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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well, Hello There!

It looks as if Blogger is back in business,
although some of my posts still have "0" comments,
when I know there were comments two days ago, but . . . hey, it's free.

Do you ever wonder what you'd do if Google decided to just pull Blogger?
Shut it down? 
Yikes.  I am not going to think about that any more!

But just quickly, before Howard and our daughter Anne and I head out to Pennsylvania in search
of the elusive perfect sewing machine for me . . . a quick share of some lovely spring pictures.

When Anne, who is a graduate student in theatrical costume design, walks from her office
to the complex of theaters on her campus, it's a pretty nice stroll. 
 Over a bit of running water:
 Past shady glens:
 Along rustic paths:
And, being an artist, she notices the appreciates
the colors and textures of this little corner of natural beauty.

Rhododendron, azalea, and what looks to me like something my mother called Orange Blossom.
And of course, the obligatory buggy.
Anne is not a fan of the insect world; I'm surprised she took this shot!
Wish me luck in finding a machine that will sew everything
from silk to leather, and not be a pill about it.
My dear trusty old Kenmore is in need of some serious overhauling,
and after 26 years I think I'm ready for a new machine.  

Anne, being a veteran user of many different brands of machines in her studies,
is coming along as my consultant.  Plus, she likes to shop as much as I do.

Howard is coming along because he doesn't like staying home by himself.
He is also a very good heavy-box-carrier.  And I'd miss him if he stayed home.

Enjoy your Saturday!  -- Cass

P.S.  We are awaiting a special delivery here at That Old House,
and it is going to look like this:
  Okay, that's just a glimpse . . . all will be revealed next week, I hope!


  1. Good luck on finding the perfect machine. I think I burned up at least 2 Kenmores over the years! Hugs ~Diana

  2. Cass,
    Get a good one! They are an investment. You would love the embroidery part too. Good luck!

  3. I'm sure that with your daughter you are going to find a wonderful sewing machine!!! HAve a wonderful spring Saturday, I lovge PA.....hugs, Flavia

    P.S. Blogger didn't give my post about my sugar paste sea shells back!!! :(

  4. The photos are beautiful! Your daughter did a fantastic job! I hope she can find a good machine for you!

    And the hubby... always good to have along. They can be so useful! Good luck on the shopping trip!

  5. If there was a "like" button on Blogger I would seriously push it for this post. very nice and the tease at the end...looks nice!

  6. Looking forward to seeing a post on your new sewing machine.
    My last post has not been recovered. I am not complaining - like you said it is free.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely flowers, you know I love flowers. I barely know how to photograph people! Have fun shopping too♥

  8. I too had some comments totally wiped out on my blog - - - which also makes me wonder if I got any that I did not even get to see - - - - bummer.

    I believe the ever elusive s_ _ _ _ _ is finally arriving here on the frozen tundra - - - though one wouldn't guess it today, what with a whopping temperature of 48 and drizzle and all.

  9. Hi Cass! Oh, if Blogger were pulled I would be very upset! I live my blog! :)
    Oh, your daughter is a very gifted photographer and I love her snaps! The little buggy is ever so cute.
    Good luck in finding your new sewing machine. I've been sewing all my life and about 30 years ago discovered different needles sew different fabrics! :)I know you already know that one!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Ooo, sounds like a fun shopping adventure and I'm looking forward to the reveal!

  11. Beautiful photography, Cass! Your daughter is very talented. Can't wait to see the reveal...Christine

  12. I went out to buy a new machine last year, after using the same one for 29 years. Believe it or not, I couldn't get any help from anyone in the shops - I guess one is supposed to know what one wants before shopping. So I'm still using my old machine and wishing for a new one.

  13. Good Luck with this! Hope you find the one you want.
    Your beach house goodies look great and the $249
    story was soooo funny!


  14. Look, look, there are comments.
    I know it is an awful feeling when we lose control of our blogs but like you said it is free. Unless you want to write html code from scratch and pay for hosting you are going to smile and say thank you Blogger for being there when you can.
    I saw such stupid comments on the Blogger site as if that person's blog is the only one that was inconvenienced and what was Blogger going to do about it. As if they were not already working on every available fix they could find. Sorry for the rant. Got a little snippy there.
    Now, what is your new secret?

  15. You are such a tease! I see needlepoint and I see roses, which are two of my favorite things, so I will sit and wait patiently for the remainder of your treasure to be revealed.

    Me and my trusty Kenmore have been together since 1981. I have it overhauled every few years, and it's sewn just about everything I shove under the presser foot ... except nylon webbing or leather, which I don't have the occasion to sew very often. Lately, it's seen the most action making dog collars for events and fairs to raise money for our non-profit organization.

    I hope your trip to Pa. is fruitful and uneventful.


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