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Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Thank You" Thursday

And I mean that.

Thank you  from the bottom of my landscape-challenged heart for the excellent
suggestions for dealing with our driveway slope before The Wedding in June.

 Among your suggestions: annuals, mulch, certain shrubs, and a wonderful original idea for "planting" colorful balloons along the site!  You can go here to see the pictures
and read my tale of woe if you wish; maybe you have some ideas yourself.  I hope!

Alida and Josh's wedding reception is not at That Old House, but we are having an After Party here following
the formal festivities.  So it's best foot forward time.  I will admit, it helps to have a deadline.

Without a deadline I'd just be sitting in my house wasting time at the computer.
Oh, wait . . . .


Meanwhile, my obsession with our family beach house continues.
Everywhere I go, I find things that just need to be out there.

Yesterday, it was a few hand towels for the master bath from T.J. Maxx . . .
 . . . and a watercolor from Goodwill.
 I'm not sure if it's a print or an original, but the paper looks like watercolor paper,
and there's a bit of waviness to it, so it very well might be an original.  Not that it matters!
 Daughter Anne will take a look and see what she thinks.
Yes, it's corny, but I love that sea gull coming in for a landing.
 I need to clean the glass and decide what to do with the frame.  It needs some TLC.
Then, from a trip to Michael's . . .
Sand Pails!
A huge expense -- a buck apiece.  I figure they'll make great summer ice buckets.
Or shower totes.  Or flower pots.  Or whatevers; they were too cute and bright to pass up.

These are my little gifts for the house, after all its been through recently.
And, confession time -- there was a gift for myself at T.J.Maxx.
I love wildly colored summer handbags, and this fit the bill:
The leather is so soft and beautiful.  Like buttah!
I nearly bought another bag that I thought was a great bargain at $49.
Just before I plunked it on the check-out counter, I looked closer at the tag.
It was really $249.  Two Hundred Forty Nine Bucks. 
I casually said to the checker,
"Oh, hmmm . . . I don't think I'll take this one after all . . . ."
Bless him, he didn't laugh.

There you have it -- my thrift-and-bargain buys for this Thursday.
As my grandmother used to say, "That's all there is, and what are you going to do about it?"

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  1. Fun finds! I like your new picture. It is perfect for a beach house. And love the color of your new purse!

  2. You did get some nice finds. I agree - the picture will be right at home at the beach house.

  3. I love the new painting ~ perfect for the cottage. And the sand pails? Love the colours. And the purse?? Gorgeous!

  4. Great finds! I like the painting! It will be perfect in the beach house. And that bag! I love bags/purses of any kind! That would make a great camera bag. I just saw a post on how to make a spiffy camera bag out of a purse. Hmmm....

  5. what would we do without T.J. Maxx??? Those towels are so beautiful and you know how much they would cost at another store! Nice deals!

  6. Glad we could help with gardening suggestions! That's what blogger friends are for!

    Love the bag! I have a few bright Summer bags also, but my weakness is vintage straw or wicker handbags, I just love them!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. That's right, put Howard to work! And love the turquoise bag!

  8. Great bag! And the house is going to look terrific!


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