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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Guesses . . .

. . .  and the first two don't count.

Remember that from grammar school?

Get ready to guess, or maybe you already know.  What is this?

Answer at the end of the post.

Meanwhile, we are hoping to meet our new tenants soon.
Howard says he saw one of them flying out the door and off to work this morning.

They are a little flighty.

But we love their landscaping.

Our hedges have never looked better.
 Let's peek in from the front stoop.
 Ah, they are into Stickley design, I see.
 I love what they've done with the place.
That twine and string shabby look is all the rage these days.
Very chick.   :-P
I wonder if they have any children?
As to what that first picture is . . . you probably knew.
It is a poppy bud, in the act of popping open.
A poppy not yet ready to pop!

In just days, we'll have lovely brilliant red poppies dancing in the breeze.

Our Iris are finally blooming; pictures tomorrow, must fly now!
I'm getting just like our tenants!
-- Cass


  1. Hello Cass:
    Well, you have certainly provided your tenants with very stylish and up market accommodation. It is to be hoped that they appreciate it>

    What fun it will be to observe the birds and their young close at hand. We are left wondering what kind they are?

    Your poppies will, very shortly, be glorious.

  2. Love your tenants decor! Have never seen poppy foliage quite like yours, what kind is it?

  3. Your season is a bit ahead of ours. My irises are close but the poppies are not nearly ready. It would help if we had a bit of sunshine once in a while around here. Bad year,.but at least no tornadoes. Yikes.

  4. Those poppies certainly are different then the California Poppy which is the only one I have ever seen until I moved east. I can not wait to see what these ones look like all open and dancing.

  5. Beautiful photos...I think the bud stage of any flower is gorgeous. The unveiling of Mother Nature at her best.

    My irises here in Virginia are pretty much done blooming and looking beyond sad now.

  6. Aww Cas,yep,they'll have children before you know it,and then the children grow so fast keep a close watch,they'll be gone for you can snap a photo,I had bluebirds not so long ago,I keep lookin' for more.
    Have a great Memorial weekend.
    Have ton's of fun watching the new tenants.

  7. I love, love, love poppies. I just wish the flowers stayed around longer. So much anticipation and then just a few days of flowers. I'll be anxious to see photos of your's though!

  8. I stared at the first photo, knowing that I knew what it was...but it wouldn't come to me. I love poppies. So bright and cheerful.

  9. Great photos, I love what your "neighbors" have done to the place! LOL!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. We'll soon have poppies too - can't wait!


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