  16. Love it! Your house is going to be so classy and bright! I had to laugh right out loud about the baby's behind comment. You are a hoot.

    Keeping your sense of humor right up until the wedding is an amazing gift!


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