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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What A Dump

I haven't posted much about That Old House lately.

There's good reason for that.

It's a dump.
Yes!  She's getting painted in time for the wedding.  (Stay tuned.)
Okay, perhaps I exaggerate.  A smidge.  But my own poor house has been neglected while I've been running out to the beach house for those renovations, or obsessing about Wedding Plans (which are always capitalized!) for June.  Who wants to clean and tidy and vacuum and dust when there are so many other (and more fun) things that need doing?

Poor house.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you don't want to see a dining room table still wearing an old linen tablecloth from our last dinner party.  Luckily we had remarkably tidy guests!  No spots.
There are even two platters waiting to be put back in the breakfront.  Shame on me!
You don't want to see the paper bags in the study, waiting to be filled with unwanted books to bring to the library sale.  Or the deep blue stationery boxes holding the wedding invitation leftovers, piled on the oak table in the sunroom; that is not a good tablescape.  Are you getting the picture? 

There are boxes to be emptied, or shipped.

Old tiny treasures to tell you about, and then tuck away.

Our consignment shop chairs are still waiting to visit the upholsterer.

And outside?  Things are blooming, but not as well as last year.
Was this past winter rough on our plants as it was rough on us?

We are blessed with glorious weather this week.
I will get outside and get some pictures of the yard and garden,
and then I will pull up my socks and begin to tidy this poor old house.

Before someone insists that it needs foster care.

But first . . . I need to Google unscented wedding candles and see what's out there.
See you tomorrow!  -- Cass

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  1. She still looks like a grand old place.
    Our plants seem to be doing wonderful this year, maybe all the spring rain we were graced with ;)
    Happy planning !

  2. This is a different post...about what you didn't do instead of did! I know how it is exhausting myself at the lakehouse and then coming home to a mess here. It seems I am always trying to play catch up. Give yourself some all gets done in the end {or you can hide it!}. lol!


  3. It's a warm and cozy old it. You should be able to get unscented soy candles..they are eco friendly...

  4. I'm waving my hand, Cass. I can do unscented soy candles with my eyes closed. Check out my Etsy store and my candle website, noting the wedding candle

  5. Hi Cass! Aw...your old house just looks like it's loved and lived in! :) I love seeing your home and wedding plans have to take first place! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. We've all been there. Some of us are STILL there! I'm having trouble getting motivated lately for some reason. I'm not going to stress about it because I usually am going a mile a minute. It'll all get done in the end!

    I still love the house no matter how messy it may get!

  7. All in good time, Cass. You're up to your ears in the most fun a mum can have until she's a grandmum. Enjoy!

  8. Oh I so get it , Cass! It just seems there are never enough hours in the day! Especially when it comes to Wedding Plans! Been there 3 times with our girls! It's enough to make you want to cry-or scream-or throw up (pick one-or more). Deep breath-deep breath...It WILL get done- and if it doesn't-it won't matter anyway! xxoo Diana

  9. So little time and so much to do! Sometimes I feel like I have ADHD - I just flit from project to project and never get anything really completed. Good luck on the house painting.

  10. I know exactly where you're coming from with this post. Our daughter's Wedding Plans have taken over life, too, with all available energy directed toward checking off the never-ending list of things still to be accomplished. We're making good progress, so no complaints as of now. Added to this, my rose nursery opens for the season on Saturday, and there are still so many things to be done before then.

    Our house is also a dump around the edges. The center of things is good, but all the edges have piles of things that need to be addressed. It will get done eventually.

    I think it's important to take time to appreciate our accomplishments, in order to help keep our To Do lists in perspective. Doing this with a cold beer in one's hand is especially effective.

  11. She still looks lovely to me. Once the wedding and all the "stuff" that goes with it is done, you will begin to see her again as herself. Until then, patience is your friend.

  12. It never ends when you're a homeowner, and it's especially stressful when you have 2 homes! Hopefully you'll be able to kick back after the wedding . . . which is just around the corner!

  13. I couldn't even post pictures of my dump without fear of the county condemning it.

  14. Love this post and can certainly identify--why do I have so many projects--but, will do as I can do and enjoy the summer. It'll get done eventually--your home is lovely!

  15. Some days we just stay in our pajamas and don't comb our hair. She is just having one of those days, er...weeks...months?
    We have all been there.

  16. I'm in love with your house...something about old yellow houses that makes me swoon, perhaps growing up in New England? I thought you might get a kick out of knowing how much I enjoyed seeing the box waiting to be shipped etc. Ever since I was a little girl I have driven past ( well I wasn't the one doing the driving till I was 17 ) houses like yours and wondered what the life was like inside it...some people call me a voyeur some a sociologist...I think I'm sane so I'll take the latter. I'm enjoying perusing your blog. Thank you for the lift.


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