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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tidbits and Faradiddles

I've lost them.
My Followers.

Blogger has snatched them off my sidebar and is holding them in an unknown location,
where they are just hanging around, nothing to do, getting desperate . . .
  and clamoring -- begging! -- to be set free to return to those little boxes on the side.

I did a quick check of a few other blogs; some other Followers have also been taken up.
And plopped down somewhere, poor dears.

Poor Blogger.
It gives us free blogs to play with, and then we complain.
Kind of like children with their parents, huh?

 Meanwhile, in exactly 4 weeks from today, these two young people --
who in this picture demonstrate that they don't have enough sense
not to stand at the edge of an icy cliff -- are going to tie the knot.
Daughter Alida and fiance Josh, Grand Canyon.  They know I am kidding about the "no sense" thing.

I remind myself of the imminence of this event, just to feel that lovely rush of panic in my chest.
Gets me going in the morning, y'know?

I comfort myself that at least my sister Peggy (the godmother) and I
have found our perfect Royal Wedding hats for the big day:
We'll look a treat, will Peggy and I.
Some of the bride's cousins are threatening promising to wear hats to the wedding.
The bride thinks this will be very cool.  Stay tuned!  There will be pictures.

Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe, celebrate, give thanks, remember.  -- Cass


  1. My followers have disappeared at least 3 times this past week. You're so right - we complain about a free service. That puts it all in perspective.

    You must be so excited about your daughter's wedding!


  2. Cass,

    If the followers don't come back, I will re-follow. This morning (very early) I couldn't leave comments so who knows.....

    Good post.


  3. Well you just put into perspective for me!!!! I've been guilty of compaining=shame on ME. Your wedding attire looks-well I really can't find the words.

  4. Bloggers don't like any thing they can't control going on with their blogs. Once we realize it is happening to everyone we feel better. I am sure the 200 new followers I would have got this weekend will come back. Lol.
    You and your sister are looking fabulous there. No one will be looking at the bride when you two are there.

  5. Cass - I lost my followers and switched to Google Chrome rather than IE (recommended by some other bloggers). I haven't had a problem since :)

  6. I don't know, Cass....I think a fascinator would be a little more fashion-forward. The one that Beatrice wore at the Royal Wedding is for sale on ebay - go for it!

  7. You don't suppose that crazy old coot was right that predicted The Rapture, do you? Hmmm..Blogger did experience "losses" about that time...and I am NOT on your follower screen anymore...oh wait...I AM still here- Guess he wasn't right after all! Hugs-Diana ps. I hate Blogger~ (kinda)

  8. I've lost my followers too! I wonder where they are? The vintage photo is hillarious! I bet there will be a few hats at your daughter's wedding and a lot of others this summer. Seems to be the fashion! Enjoy your last two weeks of busyness before the wedding. I hope everything goes beautifully! Blessings, Pamela

  9. O hats are a must! Just look at the royal weddings. ;)

    My followers happen to be MIA as well but I trust that they are still there. Just blogger playing with our minds to keep us on our toes.

  10. I've lost my Followers too! I just got another follower and I have no idea who it is! Hopefully Blogger will fix it and find My Followers!

    PS: Wear the hat!

  11. They are lost in name only, we will still follow. RC at My Old Historic House.

  12. Lots of fun going on at your house. I hope there WILL be hats at the wedding, and happy the followers are back!!!


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